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More Red Zone Channel? Yes, please

05.29.10 at 10:44 pm ET

LOWELL ‘€” I’€™m only slightly exaggerating here, but the NFL Red Zone Channel makes football fans react the same way Homer Simpson does when he sees a doughnut.

Bouncing from game to game every Sunday, fans can easily follow every up-to-the-second moment of action around the league. It’€™s a never-ending fountain of football goodness for a fan watching from the couch.

Now, there’€™s good news for fans who can’€™t get enough ‘€” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Saturday that the Red Zone Channel will be in every stadium this year.

‘€œEvery stadium will have the red zone in its stadium this year,’€ Goodell said after addressing the graduates at UMass-Lowell at the Tsongas Center. ‘€œWe’€™re not going to play it on the scoreboard the entire game. But when we have breaks, television breaks, halftime, that is a time to put the highlights up on the screen so people know what’€™s going on.’€

With two new video screens (one of which is second in size only to the massive boards in Dallas) Patriots owner Robert Kraft said Saturday that Gillette Stadium will feature Red Zone action as well.

‘€œWe were fans before we were owners,’€ Kraft said. ‘€œWe want to try to make sure we’€™re not letting our fans miss anything that they want to see in keeping with a great in-stadium experience.’€

According to Goodell, it’€™s all part of improving the in-stadium experience, which has been a big initiative for NFL owners.

‘€œWe have to make the experience of coming to our stadiums a great experience,’€ Goodell said. ‘€œAnd that involves everything from operation issues, how to get in and out of the stadium, the parking to how you’€™re dealt with in the game, security in the stadium, and that’€™s why we talk a lot about fan conduct. But clearly, as it relates to the entertainment.

‘€œWith technology changing the way it is, we need to invest in that and we need to make sure that we bring that technology into our stadium. Robert’€™s doing it here in New England by investing in new boards that will cost him millions of dollars, but it’€™s better experience for fans. We’€™re doing that in two or three stadiums this year.’€

The commissioner said the movement ‘€œgoes beyond scoreboards,’€ as they have tried to incorporate the latest in cutting-edge technology, with an eye toward eventually placing video on handheld devices for fans at their seats.

‘€œThere’€™s a new device called GameDay Vision that’€™ll be introduced in several stadiums this year,’€ Goodell said. ‘€œAnother [advancement] that’€™ll be in the stadiums to give you more video, more data, so that when you’€™re in a stadium, you feel like you have all the information around the NFL. We wanted to make sure we give all of our fans as much information as possible, including in our stadiums.’€

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