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Ryan on Sanchez: ‘He played great’

09.19.10 at 9:41 pm ET
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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Jets head coach Rex Ryan was asked in his postgame press conference Sunday about the effort of Mark Sanchez in the Jets 28-14 win. The oft-maligned second-year quarterback completed 21-of-30 passes for 220 yards and three touchdown passes to lead the Jets to the comeback victory.

“I thought he played great,” said Ryan of Sanchez, who struggled mightily in a Week 1 loss to the Ravens. “There’s no question that you’re going to get some criticism here [New York], but we’ve never stopped believing in him. We know this is a guy that’s going to do it for us. We’ve been saying it all training camp and tonight we saw it. He was on the money with every throw.”

Sanchez completed 10-of-21 passes for just 74 yards in the opener vs. the Ravens, but Ryan — who admitted earlier in the week that he was “concerned” with the offense — said he never worried that his QB was suffering from a lack of confidence.

“The guy is more confident than I am, which is saying something,” said Ryan. “You have to have wide shoulders, especially in this media market. We have the right guy to pull the trigger for us.”

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Darius Butler postgame Q&A, 9/19

09.19.10 at 9:17 pm ET
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EAST RUTHERFORD ‘€” Here’s the locker room Q&A between the media and Patriots cornerback Darius Butler:

How difficult is it defending a tall receiver like Braylon Edwards?
Everybody has got a big receiver in the league. That’€™s nothing new. He made some plays out there, and we have to ‘€¦ I have to do a better job making plays when my turn is called.

Difference between first and second half ‘€“ we’€™re they doing anything differently?
Not that I can remember. We’€™ll watch the film tomorrow and see exactly what happened. But they made more plays than we did. That was pretty much the bottom line.

On shaking off this loss’€¦
It’€™s a long season. We can’€™t really walk around with your head down. You know you’€™re going to take some bumps, take some bruises. We took some today, but now, it’€™s just on to our next opponent.

How much was he talking?
Not more than anybody else talks. Obviously, he made some plays, his confidence was up and he was talking a little bit. But that’€™s just what some players do.

Did you take a shot at him after two-point conversion?
I don’€™t even remember it.

On poor second halves through first two games of the season’€¦
I don’€™t know. Like I said, I’€™ll look at the film. Obviously, we didn’€™t execute as good as we should have. We have to fix that, and soon.

Were you more worn down in the second half as a defense?
Me personally, I wasn’€™t worn down or tired at all. Like I said, it comes down to execution, and they out-executed us and made more plays when it counted.

What could you have done better?
Just executing our game plan. Taking care of the guys we didn’€™t take care of. ‘€¦ Dustin Keller, Tomlinson. We didn’€™t do a good job of stopping those guys. But now it’€™s on to our next opponent.

Any reaction to the late penalties’€¦
They have a job just like we do. They’€™re just is just as tough as ours. They made some calls for certain reasons. Obviously, I asked them about it, but they made calls for a certain reason. ‘€¦ They made some calls. It’€™s pretty much it.

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Brady rips Pats: ‘We just sucked’

09.19.10 at 8:32 pm ET
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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Tom Brady met with the media following the Patriots 28-14 loss to the Jets on Sunday. Brady struggled in the second half, completing just 7-of-16 pass attempts with a pair of interceptions and a lost fumble as the Jets posted 18 unanswered points in the final 24 minutes. The Patriots QB was asked his thoughts on his club’s performance Sunday.

“We couldn’t run it, we couldn’t throw it, we just sucked.” said Brady, who finished with 248 yards passing in the loss. “We didn’t make the plays, we couldn’t connect on anything. It was very frustrating, I think, for us to sit in the locker room after the game knowing we can play a lot better than we played in the second half, and we are going to need to. That was a very frustrating performance by all of us.”

Brady was clearly angry with the effort by the Patriots, but did not agree with the notion that this might lead to a repeat of 2009, where the team lost four fourth-quarter leads on the road.

“I don’t think so,” said Brady, who connected on a pair of first-half TD passes. “It’s about playing consistently, doing a better job like we did in the first half. We made a lot of plays in the first half, we were able to move the ball. We just need to get the ball in the end zone, that’s the frustrating part. Way too many third and longs today, that was a joke. So we’ve got to do a lot better next week.”

Here is the complete transcript:

What was the difference in the halves?

We couldn’€™t do anything in the second half. We had a hard time gaining yards there. We didn’€™t do anything on third down, couldn’€™t gain anything on first or second down. We couldn’€™t run it. We couldn’€™t throw it. We just sucked. I think that’€™s what it came down to.

How tough was the coverage by Cromartie?

Sometimes he was close. Sometimes he wasn’€™t. I think we always have our opportunities with a lot of guys out there, but we didn’€™t make the plays. We just couldn’€™t connect on anything. It was very frustrating, I think, for all of us sitting in the locker room after the game to know that we can play a lot better than we played in the second half. We’€™re going to need to. That was a very frustrating performance by all of us.

Did they change their second half coverage?

No. I think it was pretty much the same.

Was this reminiscent of last year’€™s second half struggles?

It’€™s a different team. I wouldn’€™t say it had anything to do with last year. It’€™s a whole entirely different team. We just couldn’€™t sustain anything. Like I said, we couldn’€™t connect on anything. We had a hard time running the ball. It’€™s very uncharacteristic. It’€™s going to be a long week. I can promise you that. We’€™ve got to get better in a lot of areas.

Were there missed opportunities?

I think there were probably plays to be made and we just didn’€™t make them.

Is this a setback to this team?

It’€™s about playing consistently. We can obviously do a better job like we did in the first half. We made a lot of good plays in the first half. We were able to move the ball. We’€™ve got to get the ball in the end zone. I think that’€™s the frustrating part. Way too many third-and-longs today. That was a joke. We’€™ve got to do a lot better next week.

Did your eyes light up once Revis left the game?

It’€™s a good defense with or without him. He’€™s a good player. Obviously, we didn’€™t do much in the second half. He didn’€™t play in the second half. I wouldn’€™t say he was the reason they didn’€™t play as well in the first half. We just executed better in the first half.

Did you feel the Jets had more will and determination in the second half?

I don’€™t know. I think when it comes down to these second half games, and our level of toughness, we’€™ve got to go out and play tougher. There were times when I think we had opportunities to do a better job out there and we didn’€™t. That’€™s all of us, starting with me. I’€™ve got to do a better job leading this team, and certainly executing better when it’€™s crunch time.

What happened on the interceptions?

A ball got batted up on the second one. The first one, it was third-and-10 so I threw it deep. A guy intercepted it.

What did you see on the Moss TD catch?

I saw him flashing down the middle so I gave him a chance. He made a great catch.He keeps making those kinds of catches.

Did their coverage schemes affect you?

We just didn’t execute. Like I said, you can look at the first half, we had four drives, two of them ended in touchdowns, one we missed a field goal and the other one was three and out on a play that shouldn’t have been a three and out. Messed up two plays there that drive. Then we come out in the second half and have a hard time gaining a yard. We just need to do a better job when it’s all said and done. We need to come out and execute better in the second half. The second half of games are critical. I think that’s where our focus needs to be.

What did you think of Mark Sanchez?

I wasn’t paying attention much to Mark.

Was the mindset, with Revis out, to attack the matchup with Moss?

We were just trying to do anything we could to gain a yard. It had nothing to do with going after them. They’ve got good players. We were trying to run it. Revis can’t stop the run, but they stopped the run. He couldn’t cover every guy on the field. We obviously couldn’t do anything in the passing game. We’ve got to take a hard look at ourselves. All of us need to do a lot better job, make a commitment to come back next week and play significantly better than we played this week.

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Randy Moss: We didn’t handle adversity well

09.19.10 at 8:01 pm ET
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Randy Moss may have removed himself from Revis Island with a spectacular one-handed touchdown catch against the corner, but it wasn’t enough as the Pats lost to the Jets, 28-14.

“Man, I don’€™t really know [what happened],” Moss said after the game. “Some things you really can’€™t answer. It just seemed like it fell apart in the second half. When you put a lot of hard work in like we did throughout the week ‘€“ it was really a hard-working week ‘€“ it’€™s just disappointing to come out and play a good first half and come out and lay down the second half. It’€™s very disappointing from my perspective. I’€™ve just got to do a little bit better. The team relied on me to throw me the ball. I just didn’€™t really make the plays in the second half. It’€™s something that really hurts. The good thing about it is that we go to work tomorrow.”

“It’s how you handle adversity,” Moss added. “The Jets handled adversity the right way and we handled it the wrong way. It’s a team sport. You take the wins with the wins and the losses with the losses. This one hurts.”

Moss had praise for corner Antonio Cromartie who replaced Revis after the latter left with a hamstring injury following Moss’ touchdown. “There’s definitely a big difference,” Moss said. “I don’t want to tip my hand, but it is a big difference. I just have to commend him. Revis was banged up and Cromartie came in and held his ground.”

Moss continued: “Revis is a good player. I’m not taking anything from him. Cromartie is a good player. I’m not taking anything from him. They had a good scheme, they’re well coached. They’re a little cocky and arrogant at times, but you’ve got to really commend the team if they come in and talk the talk and walk the walk and prove it on Sundays.”

As for his own play, which was the 150th scoring reception of his career, Moss downplayed it. “My job is to move the ball and score touchdowns,” he said. So I don’t think I did the job today.”

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Belichick: ‘They just did a better job’

09.19.10 at 7:44 pm ET
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Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addressed the media following his team’s 28-14 loss to the Jets in New Meadowlands Stadium. Here is the transcript of his remarks:

Obviously, we’€™re disappointed to come down here and have that game turn out the way it did. We just didn’€™t play well enough today. Didn’€™t coach well enough, didn’€™t play well enough, they just did a better job than we did. Made a few more plays. That’€™s why they won. Obviously we’€™ve got a lot of work to do. We’€™ve got to get back to work this week, do a better job than this. There were too many penalties, turnovers. It just wasn’€™t good enough.

Are you worried about the struggles in the second half?

We just didn’€™t play well enough all day.

What was the difference between the first and second halves offensively?

Well, we had some opportunities in the first half. We didn’€™t take advantage of very many of them. It just wasn’€™t good enough. They just did a better job than we did. That’€™s all there is to it.

What were your impressions of the Jets defense?

They did a good job. They did a good job.

Did it appear that the Jets offense targeted Darius Butler?

Overall as a defense, we didn’€™t do well enough. We gave up 28 points. That’€™s not going to win many games in this league. Scoring 14 and turning it over three times isn’€™t going to win many either. So, we just didn’€™t make enough plays in the game. That’€™s all there was to it.

What went into the signing of Woodhead?

We had a roster spot. Thought he could help us.

What were your impressions of the Jets?

Did a good job. Played better than we did. Coached better than we did. Did a good job.

Did they do anything to disrupt your offense’s rhythm in the second half?

They pretty much do what they do. They did it better than we did it. You’€™ve got to give them credit for that. It wasn’€™t a fancy, trick game. It was just a football game that they executed better than we did.

How do you rebound from this?

I think you need to try to get better every week. It’€™s a long season. There’€™s a lot of weeks to practice and prepare and play. Hopefully we can get better every week. Other teams are getting better, too. Hopefully we can just get better faster than our opponents.

What happened on the strip sack?

It looked like Taylor beat us inside. You guys probably saw it better than I did. What happened? I don’€™t know.

How did your attack change without Revis in the game in the second half?

I don’€™t think it changed much.

What did you think of the play of Mark Sanchez?

He played well. I mean, their whole team played well. They did a good job.

What changed in the execution by the Jets in the second half?

I thought they played pretty good the whole game. They made some plays. We made some plays. They played well in the second half and made more than we did in all three phases of the game. I don’€™t know what else there is to say.

How big a momentum swing was the field goal at the end of the first half?

You never want that to happen. Scoring the touchdown and taking the lead, we were in good position there, but you never want to give up those three points.

What do you make of the Patriots’ road struggles (2-7 dating to last year)?

It will start 0-0 next game we play, home or away, whatever it is. The score will be nothing-nothing at the start of the game. The team that plays the best will probably win, just like it always is.

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Snap Judgments: Jets 28, Patriots 14

09.19.10 at 7:19 pm ET
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Until further notice, the Patriots are just another team.

All the goodwill gained in Week 1 vs. the Bengals was washed out in an epic second-half meltdown on Sunday, as the Jets passed and ran the ball at will on offense and completely shut down Tom Brady, Wes Welker and Randy Moss on defense to score the final 21 points of the contest and pick up a 28-14 win.

In a statement game for both teams, the Jets punched the Patriots in the face in the second half, and the Pats wilted. It was 2009 all over again as the defense could not make a play and the offense was shockingly predictable.

This isn’t a funeral for the 2010 Patriots, just as last week’s win over the Bengals should not have been a reason to pre-order a “Three Games to Glory” DVD. But this was the first real test of the season for the team, and it was a total flunk out.

Here’s a look at what went right and wrong in the game:


– Final passer rating: Mark Sanchez 124.3, Tom Brady 72.5. Anyone have a 52-point edge for Sanchez in the pregame pool?

Brady was terrific in the first half, completing 13-of-20 for 179 yards and a pair of touchdowns. The Brady that struggled on the road vs. the Jets in 2009 was gone for the first 24 minutes, replaced by the vintage 2007 version that humiliated Eric Mangini’s crew in the season opener. The second half on Sunday, though, was 2009 all over again. Too much focus on Moss (who did nothing with Darelle Revis out) and forced throws all over the field. Brady has two INTs in the second half and completed just 7-of-16 passes.

Probably no player in the NFL was the subject of more grief than Sanchez over the last week, and his hideous performance vs. the Ravens (on the heels of a brutal preseason and “Hard Knocks” display that should lead to a “Best Supporting Nimrod” Emmy nod) justified all the critics. But Sanchez was a different player on Sunday, moving brilliantly in the pocket and making every throw the Jets needed. The Patriots had no answer for Dustin Keller and Sanchez did not stop feeding the tight end, who finished with seven catches for 115 yards and a TD.

Darius Butler struggled vs. Chad Ochocinco in Week 1 (12 catches, 159 yards) but some were quick to point out that most of those numbers were accrued when the outcome of the game was decided. Any benefit of the doubt for Butler was removed Sunday, as the second-year cornerback allowed a touchdown catch and two-point conversion to Braylon Edwards (targeted six times, five catches, 45 yards) and was unable to cover Keller on several occasions (most notably on a 31-yard catch on a 3rd-and-1 in the third quarter). He was also flagged with consecutive pass interference calls in the fourth quarter, which set up Keller’s touchdown that put the Jets up 28-14 and pretty much slammed the door.

– Penalties cost the Patriots on a number of occasions, as a 32-yard field goal by Stephen Gostkowski was disallowed following a delay of game call. Gostkowski promptly missed the 37-yarder, wasting an 13-play opening drive. A sideline late hit by Tully Banta-Cain on Jerricho Cotchery gave the Jets a 15 yards and a first-down on the Patriots 28-yard line, a drive that would end with an Edwards touchdown catch. And the fourth-quarter back-to-back penalties were crucial in the game’s final scoring drive.


– Easy to take a spin in the hyperbole machine just two games into his career, but can we all agree that Brady has never had a weapon at tight end even close to Aaron Hernandez? Sure, Moss’ one-handed touchdown catch was the signature play of the first half. But it was Hernandez who made the play that allowed Moss to plant the flag on Revis Island, hauling in a 46-yard grab on 3rd-and-10 from the Patriots 20-yard-line. Hernandez put an All-Pro wide receiver move on Jets safety Jim Leonhard and weaved his way to the New York 34. The rookie tight end (and let’s face it — this is a receiver in tight end’s clothing) had six catches for 101 yards in the first half.

– Despite Sanchez’s success, the Patriots were able to get a fairly consistent pass rush on the quarterback, something that of course was lacking in 2009 and was just OK in the Week 1 win over the Bengals. Gerard Warren was moved from the left to right end spot on Sunday (Ron Brace started at left end) and picked up a pair of sacks, including a hit in the third quarter that nearly sent Sanchez out of the game. Banta-Cain also collected a takedown and Mike Wright and Vince Wilfork got hits on Sanchez.

– Randy Moss made exactly one catch on Darrelle Revis on Sunday, but that was all it took to win that battle. Moss was about two steps ahead of Revis as he made an unforgettable one-handed 34-yard touchdown grab with 53 seconds left in the first half. Revis injured his hamstring on the play (no really, he did) and was unable to return to the game. However, overall It was a quiet game for Moss both before and after the catch, as he finished with just two grabs for 38 yards.

Halftime analysis: Pats 14, Jets 10

09.19.10 at 5:44 pm ET
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EAST RUTHERFORD ‘€” Two quarters are in the books here at the new Meadowlands Stadium, and the Patriots hold a 14-10 lead on the Jets. Here are a few quick notes:

The Patriots controlled the tempo for much of the first quarter and a half ‘€” the Jets ran just three plays in the first quarter. New York didn’€™t get its first first down until just under 12 minutes were left in the second quarter, and crossed into New England territory for the first time with 10 minutes left in the first half. Meanwhile, the Patriots shot themselves in the foot in the first quarter when they were whistled for a delay-of-game penalty on a 32-yard field goal attempt, and then Stephen Gostkowski missed the ensuing 37-yard attempt. New England did get on the board with a quick six-yards scoring strike with 13:22 left in the second where Wes Welker outraced New York cornerback Antonio Cromartie to the pylon for a touchdown reception. That put the capper on a 15-play, 75-yard scoring drive that took 8:10.

At one point following the Patriots’ first touchdown, New England had run 28 plays from scrimmage while the Jets had run just three. But after the rough start, the New York offense found its footing when it put together an impressive scoring drive on its first scoring sequence of the second quarter. That’€™s when Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez engineered a 12-play, 77-yard drive that took 6:55 and ended when he connected with Braylon Edwards ‘€” who was in single coverage with Darius Butler ‘€” on a 10-yard pass play in the corner of the end zone to tie the score at seven with 6:22 left in the first half.

The Patriots went on top with a lightning-quick strike. Taking over on their own 20-yard line with 1:40 left in the first half, Tom Brady hit Aaron Hernandez on a 46-yard pass where the tight end deftly avoided a series of tackles to get the ball down to the New York 34-yard line. On the following play, Brady hit Randy Moss down the seam for a 34-yard touchdown catch where the receiver got separation in single coverage with Darrelle Revis and caught the ball with just his right hand, coasting through the end zone to wrap up a four-play, 80-yard drive with a minute to go in the first half to make it 14-7.

Both teams have taken their share of bad penalties. The Patriots took two bad calls ‘€” Tully Banta-Cain was flagged for unnecessary roughness for hitting Jerricho Cotchery while he was out of bounds (he sat for the rest of the Jets’€™ drive, replaced by Jermaine Cunningham), and Kyle Arrington was hit for running into Jim Leonhard when Leonhard was trying to field a punt. Meanwhile, the Jets were hit with two bad ones as well ‘€” Eric Smith hit Welker around the head on a third-down pass play (Welker was sidelined for a few plays as a result), and was flagged for unnecessary roughness, keeping a New England scoring drive alive. In addition, Edwards picked up a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct call when he celebrated his second-quarter touchdown reception from Sanchez.

Brady is 13-for-20 for 179 passing yards and two touchdowns, while Sanchez is 12-for-16 for 121 yards and one touchdown. Patriots tight end Hernandez leads all pass catchers with four receptions for 80 yards, and New York’€™s Shonn Greene has a game-high 18 rushing yards.

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