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Tom Brady, Captain of Industry

03.24.11 at 3:38 pm ET
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Tom Brady is not only a big deal in the football world, he’s also apparently a big wheel in the business world as well. The Patriots quarterback recently sold his New York City condo for $17.5 million (the same condo he paid $14 million for in 2006) to Robert Stiller, the head of the Green Mountain Coffee.

And now, it turns out that Brady has replaced Tiger Woods as an example for economic theory in the academic world. For many years, the widely-used economic textbook “Principles of Economics” helped explain economic theory with a chapter entitled “Should Tiger Woods Mow His Own Lawn?” But for the latest edition, author Greg Mankiw has replaced Woods with Brady. Why did he do it? Mankiw told the Harvard Crimson that he and his editor chose Brady because he was another celebrity athlete. (Previous editions of the textbook also used Michael Jordan as an example.)

“From my perspective, this was a relatively small change,” wrote Mankiw in an email to ABC News. “I wanted students to focus on the economics of comparative advantage ‘€” the main point of this section of the book. I was afraid that keeping Tiger Woods in the hypothetical example would have raised thoughts of an altogether different set of issues.”

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BC’s Anthony Castonzo could face big decision when it comes to attending the NFL draft

03.23.11 at 9:57 pm ET
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Boston College offensive lineman Anthony Castonzo is expected to be one of the top tackles taken in this year’€™s NFL draft, possibly in the upper levels of the first round.

But it sounds like he hasn’€™t made his decision quite yet on what to do if he gets an invitation to attend the proceedings in New York. With the National Football League Players’€™ Association reportedly pressuring rookies into skipping this year’€™s draft proceedings, Castonzo sounds genuinely unsure about what he might do if he gets an invitation.

‘€œIt would kind of have to be a tough decision to make,’€ he said after working out at BC’€™s pro day on Wednesday. ‘€œYou obviously don’€™t want to walk into a locker room the first day and have everybody who is part of the players’€™ association [and] be that one guy who decided to go against them.’€

The 6-foot-7, 313-pound Castonzo ‘€” who was slotted to go 13th overall to Detroit in the latest mock draft ‘€” is a fast riser on the heels of standout performances at the Senior Bowl and the NFL scouting combine.

‘€œI think Castonzo is a top 15 pick,’€ said NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock. ‘€œI like him in the run game too even though he was on the left side. He also did well at the Senior Bowl. They moved him around a lot and with the exception of a few snaps in the game he had a good week.’€

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Complete list of teams and players in attendance at BC’s pro day

03.23.11 at 4:36 pm ET
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The following players were listed as being in attendance at Boston College pro day on Wednesday afternoon:

BC: Alex Albright, Anthony Castonzo, Thomas Claiborne, DeLeon Gause, Mark Herzlich, Rich Lapham, James McCluskey, Jordon McMichael, Damik Scafe.
American International College: Robert Parent, Jashawn Williams
Assumption College: David Canney, Matt Sidebottom, Herb Woodard
Bentley University: Paul Branco
Curry College: Matt Alksninis
Fitchburg State: Kyle Callahan
Framingham State: Jason Patterson
Harvard University: Gino Gordon, Marco Oannuzzi, Chuks Obi, Brent Osborne, Collin Zych
Holy Cross: Anthony DiMichele, Alex Johnson, Mudiaga Ohimor, Freddie Santana
Marist College: Rory Foley
Merrimack College: Greg Abelli
University of New Hampshire: Hugo Souza
Stonehill College: Clark Leger
University of Massachusetts: John Griffi, Kyle Havens, Mike Mele, Juan Anthony Nelson, Greg Niland
Union College: Elisee Pompilus
Vanderbilt University: David Giller
Worcester State: Tyler Russell

The following coaches and scouts were listed as being in attendance at Boston College pro day:

Atlanta Falcons: Regional scout Marvin Allen
Baltimore Ravens: Scout Andy Weidle
Cleveland Browns: Scout Pat Roberts
Green Bay Packers: College scout Lee Gissendaner
Houston Texans: Coordinator/college scouting Mike Macagnan
Indianapolis Colts: Associate director of player personnel Kevin Rogers, Jr.
Jacksonville Jaguars: Regional scout Brian Simmons
Kansas City Chiefs: Director of college scouting Phil Emery
New Orleans Saints: National scout Brian Adams
New York Giants: Offensive line coach Pat Flaherty and scout Chris Pettit
New York Jets: Regional scout Brendan Prophett
Oakland Raiders: Scout William Thomas
New England Patriots: Offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia, director of college scouting Jon Robinson, assistant director of college scouting Brian Smith
Philadelphia Eagles: Scout Ahmad Russell
San Francisco 49ers: Regional scout Todd Brunner
Seattle Seahawks: Regional scout Charlie Jackson
Tampa Bay Bucs: College personnel assistant Jared Kirksey

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Anthony Castonzo and Mark Herzlich headline BC pro day

03.23.11 at 3:18 pm ET
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Offensive lineman Anthony Castonzo and linebacker Mark Herzlich headlined a group of almost 40 area college football prospects who worked out at Boston College pro day on Wednesday afternoon under the practice bubble at Alumni Stadium.

Under the watchful eye of scouts and coaches from 17 different teams ‘€” including Patriots offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia ‘€” prospects from Boston College, Harvard, UMass, Holy Cross and UNH, as well as several other schools were put through a series of drills, including the 40-yard dash, 3-cone drill, shuttle runs and blocking and receiving drills.

Castonzo, believed by many to be one of the best ‘€” if not the best ‘€” offensive tackle in this year’€™s draft ‘€” spent much of his time getting some hands-on work with Scarnecchia and Giants offensive line coach Pat Flaherty. Afterward, he said he was happy with the way things turned out.

‘€œI think it went real well,’€ said Castonzo, who measured 6-foot-7 and 313 pounds on Wednesday. ‘€œIt was just about what I expected. The coaches kind of let us know that it was going to be pretty intense work in a short amount of time, and we just got through everything.’€

Castonzo was noncommittal about who he has spoken to, but did acknowledge that he has talked with the Patriots. He certainly sounded happy for the chance to work with Scarnecchia.

“He was coaching us up,” Castonzo said. “It was like a practice. It wasn’t like he was running us through drills, it was like he was actually coaching us. It was nice. I actually learned some stuff today.”

As for Herzlich, he remains  one of the most inspirational stories in college football the last few seasons. The linebacker battled cancer, but after missing the entire 2009 season, returned to the field last fall and played all 13 games in 2010, finishing third on the team with 65 tackles and 50 solo stops.

‘€œThings went well. ‘€¦  I felt good ‘€” I think that’€™s the biggest thing. I think position drills went well too,’€ Herzlich said after a workout that ran for more than two hours. ‘€œI feel great, health-wise. That’€™s something I am positive about. I have no issues right now. I’€™ve been checked out by 32 team physicians and a bunch of other doctors, and I’€™m fine.’€

As for local connections, Herzlich sounds like he’€™d welcome the chance to continue playing in New England.

‘€œI know about the Patriots from TV and ESPN, and from what I know, they have a great system, a great work ethic, great coaches. A lot like Boston College,’€ he said. ‘€œBut it’€™s all about getting into the right system and making whatever system I go to work.’€

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New edition of the It Is What It Is Cast: Breaking down the draft, post-combine

03.22.11 at 3:19 pm ET
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In the latest edition of the “It Is What It Is Cast,” Christopher Price and DJ Bean discuss the latest happenings regarding the NFL draft, including which one-time fit might not be as logical for the Patriots, and whether Boston College’s Anthony Castonzo is this year’s best offensive tackle. Also discussed are the Patriots’ preferences when it comes to drills and why a 26-year-old player with limited experience could be worth a first-round pick. To listen or download, click here.

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NFL owners approve changes in kickoffs

03.22.11 at 2:10 pm ET
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NFL owners voted Tuesday to move kickoffs to the 35-yard line instead of the 30, but keep touchbacks coming out to the 20. In addition, owners also have decided to allow the number of players in a blocking wedge to remain at two.

Prior to Tuesday’s vote, the league’s competition committee proposed placing the ball at the 25 after touchbacks on kickoffs and banning the wedge altogether.

Several coaches expressed concern about making too many changes to kickoffs, saying bringing touchbacks out five more yards would affect field position too much. Coaches also worried about an increase in touchbacks.

Owners voted to make all scoring plays reviewable by the replay official and referee.

Matt Light: Players are simply seeking ‘fair split’ of the revenues

03.22.11 at 1:35 pm ET
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Patriots player representative Matt Light said Tuesday morning the players aren’€™t asking for more money than they have in the past, but instead a ‘€œfair split’€ of the roughly $9 billion in revenue that the NFL generates annually. Speaking on WAAF’€™s ‘€œHill-Man Morning Show’€ (click here to listen to the full interview), Light outlined two of the major sticking points that remain between the sides in the work stoppage that has now stretched into a second full week.

‘€œHealth care is a big one. We don’€™t have any guaranteed heath care. Everybody understands what these guys go through ‘€” you see guys struggle when it comes to their health, five, six, 10, 20 years after football,’€ Light said. ‘€œThe way it stands right now, none of us have any health care. The other way that’s set up is that usually, in the old agreement, guys who have health care for five years after they retire, after they were done playing, then you could go out, and hopefully at that point, you’€™d have a job, and they’€™re trying to take that away. Heath care is a big issue.

‘€œAnd then the second point is just really a fair split of the revenue. That’€™s all we’re asking. The reports are that we get 60 percent. That’€™s ludicrous. It’s an accounting nightmare. We get, right now, it’€™s a fair split. It’s 50-50. We get 50 percent of all revenue. They talk about total revenue. Again, nobody wants to hear that. Nobody wants to get involved with all that kind of stuff. But at the end of the day, it’€™s a fair split, and that’€™s all we’€™re asking moving forward.

‘€œThere are so many points to go over, but as I’€™ve said in the past, the minute that the NFL is ready to get a deal done, we’€™ll get a deal done. It’€™ll happen probably real quickly as well. It’€™ll be a two-, three-day period where they actually come, they’€™re ready to work on it, they’€™re ready to make a fair split, and we’€™re willing to do that. And we have the people ready to make those decisions today.’€
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