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Jets’ tampering with Darrelle Revis in 2015 reportedly more severe than NFL led on

02.20.17 at 1:59 pm ET
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The Jets reportedly severely tampered with Darrelle Revis. (Jim McIsaac /Getty Images)

The Jets reportedly severely tampered with Darrelle Revis. (Jim McIsaac /Getty Images)

Remember when the Jets were fined $100,000 in 2015 for tampering with Darrelle Revis before he signed with them right when free agency began?

Well, the Jets reportedly did more than just have Woody Johnson say he wanted him back during a December press conference.

In a piece published in the New York Daily News on Monday, columnist Manish Mehta revealed things went much deeper than that.

According to Mehta, the Jets communicated with Revis, Inc. through private cell phones and face-to-face covert meetings at the 2015 scouting combine rather than make calls from the team’s landlines at their Florham Park facility, and Johnson knew all about it.

All this came immediately after Revis won a Super Bowl with the Patriots.

Revis eventually signed a five-year $70 million deal with the Jets as soon as free agency opened, but after the events of last week and the cornerback’s poor play this past season, the contract is looking like a mistake.

But, with everything that happened leading up to the signing it’s looking like just a case of bad karma going the Jets’ way.

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Devin McCourty: ‘I don’t want to go and sit around the White House for 4 hours to shake the president’s hand’

02.20.17 at 11:00 am ET
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Devin McCourty further explained why he won't be attending a White House ceremony. (Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports)

Devin McCourty further explained why he won’t be attending a White House ceremony. (Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports)

Devin McCourty is one of six Patriots players who have already said they will not attend a ceremony at the White House honoring the Super Bowl champs.

“I’m not going to the White House,” McCourty told TIME via text message the day after the Super Bowl. “Basic reason for me is I don’t feel accepted in the White House. With the president having so many strong opinions and prejudices I believe certain people might feel accepted there while others won’t. … I can’t imagine a way I go there.”

Over the weekend, McCourty returned to Rutgers for a blood drive at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, and qhile he was there he spoke with and further explained his reasons for not planning on visiting the White House.

McCourty said his decision is not a boycott.

“I personally don’t think so, but I think at this time in our country people feel like it’s a huge statement so they are going with it,” he said. “For me, it is what it is. Last time we won, a bunch of guys didn’t go, but it just wasn’t as a big a deal as it is now.”

Added McCourty: “It wasn’t really a big decision. I knew I wasn’t going to the White House if we won. To me, it’s a personal decision. Having been there before, you go there and you shake the president’s hand. That’s it. For me, I don’t want to go and sit around the White House for four hours to shake the president’s hand.”

McCourty also noted he won’t be trying to influence any of his teammates and their decision. They can decide for themselves.

“I think everybody on the team has the right and should decide,” he said. “I don’t think you should not go because six guys aren’t going, or you should go. To me, it’s up to you if you want to go or not.”

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James White returns to University of Wisconsin, gets greeted with ‘MVP’ chants

02.20.17 at 10:09 am ET
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Patriots running back James White became somewhat of a national star following Super Bowl LI when he scored three touchdowns, including the game-winning score in overtime.

White already was a star at the University of Wisconsin and the running back returned to his alma mater this weekend as he was honored at both the hockey and basketball games.

Sunday afternoon White was celebrated during one of the media timeouts when Wisconsin hosted Maryland. The crowd gave him a big round of applause and even started a “MVP” chant.

(Click here for the video.)

Before the game, White spoke about what his life has been like in the few weeks since the Super Bowl.

“It’s been fun, it’s been tiring, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so I’ve just been enjoying it,” White said, according to “Been all over the place … but got to find time to train, stay in shape because most people’s offseason already started so you have to get after it.”

White figures to have a similar role with the Patriots next season as the team’s top third-down running back.

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Patriots WR Malcolm Mitchell has 2nd book done, seeking publisher

02.20.17 at 6:00 am ET
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Malcolm Mitchell has a second book he is seeking to get published. (Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports)

Malcolm Mitchell has a second book he is seeking to get published. (Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports)

When the Patriots selected wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell in last year’s NFL draft, much was made about him being in a women’s book club while at the University of Georgia and also writing a children’s book, “The Magicians Hat.”

Appearing on NFL Network Friday night, Mitchell said he would like to get the book published through a professional publisher and also work with them on getting a second book he’s written published, too.

“Currently right now, I am trying to work with publishers because I self-published a book while I was in college,” Mitchell said. “I would love to get the message to a broader scope just to share the magic of reading and personal experience I had with it.

“Right now I am trying to work with a publisher to get ‘The Magician’s Hat’ out even more and hopefully they will work with me even more on a second book because I do have one and I am ready to move forward because I feel like reading can definitely help kids and people reach their full potential.”

The book Mitchell wrote in college was about power of books, which can explore dreams and develop creativity. Mitchell had difficulty reading in high school and even struggled once he got to college, but when he had to miss a season with a torn ACL he used that to improve his reading skills and joined a women’s reading club.

On the field, Mitchell proved himself as a rookie. He became the first rookie Tom Brady ever completed a pass to in a Super Bowl and was one of his favorite targets all season.

“Coming in, my main focus was just to make the team,” Mitchell said. “You know, no opportunity is concrete. No situation is promised. And from the time I walked into training camp, I worked as hard as I could not knowing the outcome, but knowing I wanted to be ready just in case anything came.”

The rookie also noted how happy Bill Belichick was after the win in Super Bowl LI — the happiest he had ever seen him.

“He smiled at least for 10 minutes straight,” Mitchell said. “And he gave me a hug. I got a hug. I think that’s the first time we ever touched each other.”

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Why it makes sense for Patriots/Danny Amendola to re-work contract so he can return in 2017

02.19.17 at 12:34 pm ET
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Feb 5, 2017; Houston, TX, USA; New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola (80) celebrates after winning Super Bowl LI while Tom Brady (12), wide receiver Julian Edelman (11), tackle Nate Solder (77), and center David Andrews (60) are in the background. The Patriots defeated the Falcons 34-28 at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Amendola would have a role with Patriots in 2017. (Bob Donnan/USA Today Sports)

As it stands now, Danny Amendola likely won’t be back with the Patriots in 2017 considering he is on the books for a base salary of $6 million and the team likely would release him.

But, as Amendola has done each of the last two seasons, the wide receiver could take a pay cut in order to play for the Patriots next year and it would make sense for both sides to make this happen.

Amendola is 31 years old and has only played a full season in two of his nine years in the league, but when he has been on the field with the Patriots, he’s been a valuable asset, especially in the playoffs.

Just look at what Amendola did in Super Bowl LI when the Patriots needed him most.

Playing in his home state, Amendola caught eight passes on 11 targets for 78 yards and a touchdown, as well as converting the second two-point conversion to force overtime. Also, look at what he did in 2014 when the Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX. He hauled in five passes for 48 yards and a fourth-quarter touchdown to help beat Seattle.

Over the last three seasons, Amendola has caught close to 70 percent of the passes thrown his way, which is among the top five among NFL receivers, and always seems to make a big play when the team needs one on third down.

Bottom line with Amendola is when the Patriots and Tom Brady need a play, he always seems to make one.

The Patriots typically carry five receivers on their 53-man roster and Amendola deserves to be one of those five, likely as the fifth. Going into 2017 the Patriots will have Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan and Malcolm Mitchell definitely returning and then likely two open spots. New England probably will add a younger receiver either through the draft or via free agency, and then Amendola would make the perfect fifth.

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Cyrus Jones on tough rookie season: ‘I reached a point where I didn’t even want to play’

02.18.17 at 4:57 pm ET
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Cyrus Jones was very critical of himself for his rookie season. (Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports)

Cyrus Jones was very critical of himself for his rookie season. (Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports)

No one is harder on himself than Patriots cornerback Cyrus Jones.

Speaking at Leith Walk Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore where he went grew up, Jones reflected on his rookie season and was quite hard on himself.

“I’ll never take credit for something I don’t feel I contributed to,” Jones said of the Patriots winning Super Bowl LI, via the Baltimore Sun. “I was part of the team, but I didn’t feel a part of it.”

Added Jones: “I honestly felt cursed. I reached a point where I didn’t even want to play. I just didn’t have it.”

The Alabama product had fumbling issues when returning punts and was inactive for five of the team’s final six games. As a second-round pick, his issues were particularly frustrating.

“But honestly, it was hell for me,” he said. “That’s the only way I can describe it. I didn’t feel I deserved to be part of anything that was happening with the team. I felt embarrassed that these people probably thought they wasted a pick on me.”

The rookie was the subject of a lot of criticism both in the media and from the fans. Jones acknowledged it had some impact on him.

“But honestly, it pisses me off,” he said. “You can say shut it out or don’t listen, but I know people are talking, and it’s negative. I’m not a dumb guy. It definitely affects me. What it should do is piss me off in a way that I want to shut them all up.”

Despite his tough first season as a pro, Jones is determined to make 2017 a much different one.

“This is not the end of the world for me,” Jones said. “I have no doubt I’ll be back and this will be a thing of the past. It’s not like I forgot how to play football overnight.”

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Here is the latest with Darrelle Revis in bizarre case

02.18.17 at 10:45 am ET
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Darrelle Revis turned himself into police Friday night. (

Darrelle Revis turned himself into police Friday night. (

It’s been a strange past few days for Darrelle Revis.

The Jets cornerback officially turned himself into police on Friday night in Pittsburgh. He is charged with two counts of aggravated assault, one count of robbery and one count of conspiracy. He’s also been charged with making terroristic threats, which is a misdemeanor.

ESPN reports he has been released on non-monetary bond and his next court date will be Thursday. He was ordered to appear at all hearings and told not to have any contact with the alleged victims and witnesses, even on social media. He also has 72 hours to turn in his passport.

According to the police report, early Monday morning Pittsburgh police officers found two men unconscious after an incident with Revis. Those men told officers they had a verbal altercation with Revis, but didn’t know who had punched them. Revis threw a cellphone belonging to one of the men into the street, but police saw the video afterwards and that was when Revis was charged.

Revis’ attorney Blaine Jones told ESPN he believes Revis has a “very good case.” He described his client as serious, somber and “ready to answer charges.”

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