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Vince Wilfork Q&A, 8/7

08.07.09 at 2:27 pm ET

FOXBOROUGH — The following is a portion of the Q&A that Patriots’ nose tackle Vince Wilfork had with reporters this afternoon at Gillette Stadium.

On the Pats‘ acquisition of Derrick Burgess
I think every move we make is to better the team. I’€™m excited about the season and hopefully he can come along and put together something special for us. But we’€™ll see. We still have a lot of ways to go. Everybody we have here, I think, everybody’€™s expectations are high, just because of how competitive we are around here. But it’€™s a huge pickup for us. We can’€™t wait for him to get in here and start playing around with him and go from there.

Do you know Derrick Burgess?
I don’€™t know him at all. I’€™ve seen him around the league and I’€™ve seen his play and I love it. Hopefully, he can bring that same type of play here and help us win some ballgames.

On Nick Caserio’€™s statement yesterday that they are still working on a deal’€¦
I don’€™t ‘€¦ right now, that’€™s something I’€™m far from being concerned about right now. The only thing I’€™m concerned about is getting better as a football player and playing football. I’€™ll let those guys handle what they have to handle off the field, so right now, my focus is football and football only right now.

Does the fact that you’€™re out on the field make things easier for you?
Yes, because I can put that to the side and come out and do what I love — play football. That’€™s how I’€™m approaching it. That’€™s how it’€™s going to be until I say otherwise. But it will not affect the way I prepare and what I do on the field. You have to be able to separate business from your profession and what you’€™re doing, and this case right here shows what’€™s going on. But me, I love football, so I’€™m going to play football, and everything else will take care of itself.

I want to be here. There’€™s no question in my mind that I don’€™t want to go anywhere. But it’€™s a business. Things happen. Every year, people move [to] different teams. I’€™m pretty sure people sometimes want to go and sometimes, they don’€™t want to go. So in my case, I don’€™t want to go anywhere. I want to stay around here for a long time. Like I said, I want to end my career here. But we’€™ll see what happens. That’€™s something that I’€™m not even concerned about right now. My thing every day is getting up, coming to work, and until they say it’€™s over, it’€™s over. But it’€™s not going to change the way I come out and prepare. Especially, I’€™m not going to let anyone down in that locker room with me. They know the situation. It’€™s in the papers and on the news. They know I’€™m in my final year, but they also know that when I step on this football field and strap it on, it’€™s time to go to work. They know they can trust me. And I expect the same thing out of them.

On his new child’€¦
David came out real, real healthy. My wife is doing fine and the kids are happy. I’€™m happy. A little tired, but I can take this tired. Everything went well with the birth and everything. A little baby boy, so I’€™m looking forward to seeing him now.

What did you name him?
David, after my father.

A future nose tackle?
Nah. He’€™s going to be a golfer. [laughter] I’€™m going to start him early. Stay away from football.

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