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More from Vince on leadership

03.10.10 at 12:12 pm ET

Here’€™s more from Vince Wilfork talking about leadership from Wednesday morning’€™s conference call with the media (we’€™ll have the full Q&A up this afternoon):

‘€œAt the end of the day, we’€™re on the field together, we travel together, we play together, we camp together, we room together sometimes, we eat together, we’re at meetings together. I mean, sometimes we’€™re together more than we’€™re with our families. Sometimes, overnight, we stay at hotels together. We need to build that bond.

“But in that bond, you have to have accountability. Guys, we need to trust one another when we’€™re on the field. We need to compete at a high level on every play. If you’€™re tired, that’€™s why we got guys that’€™s backups that can come in. But it’€™s no question that we have that depth, but we gotta pull it out of guys. This year’€™s going to be a huge test.

‘€œLeadership ‘€” we got a bunch of leadership on this team. A lot of guys are not used to seeing young leaders. All the leaders we had was older guys. Rodney [Harrison], [Richard] Seymour, [Tedy] Bruschi, [Mike] Vrabel. You name it, they were older guys [who are] not here anymore. But now, you’€™re starting to see younger guys becoming leaders earlier. It don’€™t take seven, eight, nine years now to be a leader. We’€™re a young ballclub. But guess what? These young players we have ‘€” [Jerod] Mayo, [Brandon] Meriweather, Ty [Warren], myself … [we’ve] got Tom [Brady], we’ve got Randy [Moss]. You have guys in this locker room that knows what it takes to win. You’ve just got to trust it. And we as players and as the leaders of our team. We got to ask more of ourselves and of each other. Coaches coach, players play. ‘€¦ We’ve all got to be on the same page.’€

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