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Quick hits from Brandon Spikes

04.23.10 at 10:31 pm ET

Here are a few quick highlights from the Brandon Spikes conference call with the New England media from earlier this evening:

What has your experience been with Bill Belichick?
Throughout college, I’€™ve seen him a few times around the facility. I know he and Coach [Urban] Meyer have a great relationship. I know pretty that he knows pretty much everything about me. So I know what he’€™s about and I’€™m pretty sure he knows what I’€™m about. Like I said, I’€™m ready and I can’€™t believe it right now. It’€™s just mind-boggling to go to an organization like the Patriots, it’€™s about business. The guys love it and guys love the game there, so I just can’€™t wait to be a part of that.

With the similarities between the two coaches, do you feel better prepared to deal with the expectations in front of you in New England?
Yeah. Absolutely. Without a doubt. I have a great deal of respect for Coach Belichick and his staff. I know a lot of the times we did things the way they do in New England; we did things like that in Florida. Seeing the success that we had with the guys that we had with us, I pretty much know what to expect, I think, right now. But we’€™ll see when we get there.

It seems like the Patriots are trying to get a little bit more physical on defense. Would you say that you guys are more of the physical types as opposed to the finesse types?
I would say that. With Jermaine [Cunningham], he’€™s a chill guy. I’€™ve been out there in the war with him plenty of times and he’€™s a guy I’€™d keep in my corner any day. Like I said, I’€™m just happy all of that happened. The four years we were there, me and Jermaine, we played a big role in the success that we had. Jermaine’€™s a hard worker in kind of the same way. I’€™m at a loss for words right now to tell you the truth. I’€™m just ready.

Do you anticipate the transition being a little bit easier knowing that Jermaine Cunningham will be there with you?
I know it’€™s going to be different, coming to a new place and around new people. But with him, with my teammate that I’€™ve been around, he’€™s like my brother. We built a great relationship through the process in college and he was actually my roommate when we stayed in the dormitories when we were freshmen and sophomores. We’€™re probably going to room up there. We’€™ll see.

Do you have some Celtics tickets lined up?
Yeah, yeah. You know how that is. [laughter]

What are your thoughts about playing with Jerod Mayo on the inside?
Oh, I’€™ve got a great deal of respect for that kid. I got a chance to watch him when he was at Tennessee, watching him on film as an opponent. Just to be beside him ‘€¦ I know he came in and had a great deal of success so far, so I just want to be a great teammate and have him show me the ropes, get in and get it going.

When you ran your 40 time over five seconds, were you concerned at all?
To tell you the truth, it didn’€™t really matter. I just wanted to do it and show that I had done it. I’€™m just fortunate to be picked, I’€™m blessed. My family is here, everybody is happy. With [the time], that was out of my control. I was there and everything happens for a reason. It’€™s definitely going to put a chip on my shoulder and I want to come into the league with that chip on my shoulder. And I think I’€™m in the right place. Like I said, with Florida, I was at home there. I was around a bunch of winners, a bunch of people that cared. I know it’€™s the same way up there because that program is based on the same things.

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