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Following the flags: Tracking Patriots penalties for 2015 season

11.24.15 at 12:53 pm ET
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Through 10 games, the Patriots have 69 penalties for 654 yards. Here’€™s a breakdown of the calls that have gone against New England, not including penalties that were declined or offset.

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Tom Brady on sideline outburst: ‘I was pretty agitated all night’

11.24.15 at 12:09 pm ET
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Tom Brady said he was "agitated" most of the game Monday against the Bills. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Tom Brady said he was “agitated” most of the game Monday against the Bills. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

In the middle of the second quarter of the Patriots’ 20-13 win over the Bills Monday night, ESPN cameras caught Tom Brady on the Patriots sideline yelling at the rest of the offense, particularly the offensive linemen.

Brady said on Dennis & Callahan Tuesday morning he was “agitated” the whole game.

“I was pretty agitated all night,” Brady said. “For three hours and 20 minutes I was pretty agitated. I don’t remember who I was talking to at that particular point. When you’re the quarterback and you’ve been around, you see things and you want to try and create some urgency and see if we can get in the game and start tightening things up because things like that happen in practice too.”

He added: “You have to figure a way when things aren’t going well to rally and when things don’t seem to be going well, how are you going to find that rhythm. Just making sure everyone is focused and letting them know that I am focused and that they need to be focused. We can all be more focused together because we all play off one another. That’s offensive football. The more guys you can count on that are dependable, that are doing the right thing, that I know that this is taken care of because I can take my eyes off it and focus on something else that I need to focus on. If I’m not quite sure then I need to spend my energy thinking about what someone else has to do and that takes away from what I am trying to do and if you do that too often then it’s a hard way to play offensive football.”

Brady confirmed he was never asked to go on ESPN after the game. (Furthermore, no Patriots players appeared on the network afterwards.) He did say he met with ESPN earlier in the weekend.

“I did meet with Mike [Tirico],” Brady said. “The production meeting, I know is always pretty important and you develop a relationship with those guys. Mike is a Michigan man so I like Mike a lot.”

The quarterback was also asked about his “Rex Ryan” audible at the line of scrimmage in the first quarter. Brady said it was nothing against Ryan.

“Sometimes you use their name because you are playing them that week and we had some other names we could have used on other plays as it relates to the Buffalo Bills,” Brady said. “It’s just part of the verbal communication. The last thing I am trying to do in the middle of the first quarter is to tweak Rex. I don’t need to do that.”

Following are more snip-its from the conversation. For more Patriots news, visit

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Tom Brady on D&C: ‘We’re playing the No. 1 ranked defense this week so it has to be a much better effort’

11.24.15 at 11:06 am ET
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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joined Dennis, Callahan & Minihane on Tuesday morning following the Patriots’ win over the Bills Monday night. It wasn’t the team’s best effort, as they were held to a season-low 20 points, but overcame injuries once again to pull out the win. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

For the third straight game the Patriots suffered a major injury during a game to their offense. Two weeks ago it was Dion Lewis against the Redskins. Last week it was Julian Edelman against the Giants and Monday night it was Danny Amendola in the third quarter to an apparent knee injury.

Brady discussed how losing key players in the middle of game impacts the play calling.

“Yeah, it gets a little tricky just because you’re putting in guys in a lot of positions they haven’t played or you haven’t practiced or have a lot of confidence in, so it is hard to call things with conviction, especially for the play caller because he’s looking at his sheet, ‘Well, this guy has never done this,'” Brady said. “There is a lot of intricacies to these plays. Especially in our offense, we have a lot of details in them so it’s one thing to practice them all week with the guys that are playing and we did that this week with Danny and Aaron [Dobson]. Those guys got injured.

“Chris Harper, I thought did a good job — went in there and played hard. It’s just one of those things that’s part of football. You have to somehow grind it out and figure out how to win a game and when you lose guys like Julian and Dion, who are very consistent players. Those certainly don’t help your team and then to lose players in the middle of a game like that — we’ve dealt with that the last few weeks of trying to still find ways to make plays and so forth.

“We haven’t really got in a rhythm and just didn’t execute as well as we’re capable of. There will be a lot to learn from. It’s good to win and still learn from mistakes and we’re playing the No. 1 ranked defense this week so it has to be a much better effort.”

Brady had a tough night as he was under pressure all game long. The quarterback finished the game 20-for-39 with 277 yards and one touchdown and one interception.

“I think our execution was a problem for us all night,” Brady said. “That was things that were really self-inflicted that I know we’re capable of doing because we’ve done it all year and for some reason last night we just couldn’t get the communication right and we just weren’t on the same page. They put a lot of pressure on [us] and I think the challenging part about that type of defense is they really test you in a lot of ways. They test your protections. They test you in the run game. They test you with different blitz looks and so forth. That’s kind of the mark of their defense.

“If you don’t really nail it to a ‘T’ then they get a lot of free plays and I think there were a lot of free plays that I basically took the ball and tried to throw it away as fast as I could. For one reason or another our communication between all of us needs to be able to improve so that we can have the confidence to stand in there and make the plays when they are there, make the reads and so forth. We just didn’t do it as well as we’re capable of last night.”

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Fantasy Football: Week 12 waiver wire

11.24.15 at 10:01 am ET
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On Sunday, Chris Price asked me if this was the worst season I had ever seen in terms of injuries to top skill players. I said it was and since then we have lost a few more weekly starters, including Marshawn Lynch. This is a brutal season for starting running backs and it just seems to be getting worse. The good news is that there are so many injuries that most fantasy teams have some issues. There’€™s trouble all over and it’€™s how you walk through the fire that will determine how far you can take your team in the coming weeks.

I have the most relevant pickups listed below and I will be adding more players at Rotobahn this afternoon, so stop by if you play in a deep league.

Did you catch the Fantasy Football Hour last Sunday? You can listen here.

The ownership rates listed for each player were obtained at Yahoo!


Jay Cutler, Bears, 45 percent

He was mediocre against the Broncos, but that’€™s to be expected. As I said last week, Cutler’€™s closing schedule is friendly and he can start for you the rest of the way if you need a quarterback. He plays at Green Bay on Thursday night.

Jameis Winston, Bucs, 25 percent

With the return of Vincent Jackson, Winston now has his two primary weapons back. As I have been saying for weeks, he has a very nice closing schedule and he can be your starter on most weeks in most leagues. The rookie should be owned in all leagues.

Marcus Mariota, Titans, 44 percent

He’€™s been very good in two out of the last three games with the bad game coming against the Panthers, who have shut down a lot of passing offenses this year. Mariota’€™s closing schedule has some choice matchups, so he should be owned in most leagues and certainly in all 12-team leagues.

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Report: Danny Amendola to have MRI on injured knee Tuesday

11.24.15 at 9:48 am ET
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According to NFL Media’s Albert Breer, Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola will have an MRI on his knee Tuesday to assess the damage from his injury suffered in the win over the Bills Monday night.

Fox Sports’ Mike Garafolo added the belief it is nothing major, but obviously the MRI will tell the whole story.

Amendola was injured in the Patriots’ win during the third quarter, although it is unclear exactly what play it was on. Amendola stayed on the sidelines the remainder of the game, but didn’t speak to reporters afterwards.

The Patriots cannot afford to lose another wideout as they lost Julian Edelman against the Giants and Aaron Dobson earlier in the game against the Bills. They finished the game with just two healthy receivers — Brandon LaFell and Chris Harper.

For more Patriots news, visit

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Target Practice: Tracking opportunities in Patriots passing game

11.24.15 at 8:30 am ET
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Targets have been compiled by the NFL since the start of the 2009 season, and while it remains a vaguely imperfect stat — a badly thrown ball from a quarterback can often go against the record of the receiver as opposed to the quarterback — it remains a good indication of the confidence level a passer or coach might have in said pass catcher. In addition, like our look at offensive opportunities, it gives you some sort of indication as to the chances younger pass catchers are getting. After 10 games, here’s a look at the complete target breakdown for the New England passing game to this point in the year:

WR Julian Edelman: 61 catches on 88 targets
TE Rob Gronkowski: 51 catches on 82 targets
WR Danny Amendola: 49 catches on 60 targets
RB Dion Lewis: 36 catches on 50 targets
WR Brandon LaFell: 17 catches on 38 targets
TE Scott Chandler: 14 catches on 23 targets
WR Aaron Dobson: 13 catches on 21 targets
RB James White: 10 catches on 14 targets
RB Brandon Bolden: 5 catches on 9 targets
WR Keshawn Martin: 7 catches in 8 targets
RB LeGarrette Blount: 6 catches on 7 targets
TE Mike Williams: 2 catches on 4 targets
RB Travaris Cadet: 1 catch on 1 target
WR/ST Matthew Slater: 0 catches on 1 target
WR Chris Harper: 0 catches on 1 target

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After 10 games, how do 2015 Patriots stack up statistically against last four seasons?

11.24.15 at 7:30 am ET
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Here’€™s a statistical look at what the Patriots have done through the first 10 games of the season on both sides of the ball, and here’€™s how it measure up to the previous four seasons in the same stretch.

2015: 667
2014: 685
2013: 700
2012: 741
2011: 668

2015: 3,320 (66.3 percent, 25 TDs, 4 INTs, 107.4 passer rating)
2014 (Brady and Garoppolo): 2,741 (60.6 percent, 25 TDs, 5 INTs, 103.3 passer rating)
2013: 2,552 (58.7 percent, 14 TDs, 7 INTs, 83.6 passer rating)
2012 (Brady and Mallett): 2,993 (65 percent, 21 TDs, 3 INTs, 102.2 passer rating)
2011: 3,266 (65 percent, 25 TDs, 10 INTs, 102.5 passer rating)

2015: 920 (236 carries, 3.9 yards per carry, 11 rushing TDs)
2014: 1,155 yards (295 carries, 3.9 yards per carry, 7 rushing TDs)
2013: 1,269 yards (292 carries, 4.3 yards per carry, 11 rushing TDs)
2012: 1,429 yards (330 carries, 4.3 yards per carry, 16 rushing TDs)
2011: 1,110 yards (262 carries, 4.2 yards per carry, 7 rushing TDs)

TOTAL POINTS (scoring breakdown per quarter)
2015: 323 (68-92-77-86)
2014: 323 (58-125-68-72)
2013: 254 (44-84-36-90)
2012: 358 (82-98-86-89 ‘€” 3 points in OT)
2011: 293 (51-77-68-97)

2015: 271-for-409 (66 percent), 3,320 yards, 25 TDs, 4 INTs, 107.4 passer rating
2014: 233-for-364 (64 percent), 2,649 yards, 24 TDs, 5 INTs, 102 passer rating
2013: 223-for-380 (59 percent), 2,552 yards, 14 TDs, 7 INTs, 83.6 passer rating
2012: 256-for-393 (65 percent), 2,976 yards, 21 TDs, 3 INTs, 102.5 passer rating
2011: 253-for-387 (65 percent), 3,266 yards, 25 TDs, 10 INTs, 102.5 passer rating

2015: 88.8
2014: 109.9
2013: 125.7
2012: 99
2011: 104.7

2015: 252.5
2014: 241.9
2013: 229.2
2012: 289.7
2011: 299.5

2015: 18.2
2014: 22
2013: 19.9
2012: 22.5
2011: 20.3

2015: 10-0
2014: 8-2
2013: 7-3
2012: 7-3
2011: 7-3

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