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Arrington on Ravens: ‘Definitely a different team’

10.13.10 at 3:41 pm ET
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Some highlights from cornerback Kyle Arrington’s session with the media Wednesday …

What do you see from the Ravens ‘€œnew-look’€ offense?

‘€œThey’€™ve got a great bunch of guys. They definitely did a great job in the offseason of bringing in, you know, guys like [Anquan] Boldin and T.J. Houshmandzadeh, so you know, great pass receivers. So they’€™re definitely a different team, so it’€™s, you know, it’€™s going to be on us just like it was last week in Miami, you know, just on us as a group to go out there and understand what we’€™re trying to do as a team – you know, game plan , and just, you know, do our job.’€

When you watch film from the playoff game, do you guys boil and think, ‘€˜Hey, we can’€™t let them push us around like that again’€™?’€

‘€œYeah, it was very disappointing last year, you know, to go out there, especially on our own field, to give a performance like that. So we’€™re definitely, um, it’€™s in the back of our minds. We still want to go out there, you know, and try and execute the game plan to the best of our ability.’€

So in your mind, this is a better Ravens team than the one that beat you guys last year in the playoffs?

‘€œUm, you said it, not me. They definitely have some nice pieces in an already pretty good team, so, I mean it should be a good matchup for us.’€

How do you guys go about stopping the running game?

‘€œUm, I mean, you know, Pepper’€™s getting the D-line right. So they’€™re definitely, um, it’€™s in the back of their minds as well what happened last year, you know, on the run, however many so yards. As a defense, we’€™re definitely ready to get as prepared as we can be.’€

In praise of Lewis, Belichick puts McCourty in rare class

10.13.10 at 3:33 pm ET
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FOXBORO — Bill Belichick was full of praise for Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis during his session with the media Wednesday, calling the seven-time All-Pro “a tremendous football player” and “a true Hall of Famer.”

When Belichick first met Lewis in 1996 he was an assistant under Bill Parcells in New England (and fresh off a firing as head coach of the Cleveland Browns) and Lewis had just finished an All-American career at the University of Miami. Belichick — scouting Lewis for the NFL Draft — spent an afternoon with the linebacker breaking down film in the coaches office at Miami. Lewis left an impression on Belichick that clearly still has an impact some 14 years later.

“Exceptional, exceptional,” Belichick said when asked about Lewis and his football knowledge as a collegian. “I think when you watch film with players, as I did with Ray that day, you think back over the number of times over the years I have done that. Some of the guys that really stand out? You know, there’s a handful. You really remember those, and I remember how impressed I was coming out of Miami after that day with him. You watch guys play, but you don’t know what’s really inside there until you sit down and talk to them.

“You really have an appreciation for — ‘This guy knows a lot more than what he’s supposed to do on a play.’ Great concept of a defensive scheme of an opponent. Situational football. He was just really impressive. There’s probably, you know, a handful of guys that have that, that I can think back to. He’s definitely one of them.”

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Brady: We know we were ‘manhandled’

10.13.10 at 2:46 pm ET
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FOXBORO — Just like Michigan State beat Michigan at Ann Arbor last Saturday, no one needed to remind former Wolverine Tom Brady of what happened back on January 10 at Gillette Stadium and how the Patriots season came to an end with a major thud.

But on Wednesday, the media horde was all too ready to recall what happened to the quarterback and his team in a 33-14 train wreck to end the 2009 season.

“We’ve got a great challenge,” Brady said. “All of us who are in this locker room know the kind of beating we took last year. We don’t want that to repeat itself.

“We got manhandled by a team that’s a damn good team. Everything we said we wanted to do going into the game, we didn’t do, penalties, turnovers, couldn’t convert on third down, couldn’t control the tempo of the game.”

This is a Baltimore team that many picked not only to win the AFC North but represent the conference in the Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium in February.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for these guys,” Brady continued. “They play really hard. They’re very well-coached, very physical front. They’re a very emotional team. I think they play with energy and enthusiasm for what they’re doing. I think you have to be able to match that or else, once they get fired up, it’s tough to calm them down.”

This year, the Ravens are 4-1 and battling Pittsburgh for supremacy in their division.

Last January’s AFC playoff game began when Ray Rice ripped off an 83-yard TD run on the first play from scrimmage. Then, the first time Brady touched the ball, he was strip-sacked on a 3rd-and-11 by Terrell Suggs, recovered by the Ravens. Five plays later, LeRon McClain rushed it up the middle for a score and it was 14-0 in the first two minutes of the game.

The Patriots trailed 24-0 after one quarter and it was never a game.

“There’s no let-up from this team,” Brady said from experience. “There’s not one area where there’s a real weakness. I think they stop you. They score points, very good in the kicking game. We have to compete out there and I think the group of guys in this locker room are prepared to do that.

“There’s a lot a reason for motivation and certainly, when a team gives it to you like they did I think you’re always anxious to get out there and play them again.”

Brady gets his chance at 1 p.m. ET Sunday on the same turf in warmer conditions. Everyone in red, blue and silver is expecting different results.

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Ngata misses practice Wednesday

10.13.10 at 2:04 pm ET
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Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata missed practice Wednesday, according to the Baltimore Sun. Ngata injured his knee while playing goal-line offense vs. the Broncos last Sunday, though he did return to the game.

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Practice report: Taylor not on field

10.13.10 at 1:51 pm ET
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FOXBORO – Fred Taylor (toe) was not on the field at the media portion of practice Wednesday. The running back has not played since the Patriots’ Week 3 win over the Bills. Taylor was the only player not spotted on the field at the beginning of practice.

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Brady on Moss talk: Can we please move on?

10.13.10 at 12:16 pm ET
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FOXBORO — Tom Brady thinks this rolling stone has gathered enough Moss.

Brady, sporting a Michigan State t-shirt after losing a bet to teammate Brian Hoyer, made it clear on Wednesday that he’s tired of talking about Randy Moss.

“He’s never made fun of my hair,” Brady said, referring to Charlie Casserly‘s report that the two had a beef over personal grooming habits. “I’ve moved on. We all have. I really don’t want to talk about it anymore. The roster is always in transition, with players getting injured and players moving and I think it’s something we’re all used to.”

Brady, who was reminded again that Moss said, “I know you’re watching, Tom,” during Moss’ Monday Night debut for the Vikings, said he never had a harsh word for Moss during or after his time with the Patriots.

“I know what I said,” Brady said. “I wasn’t bashing him. I don’t think any of our teammates were bashing him. Were you [media] bashing him?”

Brady also made reference to Moss’ great dislike of the media, which was so intense that the Patriots quarterback had to move his weekly briefing with reporters from his locker. Moss lockered next to Brady over their time together in New England.

“Back home,” Brady said. “Back where I belong. I feel good about being at my locker, haven’t been at my locker in while.”

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Kraft sounds positive note regarding possible new CBA

10.12.10 at 8:10 pm ET
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Patriots owner Robert Kraft told the Associated Press on Tuesday it’s a realistic goal that the owners and players will reach a new collective bargaining agreement before the end of the 2010 season. Speaking at the NFL owners’ meetings in Chicago, Kraft sounded an optimistic note about the state of the negotiations, saying “we’re moving ahead” and he’d “like to see this get done before the season ends.” Asked if that was a realistic objective, he added, “to me it is.”

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