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President Trump further details Bill Belichick’s letter to him prior to election

04.19.17 at 3:11 pm ET
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Bill Belichick wrote Donald Trump two letters. (J. Scott Applewhite/Pool Photo USA Today Network)

Bill Belichick wrote Donald Trump two letters. (J. Scott Applewhite/Pool Photo USA Today Network)

President Donald Trump welcomed over 30 members of the Patriots Super Bowl LI winning team and then a number of coaches and staff to the White House on Wednesday.

During the ceremony, Trump further explained Bill Belichick writing him a letter in which he read to a New Hampshire crowd the night before the election.

The president said Belichick actually wrote him a new letter which was even better than the first after he asked him if he could read it to the crowd.

“Whether you’re trying to win a Super Bowl or rebuild our country, as coach Belichick would say, ‘There are no days off,’” Trump said. “Just a quick story about the coach. I had won the primary and I am now in this rather heated election, that a few of you have read about. He wrote me this beautiful letter after the primary.

“Congratulations he said. All sorts of things that were really good. It was really a beautiful letter. It was very close to before the election and I called him up and I said, ‘Coach, do you mind if I read the letter tonight to a stadium full of people in a very, very big and important state?’ He said, ‘You know what? I would rather not have you do that. Could you send it back to me? I am going to give you another one.’ I said, ‘No that’s OK.’ ‘Nope, I want to give you another one.’ Now, immediately to me that means he’s going to tone it down because what he said was so nice. You know what he did? He toned it way up. It was much better. It was much better. He made that the greatest letter and I did very well in that state. Thank you, coach. He’s just a very special guy.”

Trump also referenced the big 25-point comeback in the Super Bowl where he made a joke about the media and pundits.

“When the pundits — boy they’re wrong a lot, aren’t they? — saying you couldn’t do it, the game was over … You pulled off the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time,” Trump said.

It’s worth noting Trump didn’t mention Tom Brady once during his remarks, as the quarterback was not there. He was back in Boston spending time with his family.

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Which Patriots players are at White House to meet President Trump, which aren’t?

04.19.17 at 2:06 pm ET
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The Patriots are in Washington D.C. visiting the White House and President Trump on Wednesday for their win in Super Bowl LI.

Based off social media pictures sent out by the team, we’ve been able to spot who is in attendance and who isn’t. Tom Brady is the biggest notable not in attendance, as he posted on social media he is with his family as his parents celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Here are a list of the players who are in attendance: Brandon King, Kyle Van Noy, Jordan Richards, Matthew Slater, Eric Rowe, Geneo Grissom, Elandon Roberts, D.J. Foster, Shea McClellin, Joe Thuney, Ted Karras, Jonathan Jones, Cyrus Jones, Jabaal Sheard, James Develin, Julian Edelman, Jimmy Garoppolo, David Andrews, Marcus Cannon, Cameron Fleming, Stephen Gostkowski, Rob Gronkowski, Jacoby Brissett, Sebastian Vollmer, Chris Hogan, Nate Ebner, Malcolm Mitchell, Matt Lengel, Nate Solder, Glenn Gronkowski, Barkevious Mingo, Justin Coleman, Rob Ninkovich, Joe Cardona and Trey Flowers.

Tom Brady Instagram post offers hint as to why he isn’t attending White House ceremony

04.19.17 at 11:48 am ET
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Earlier Wednesday morning Tom Brady released a statement saying he isn’t attending the White House ceremony due to “personal family matters.”

Later in the morning he posted an Instagram with a picture of his parents with a caption noting it is their 48th wedding anniversary, adding “it’s so special to celebrate together.”

Based off this, and the report his mom is in Boston, it appears Brady is spending the day with his parents instead of visiting the White House.

The full caption read: For 48 years, my sisters and I have had the best example of love, friendship and compassion in our lives! And it’s so special to celebrate together! I love you mom and dad!

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Aaron Hernandez defense team to conduct own investigation on former TE’s death

04.19.17 at 11:39 am ET
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Aaron Hernandez committed suicide Wednesday morning. (Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Aaron Hernandez committed suicide Wednesday morning. (Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Aaron Hernandez’s defense team is speaking following his suicide early Wednesday morning.

“The family and legal team is shocked and surprised at the news of Aaron’s death,” Hernandez’s defense lawyer, Jose Baez said in a statement Wednesday morning. “There were no conversations or correspondence from Aaron to his family or legal team that would have indicated anything like this was possible. Aaron was looking forward to an opportunity for a second chance to prove his innocence. Those who love and care about him are heartbroken and determined to find the truth surrounding his untimely death. We request that authorities conduct a transparent and thorough investigation.”

It added: “The Baez Law Firm will participate in its own examination into this tragic event and update the media and public on its findings when they become available.”

This comes after Hernandez’s former agent Brian Murphy said there’s no chance he committed suicide.

“Absolutely no chance he took his own life,” Brian Murphy tweeted. “Chico was not a saint, but my family and I loved him and he would never take his own life.”

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Bristol County Sheriff on Kirk & Callahan: Aaron Hernandez had ‘sociopathic tendencies’

04.19.17 at 11:14 am ET
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Aaron Hernandez was acquitted on double murder charges Friday. (Pool photo by Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe)

Aaron Hernandez was acquitted on double murder charges Friday. (Pool photo by Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe)

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson possesses unique insight into Aaron Hernandez. The ex-NFL star was housed at the Bristol County House of Corrections for nearly two years, before he was transferred to the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Mass. shortly after he was charged with first-degree murder in the 2013 Odin Lloyd shooting.

In an interview with Kirk & Callahan Wednesday, Hodgson said he spotted sociopathic tendencies in Hernandez, who law enforcement says committed suicide in his prison cell Wednesday morning.

“I’ve always sort of known Aaron Hernandez to be somebody who’s been able to completely control –– almost like a mental trap –– things that he let in and let out,” he said. “I’m wondering, and of course I’m not a psychologist –– I don’t have any background in it –– I do think he had some sociopathic tendencies. For all of the time he was here, he never showed much in the way of emotion. It was always sort of very controlled. He was controlled about everything. He had a magnetic personality and knew how to use it to manipulate and get things. But more importantly, he just never really was allowing himself to feel any sort of emotion.”

The timing of Hernandez’s suicide is curious, considering he was acquitted five days ago on double murder charges. But Hodgson said he thinks the weight of the verdict may have broken Hernandez down.

“I just wonder if when that jury, because I remember saying to the special sheriff here when I saw the verdict, ‘I’m shocked to see him showing any emotion on this verdict.’ I wonder, and there’s a million theories, I wonder if in fact when that jury acquitted him, that that somehow created a vulnerability in that mental trap, whereby for maybe once in a long time, a group of people really believed in him or believed in the outcome of that verdict, which was a positive thing for him, and that may have been something that just –– who knows.”

Hodgson described Hernandez’s manipulative personality, saying he would attempt to goad guards into providing him with items he was barred from possessing. If Hernandez started calling guards by their first names, they would be removed from his unit.

“Aaron Hernandez was the best I’ve ever seen in terms of manipulating, being able to cajole, use his personality to sort of make you believe he was somebody very different,” Hodgson said.

Though Hernandez often didn’t express emotion, Hodgson said he encouraged the former Patriots tight end to reach out to his deceased father, who passed away in 2006. In the end, Hodgson explained Hernandez never appeared comfortable with his life as a professional football player.

“He never really could transition into the Patriots’ world. He wouldn’t go out to dinner with a guy like Brady or people like that, because he just didn’t fit in that world,” he said. “I think he used the Patriots as a way to raise his stature in the real world that he always lived in. That was just a means by which he could –– you know, he made money and of course he could elevate himself in his real world –– which was very different from the professional football world.”

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Aaron Hernandez’s former agent: ‘No chance’ Hernandez committed suicide

04.19.17 at 10:07 am ET
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Massachusetts Department of Correction says Hernandez committed suicide Wednesday morning. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Massachusetts Department of Correction says Hernandez committed suicide Wednesday morning. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Aaron Hernandez’s former agent doesn’t believe Hernandez killed himself in prison Wednesday morning.

“Absolutely no chance he took his own life,” Brian Murphy tweeted. “Chico was not a saint, but my family and I loved him and he would never take his own life.”

In a statement, the Massachusetts Department of Correction said Hernandez was found hanging in his cell at the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Mass. at 3:05 a.m. He was transported to UMass Leominster Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 4:07 a.m.

“Mr. Hernandez was in a single cell in a general population unit,” the statement reads. “Mr. Hernandez hanged himself utilizing a bed sheet that he attached to his cell window. Mr. Hernandez also attempted to block his door from the inside by jamming the door with various items.”

Jose Baez, the lawyer who successfully cleared Hernandez in the 2012 fatal drive-by shooting of two men in Boston, also reportedly doubts the DOC’s findings. According to TMZ, Baez believes other inmates or prison guards could’ve murdered the former Patriots tight end.

Hernandez was serving a life sentence for the 2013 Odin Lloyd shooting.

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Tom Brady will not attend White House ceremony due to ‘personal family matters’

04.19.17 at 9:53 am ET
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Tom Brady will not be at the White House Wednesday. (Matthew Emmons/USA Today Sports)

Tom Brady will not be at the White House Wednesday. (Matthew Emmons/USA Today Sports)

The Patriots will be visiting the White House on Wednesday to be honored for winning Super Bowl LI, but Tom Brady will not be attending.

The quarterback gave a statement to ESPN’s Mike Reiss.

“I am so happy and excited that our team is being honored at the White House today,” Brady wrote. “Our team has accomplished something very special that we are all very proud of and will be for years to come. Thank you to the President for hosting this honorary celebration and for supporting our team for as long as I can remember.

“In light of some recent developments, I am unable to attend today’s ceremony, as I am attending to some personal family matters. Hopefully, if we accomplish the goal of winning a championship in future years, we will be back on the South Lawn again soon. Have a great day!”

Reiss added Brady’s mother Galynn, who has been battling an illness for some time which forced her to attend only one game this season, is in Boston.

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