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Heath Evans’ Super Bowl blog: ‘MyFace’ and ‘Yearbook’?

01.30.10 at 10:21 pm ET

Injured Saints fullback Heath Evans, a former Patriot, is’s guest blogger in the days leading up to Super Bowl XLIV in Miami. While helping the NFC champions in their preparations for the Colts, Evans is sharing his thoughts about taking part in his second Super Bowl, two years after helping the Patriots reach the NFL’s ultimate game.

I was encouraged to start a Facebook page and a Twitter account a few weeks ago to help spread the word about what Beth and I are doing with the foundation. Boy, did I create a lot of work for myself! In one sense, it’s pretty cool connecting with old friends and hearing what others are up to. In another sense, it’s pretty creepy anytime I’m updating my profile on Facebook (or “MyFace,” as Bill Belichick calls it) ‘€” anyone of my so-called “friends” can start a live chat with me! I hate that feature! It always makes me feel guilty when I click offline real quick so I don’t have to respond to somebody that I haven’t talked to in years.

Twitter is even crazier than FaceBook. The idea of signing up to follow someone’s every movement never really appealed to me, but against my better judgment I listened to Drew Brees (@drewbrees), and now I’m hooked.  I started about two or three weeks ago (@heathevans) and it’s pretty cool keeping up with all the sporting news from Boston on WEEISPORTS or from my guys at ESPN.

The Twitter world is nuts. You can use it to track people you’re interested in, or you can use it to network for raffles like we are doing now at For instance, Reggie Bush (@reggie_bush) has almost a million followers on Twitter, and he tweets for me all the time. Instantly, 950,000-plus people know exactly what we are up to at Saints practice or what we are doing on a plane ride back from a big win.

Back to coach Belichick … put it this way: Bill Belichick is hands down one of the Top 5 funniest people I know. I know the stonefaced head coach on the sideline looks anything but funny. I understand that his postgame hand shakes and interviews are the stuff of legend, but get to know the man and he will have you rolling for days! When MySpace and Facebook first came out, coach Bill warned us to stay off of “Yearbook and MyFace.” Hopefully, that gives you guys a little insight into New England’s favorite coach.

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