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Tom Brady praises Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh: ‘Greatness starts at the top’

02.03.16 at 12:44 pm ET
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Tom Brady was part of a big celebrity cast at Michigan’s National Signing Day presented by Derek Jeter‘s website, The Players’ Tribune.

Brady joined a cast of former athletes and celebrities who introduced Michigan’s incoming class, which was streamed online via The Players’ Tribune website. The current Patriots quarterback noted how different things are today then when he committed to the school in the mid-1990s.

“It was nothing like it is now, so I hope these young men that come in here understand that it was not always like this, but there are quite a few challenges they will have to overcome,” Brady said. “There was a great saying obviously at Michigan, ‘Those who stay will be champions.'”

Brady said he watches every Michigan game still to this day and noted how happy he was when Jim Harbaugh was named the head coach last season.

“I watch every single game. I follow it on the plane,” Brady said. “I think our biggest recruiting day last year was when we got Coach Harbaugh back. I think like every organization, greatness starts at the top and I have competed against him, and lost. We got the right man for the job.”

The quarterback discussed the transition from living in California to moving to Michigan and the cold winter months.

“It was rough. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. My roommate and some of my best friends are from here and they taught my some of the ropes,” Brady said. “They taught me what a North Face jacket was.”

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Adam Schefter on D&C: ‘The league made up the rules as they went along’ regarding checking footballs

02.03.16 at 11:42 am ET
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Adam Schefter

Adam Schefter

ESPN’s Adam Schefter checked in with Dennis & Callahan with Minihane on Wednesday morning to discuss Roger Goodell’s comments to the media about Deflategate. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

While addressing the media on Tuesday, Goodell announced that he would not be releasing the PSI data the league had previously claimed to be collecting. He said that the league only conducted “spot checks” and that no violations were found. This has left Patriots fans outraged, wondering if that data could have helped prove Tom Brady‘s innocence.

“I’ll say this, if the numbers came out and supported the league’s contention, I’m just guessing here, we probably would have heard more about that … but that didn’t happen,” Schefter said, adding: “The league has been, I think, inconsistent. In this particular case, the league made up the rules as they went along.”

Around this time last year, deflated footballs seemed to be of the utmost importance to Goodell and the NFL. Now, it seems the league has changed its tune.

“The league made a huge deal out of the Patriots’ footballs, but then this year I think it probably got a little bit more educated on the topic, more educated than it was at that particular time,” Schefter said. “I think that reflected that it was more along the lines of what people in New England thought and not along the lines of what people across the rest of the league might have thought.”

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Donald Trump rips Patriots OL: Tom Brady was ‘really mauled’ in loss to Broncos

02.03.16 at 11:04 am ET
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Patriots fans aren’t the only ones criticizing the Patriots offensive line after their 20-18 loss to the Broncos in the AFC championship game just over a week ago, a game Tom Brady was hit 20 times in.

Appearing on Boston Herald radio Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump offered his thoughts on the game.

Trump was asked if he would ask Brady to campaign for him in New Hampshire in advance of next weeks primary and the presidential candidate noted Brady probably isn’t feeling so good after the loss.

“I think he would if I asked him to. I don’t know if I want to ask him to do that, you know, right now he doesn’t feel so great because of what happened,” Trump said. “He was really mauled. I’ll tell you the offensive line was not exactly giving him lots of protection, unfortunately.

“But, he is the finest guy. He not only is a great athlete, a great quarterback, but he is a fine person. A great guy. New England, the whole area there, they are very lucky to have Tom.”

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Tom Brady, Ric Flair among those at Michigan’s ‘Signing of the Stars’

02.03.16 at 10:51 am ET
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Tom Brady and Ric Flair were among those who showed up Wednesday to Michigan’s national signing day event, dubbed “Signing of the Stars.”

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Breaking down performance of 2015 Patriots by weather conditions

02.03.16 at 10:42 am ET
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Going from the positively balmy September conditions in New England and Buffalo to the freezing temps (and light snow) of Denver in November, the Patriots ran the gamut when it comes to weather conditions this season. (For what it’s worth, the November game between New England and Denver was the league’s only “snow” game of the year.) Via official gamebooks, here’s a look at the conditions at kickoff for each game and how the Patriots did.

Controlled (dome, indoors) environment: 3-0
25 degrees or less: 0-1
26-45 degrees: 3-0
46-65 degrees: 6-3
66 degrees or more: 1-1

Sept. 10 vs. Pittsburgh, 28-21 (W): Temp: 65 degrees F (18.3 degrees C) Wind: East 7 mph
Sept. 20 at Buffalo, 40-32 (W): Temp: 62 degrees F (16.7 degrees C) Humidity: 57 percent, Wind: N 7 mph
Sept. 27 vs. Jacksonville, 51-17 (W): Temp: 68 degrees F (20.0 degrees C) Humidity: 41 percent, Wind: East 6 mph
Oct. 11 at Dallas, 30-6 (W): Indoors
Oct. 18 at Indianapolis, 34-27 (W): Retractable roof closed
Oct. 25 vs. New York Jets, 30-23 (W): Temp: 58 degrees F (14.4 degrees C) Humidity: 80 percent, Wind: SW 9 mph
Oct. 29 vs. Miami, 36-7 (W): Temp: 58 degrees F (14.4 degrees C) Humidity: 39 percent, Wind: WSW 10 mph
Nov. 8 vs. Washington, 27-10 (W): Temp: 54 degrees F (12.2 degrees C) Humidity: 34 percent, Wind: WNW 12 mph
Nov. 15 at New York Giants, 27-26 (W): Temp: 60 degrees F (15.6 degrees C) Humidity: 31 percent, Wind: WSW 8 mph
Nov. 23 vs. Buffalo, 20-13 (W): Temp: 29 degrees F (-1.7 degrees C) Humidity: 40 percent, Wind: WNW 8 mph
Nov. 29 at Denver, 30-24 (L): Temp: 23 degrees F (-5.0 degrees C) Humidity: 75 percent, Wind: NE 3 mph
Dec. 6 vs. Philadelphia, 35-28 (L): Temp: 52 degrees F (11.1 degrees C) Humidity: 49 percent, Wind: SW 5 mph
Dec. 13 at Houston, 27-6 (W): Retractable roof closed
Dec. 20 vs. Tennessee, 33-16 (W): Temp: 40 degrees F (4.4 degrees C) Humidity: 41 percent, Wind: West 12 mph
Dec. 27 at New York Jets, 26-20 (L): Temp: 57 degrees F (13.9 degrees C) Humidity: 83 percent, Wind: WSW 11-18 MPH mph
Jan. 3 at Miami, 20-10 (L): Temp: 80 degrees F (26.7 degrees C) Humidity: 65 percent, Wind: North 7 mph
Jan. 16 vs. Kansas City, 27-20 (W): Temp: 38 degrees F (3.3 degrees C) Humidity: 86 percent, Wind: WNW 6 mph
Jan. 24 at Denver, 20-18 (L): Temp: 46 degrees F (7.8 degrees C) Humidity: 36 percent, Wind: N 6 mph

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Rob Gronkowski makes his prediction for Super Bowl 50

02.03.16 at 8:49 am ET
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Wednesday night on Conan, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski talked about a ton of different topics, but also gave his prediction on which team is going to win Super Bowl 50.

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Marshall Faulk still bitter about loss to Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI

02.02.16 at 5:49 pm ET
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Former St. Louis running back Marshall Faulk took another swipe at the Patriots regarding Super Bowl XXXVI on Tuesday, hinting that he still believed New England gained an edge via videotape.

Appearing on Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio, Faulk discussed a variety of topics, and was asked what he thinks of more — the win in Super Bowl XXXIV over the Titans or the loss in Super Bowl XXXVI to the Patriots. Faulk said the victory against Tennessee, but then reversed field to talk about the 20-17 defeat at the hands of New England in February 2002.

“The only time — I shouldn’t say the only time, because it happens all the time — the loss in (Super Bowl XXXVI) comes up is when people talk about things that the Patriots did,” he said.

Asked to elaborate as to what he believes the Patriots did, Faulk played coy.

“Before any of that came out, it was another loss to me,” he said, clearly hinting at Spygate. “A big one, but another loss.”

Faulk was also asked if there was anything anyone can say to him that would prove that there was “nothing suspicious” about that game.

“Yeah. We could all the see the tapes and see what they saw,” he said. “That would end it. But we know that’s not possible.”

For the complete interview, click the video below:

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