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Gates is active for Chargers

10.24.10 at 3:22 pm ET
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San Diego tight end Antonio Gates is not among the inactives for the Chargers for today’s game against the Patriots. Gates, who has started 85 consecutive games for San Diego, has been hobbled by a toe injury lately, and did not practice all week for the Chargers. Among those who are listed as inactives for San Diego include outside linebacker Larry English and wide receiver Malcom Floyd.

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Inactive analysis: Does no Brace mean more Deaderick?

10.24.10 at 3:01 pm ET
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The Patriots inactives for Sunday’s game against the Chargers are as follows: defensive lineman Ron Brace, offensive lineman Mark LeVoir, offensive lineman Rich Ohrnberger, defensive lineman Kyle Love, safety Jarrad Page, wide receiver Taylor Price, running back Fred Taylor and cornerback Terrence Wheatley.

No colossal surprises — most of the decisions were either injury (Page and Taylor) or simple numbers (LeVoir, Ohrnberger, Love and Price). The biggest name that stands out for me is the inclusion of Brace among the inactives. The second-year defensive limeman out of Boston College was not on the injury report during the week. With no Brace and no Love, expect more of rookie Brandon Deaderick, who drew his first start last week against the Ravens and played well.

In addition, the fact that wide receiver Julian Edelman is not on the list is a good sign for the New England offense. Edelman was on the injury report for much of the week because of a concussion he suffered last week against the Ravens. And the news that cornerback Kyle Arrington (who has been slowed by a groin injury) is good to go likely means he’ll get the start at corner this week against San Diego.

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Brace among inactives for Patriots against Chargers

10.24.10 at 2:50 pm ET
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The Patriots inactives for Sunday’s game against the Chargers are defensive lineman Ron Brace, offensive lineman Mark LeVoir, offensive lineman Rich Ohrnberger, defensive lineman Kyle Love, safety Jarrad Page, wide receiver Taylor Price, running back Fred Taylor and cornerback Terrence Wheatley.

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Patriots add Sergio Brown to active roster

10.23.10 at 5:48 pm ET
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The Patriots on Saturday signed safety Sergio Brown to the 53-man roster from the practice squad. To make room on the 53-man roster for Brown, they released running back Thomas Clayton.

Brown, 6-foot-2, 210 pounds, was originally signed by the Patriots as a rookie free agent out of Notre Dame on April 29. He was released by the Patriots on Sept. 4 and signed to the practice squad on Sept. 6.

Clayton, 5-foot-11, 220 pounds, was signed by the Patriots from the Cleveland Browns’ practice squad on Sept. 30. He originally signed with New England on June 11 and was released on Sept. 4. Clayton spent the 2007 and 2008 seasons on the San Francisco practice squad and 2009 on injured reserve with the 49ers after originally joining the team as a sixth round draft choice out of Kansas State in 2007. He was inactive during his two games on the New England 53-man roster.

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Vic Carruci on The Big Show: “The Pats come out with at least one touchdown return”

10.23.10 at 9:51 am ET
By   |   Comments analyst Vic Carruci stopped by The Big Show to discuss the lack of star NFC teams, the new policy on illegal hits, and Rodney Harrison’s comments. Sunday’s slates of games seem to be dominated by the discussion of possible fines and suspensions for illegal hits: “How many parents took a look of what happened last week and maybe looked at junior and said ‘You know what, I don’t know if I want him playing this game.’ And that’s going to be hurtful to the league down the line.”

Following are some highlights from the conversation. To hear the interview, visit The Big Show audio on demand page here.

On San Diego Chargers: What is a locker room like that going to be like?

It seems to me the biggest thing that won’t’ show up in those offensive and defensive numbers is their special teams. Those are an utter joke. Those are laughably bad. That’s embarrassingly bad .To have a special teams that literally can’t cover ever at any time. And I think of this game, coming up. This should be right in their bailiwick. I’m thinking the Pats come out of this game with at least one touchdown return.

Dallas Cowboys: If Dallas loses, those people will not only be pissed off about their team but they won’t care about the Super Bowl being played in their town:

I think there’s a middle ground for those folks. The interesting thing about the Cowboys is the statistical anomaly where they are third in offense overall, fourth in defense, and tenth against the run. They have found weird ways to lose. They have lost all their games by seven or fewer points. They are talented but they are third in the league in penalties, and that’s the stat that jumps out at you there. Here’s the other thing; five games left, starting with the Giants, within their division. I would not be shocked in the least if we’re having a whole different conversation about Dallas in a few weeks.

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Jonathan Kraft on The Big Show: ‘I absolutely support Brandon Meriweather’

10.22.10 at 9:35 pm ET
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Patriots President Jonathan Kraft joined The Big Show to talk NFL concussion policy, Brandon Meriweather’s fine, and Saturday’s UNH/UMASS game at Gillette Stadium.

Following are some highlights from the conversation. To hear the interview, visit The Big Show Audio-on-Demand page here.

What do you make of the new policies about hitting defenseless players?

Here’s what I do know, and here’s what I see is that our athletes are just superhuman in a lot of respects so the game … has gotten so much faster with guys who are so much stronger. And it’s just evolution. And I think we have a rule that forbids not only helmet-to-helmet contact but launching into the head or neck area of a defenseless receiver or a defenseless person on the field. It can also be on a turnover; a defensive player going into what have you, an offensive player from the side or from behind. So you are not supposed to do that. That has been in our rulebooks but I’m not sure it’s gotten…; the game has evolved and as a point of emphasis it hasn’t been focused on the way it should be. And after a weekend we had this past weekend, I think like the league office said, ‘It doesn’t look like people are taking the letter of the law seriously. We’re going to make a big statement.’

Clearly [Patriots linebacker Brandon Meriweather] Brandon’s hit was way outside the bounds of that rule. Brandon’s on our team, I absolutely support him as a member of the Patriots. And I think unlike some of the other players involved, Brandon stepped up, apologized, acknowledged he did something wrong and said we’re moving on and didn’t contemplate retirement or anything else.

There seems to be a fine line. Unfortunately it is a pretty rough game isn’t it?

It’s an extremely rough game. And I think all the League is doing is putting a renewed spotlight and emphasis on the fact that blows to the head and neck of defenseless players who are in the act of receiving or bringing the ball under control aren’t going to be tolerated. And 15 yards, if that’s what you’re going to get on the field the ref, at his discretion, will have the right to eject you. But then beyond that, the financial penalties are going to be severe and you can get suspended. And you know what, the players will evolve and the game won’t change. The game will be better because the players will be healthier. With all the rule changes that have happened, this is a rule, it’s not something new that’s happening midseason. This is a rule that was on the books at the start of the year. It’s sort of like we took the wedge out of the kick return game. You were no longer allowed to have a wedge of more than two people. I think people thought that was going to hurt the return game. And I don’t have the exact statistics, but we might be having through the first six weeks of the season the most return yardage on kickoffs that we’ve had in over two decades. So I think teams adjust and I think players will adjust and it’s about making out game better. I get why guys who played decades ago who know what they did and how they did it have some kind of visceral reaction to it. But this is the right thing and my guess is the game will be better for it.

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Police say they won’t charge Seau

10.22.10 at 9:12 pm ET
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Prosecutors in San Diego tell the Associated Press that they won’t charge former Patriots linebacker Junior Seau after his live-in girlfriend alleged she was assaulted. The San Diego County district attorney’s office said Friday that it reached its decision after reviewing an investigation by police.

Seau, 41, was arrested early Monday on suspicion of domestic violence. Police said his 25-year-old girlfriend reported that she was assaulted during an argument. Seau quickly posted bail — however, shortly after that, his SUV plunged down a seaside cliff. Seau escaped serious injury.

The linebacker played for the Patriots from 2006 through 2009.

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