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Jets Injury Report for Friday

09.17.10 at 4:16 pm ET
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Jets Friday Practice Report

DT Kris Jenkins (placed on IR)
LB Calvin Pace (out)

S Brodney Pool (questionable–limited participation)

CB Darrelle Revis (hamstring–full participation)

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Patriots Injury Report for Friday

09.17.10 at 4:11 pm ET
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Patriots Friday Practice Report

OL Nick Kaczur (back–did not practice)
CB Terrence Wheatley (foot–did not practice)

WR Julian Edelman (foot–limited participation)

QB Tom Brady (right shoulder–full participation)
RB Fred Taylor (toe–full participation)
WR Wes Welker (not injury related–limited participation)

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Peter King on D&H: Jets will play ‘like a desperate team’

09.17.10 at 3:03 pm ET
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Peter King

Sports Illustrated NFL columnist Peter King joined Dale & Holley on Friday for his weekly conversation and touched on a number of topics, including his pick of the Jets to beat the Patriots despite the heavy dysfunction within the organization.

“I think it just falls under the category of, I look at games and look at the desperate team,” King said. “The Jets are going to play this game like a desperate team. There’s so much turmoil building there. I don’t have any real scientific thing, other than I think they’re going to play the game like every play is their last.

“I think Shonn Greene, they have thought all along that yes, it’s nice to have LaDainian Tomlinson on this team, but they’ve thought all along that Shonn Greene was going to be a 1,300-yard running back this year and I think they are going to try and establish that.”

Following are highlights from the conversation. To hear the interview, visit the Dale & Holley audio on demand page.

On the conservative game plan of the Jets vs. the Ravens:

I think the game plan was too conservative. But you ask any offensive coordinator, I was talking to a head coach in the NFL this week who is an offensive-minded guy, we were talking about that. One of the things he said was that watching their game had to do with two things. The coaching staff feeling like they needed to protect [Mark] Sanchez number one, and number two, this is probably the more important thing, their lack of faith in their ability to protect Sanchez and give him time to get the ball downfield.

I think the most idiotic thing of all in that game plan, I mean totally idiotic, is here’s one of the weakest secondaries in the NFL, you’re without your prime cover guy Lardarius Webb and one of the best safeties of his day in Ed Reed, and the longest completion of the day is 13 yards. You’ve got to test that secondary more than they did. And I’m not a huge Braylon Edwards fan, but he is tall and he is one of your starting wide receivers. You have to throw a few up and let him try to go get them.

On Mark Sanchez:

He hasn’t shown me enough at all yet, and I covered the game in San Diego last year you guys were talking about it earlier, and I thought he played very, very well that day because he took what was there and he didn’t force anything. I think this offense had such a bad summer with no sign that they were making progress. I look at it and I just say what gives Brian Schottenheimer the faith to let him stand back there and look at three or four options and sidestep a pass rusher from a heavy rush team?

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Stephen Neal on D&H: Pats aim to silence Jets fans

09.17.10 at 2:02 pm ET
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Stephen Neal

Stephen Neal

Patriots offensive lineman Stephen Neal made his weekly call to the Dale & Holley show Friday afternoon and talked about what he expects to face Sunday when the Pats play the Jets, who feature one of the league’s best defenses. To hear the interview, visit the Dale & Holley audio on demand page.

“With the Jets, you never know how they’re going to line up,” Neal said. “They have a lot of good game-plan fronts that they’ll throw in there, so you just never know. They have a lot of in-between-type guys, linebacker-lineman types that always can give you some problems, too. It’s going to be a formidable front for us again, and hopefully we put in enough work this week and we can all work together and have a good performance.”

Added Neal: “The key thing is all five of us, and the tight ends, everyone on the field has to kind of know how we’re seeing the thing. If you have a whole bunch of people on the field doing different things, that when problems happen.”

Jets nose tackle Kris Jenkins re-injured his knee in Monday night’s loss to the Ravens and is lost for the season. Neal expressed sympathy for Jenkins but said he doesn’t expect to have an easier time Sunday because of his absence. “You feel for him and his family. You never want to see someone get hurt bad, especially like that, an injury he had last year,” Neal said. “Last year they didn’t have him the whole year and they were a great defense then, too. It’s always a challenge with the Jets. And they have some other guys that are real tough in there, too.”

Talking about the Jets’ loud crowd, Neal said the Patriots should be prepared. “We just have to communicate a little extra,” he said. “We put in a lot of work this week with loud noise in practice, so hopefully that will get us ready for this game this week.” Added Neal: “We have to bring our own energy and our own excitement, and go out there and try to get these [Jets fans] to be quiet by putting up a good performance.”

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Bits from Belichick, 9/17

09.17.10 at 12:50 pm ET
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Here are a few highlights from this morning’s Bill Belichick press conference:

Do you have a big enough sample yet to tell how the new stadium, the winds and the currents will affect your passing game?
“There wasn’t really a lot of wind a couple of weeks ago. There was a little bit, but not much. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be – the stadium is so high, it doesn’t look like there is going to be a lot of wind. I think the wind currents or the patterns are usually a little bit different. The wind bounces off the top of the stadium and kind of goes the other way as the flags are blowing up on top. I doesn’t look like it’s a real … there’s not much openness to it. It’s pretty high.”

In the second game you guys played last year, how much did Darrelle Revis match up with Wes Welker? How much would that surprise you if that happened Sunday?
“Really, nothing would really surprise me. The Jets can handle things however they want to handle them. They have a number of good players. Whatever their strategy is, I’m sure it will be what they think is best to handle us. We’ll see how that plays out. I don’t know.”

Was Revis all on Moss that second game?
“Yeah, mostly.”

Last year we saw Gary Guyton play almost the entire game on the field but last game it seemed he had more of a specialized role on passing downs. Is that more suited to the kind of skills he has to be pass coverage more?
“No, I think we have a lot of confidence in Gary in every situation. I think that he’ll play – he has played on all four downs and I think he will continue to play on all four downs. He’s got good skills all the way around. He runs well. He’s big. He’s an instinctive player – smart guy. He has the capacity to do a number of different things. He’s got some versatility. He can do a lot of different things for us.”
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Kaczur, Wheatley only two missing from start of Patriots’ practice

09.17.10 at 12:02 pm ET
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FOXBORO — For the third consecutive day, cornerback Terrence Wheatley and offensive lineman Nick Kaczur were the only two players missing at the start of practice for the Patriots Friday morning. The practice was held outside in a light rain on the upper fields behind Gillette Stadium.

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Adam Schefter on D&C: Special teams will lead Jets past Patriots

09.17.10 at 11:45 am ET
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Adam Schefter

Adam Schefter

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter joined the Dennis & Callahan show Friday morning, and, as expected, received some heat for his prediction that the Jets will defeat the Patriots this Sunday, especially given the Patriots’ impressive victory against Cincinnati and the Jets’ horrid display vs. the Ravens. The Patriots also have won eight of their last 10 against the Jets on the road.

As Jerod Mayo suggested earlier Friday morning on D&C, the Patriots are going to try to make Mark Sanchez, who on Monday completed 10-of-21 passes for a robust 74 yards, beat them. But Schefter doesn’t believe that will be necessary. His justification for his pick: “I think that they mount the type of rushing attack that they had last year that carried them in the postseason. I think they get some big plays on defense. I think they get a couple of turnovers, I think maybe they win on special teams.”

Schefter also confessed to enjoying a sort of rebel role in his picks. “Well, it’s the kind of thing where I like to pick games where I’m the minority. If you look at my picks this week compared to the picks of the rest of the crew I have six games in which I stand alone. … And I like to take the unorthodox picks at weeks where everything points to a team. And I will tell you, on paper, everything points to New England. This is when you get surprises in the NFL.”

His track record in upsets this season isn’t too shabby. “Last week, I was the only one to have Seattle over San Francisco, I was the only one to have Washington over Dallas, I was the only one to have Kansas City over San Diego.”

Despite leaving the Patriots’ side this week, Schefter maintains the Pats will still win the division when all is said and done. “Look, I picked New England to win the division before the season began, and I think everyone was on the Jets bandwagon. I was never on that bandwagon. So, the irony here is in a week where I’ll be picking them, you’re bringing attention to it. But, I believe that the Patriots will win that division.

“I believe that it is going to be a challenging game on Sunday. It will be a difficult game, I think that they are going to get a very tough outing, a tough effort from the Jets. And I just think it’s going to be a tough game for New England to win. It won’t surprise me if I’m wrong at all. … If the Jets are going to win, they are going to have to find a way to pick off Tom Brady a couple of times.”

Following are more highlights, including more on Logan Mankins and whether Schefter believes there’s a quarterback controversy brewing in Philadelphia. To listen to the interview, visit the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

On Mark Sanchez taking the next step:

The Jets are supremely confident in time that he’s going to be a good quarterback. But I have always watched Mark Sanchez, and this is why I was not high on the Jets and this is why I didn’t pick them to go to the playoffs. … It takes quarterbacks a little bit of time and he’s just not there yet. Pete Carroll wasn’t far off in what he said. Mark Sanchez still needs more seasoning.

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