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Heath Evans’ Super Bowl blog: Success!!

02.04.10 at 8:50 am ET

Injured Saints fullback Heath Evans, a former Patriot, is’€™s guest blogger in the days leading up to Super Bowl XLIV in Miami. While helping the NFC champions in their preparations for the Colts, Evans is sharing his thoughts about taking part in his second Super Bowl, two years after helping the Patriots reach the NFL’€™s ultimate game.

My first thought this morning is that I am proud of my Auburn Tigers for a great recruiting class! Top three in most publications’ estimation, and we’ve finally got the QB we’ve been needing since Jason Campbell left. Some of you in Boston may not understand the furor down here in the South, but to see Alabama get another class like it did makes everyone wonder who’s paying what to whom …

OK, I got my college football fix in for the day. Now on to what counts. For my guys here on the Saints, it is time to hunker down and work. We’ve been game-planning and preparing mentally, but now the part happens that some people never even think about. On top of all the craziness, we have to discipline ourselves to rest and hydrate. Both are tough: Everyone is keyed up about the Super Bowl, so forcing the mind and body to relax is tougher than you would think. Remember the last time you had an important interview or meeting or presentation or wedding or … you get the picture. The other part is hydrating: It’s been cold all over the country and we play indoors, so now we have to get back to early season hydration levels in a very deliberate manner in order to be at peak performance mentally and physically.

In addition, families of the active players got into town yesterday. My wife, Beth, has been in for a few days already, as this is my hometown and I am on injured reserve. It’s been like a second honeymoon for us, as the kids are with my folks. Last night, we were able to have a nice dinner at Prime 112 with friends on the team.

We also heard yesterday about how successful the Heath Evans/Drew Brees Super Bowl 44 Raffle was! Congratulations to Ben Carolla of Destin, Fla. He will be attending the game as our guest and having a great time! We cannot say how much we appreciate all that our friends in Boston did to support this effort. WEEI and the entire Boston community were integral to the success, and we can’t thank you enough! With the money raised (over $600,000 total to be divided up by the foundations), we will be able to better accomplish our mission of fostering hope and healing to victims of childhood sexual abuse through free counseling! Thanks!

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