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Quick hits from Tom Brady’s Friday morning Q&A

07.30.10 at 11:58 am ET

FOXBORO ‘€” Tom Brady just wrapped up a 15-minute session with the media. While we’€™ll have the full Q&A posted shortly, here are a few quick highlights from the session conducted on the field shortly after the end of Friday morning’€™s training camp session:

Do you feel like you’€™re almost 33?
I’€™m feeling pretty good. I’€™m feeling pretty good. I try to, like all of us older guys, find a way that works for them to be ready ad to feel energized every day. We were talking about Junior Seau yesterday and how unique it is for a guy like that. But moreso, in the way you train or physically, it’€™s your attitude as well. Guys who stick around, our attitude is always pretty good, like Kevin Faulk and Torry and Randy ‘€¦ that’€™s what it’€™s about. Showing good leadership, and coming out here and having fun.

On taking down the old pictures:
Yeah, I think that’€™s a good point by him. I think a lot of people want to sit back and reflect and ‘€¦ it’€™s important. You always learn from the past. You learn from things you’€™ve done ‘€” things that have worked, things that haven’€™t worked. But you also understand that any of the things that have happened in the past are certainly not going to help this year. And that goes certainly not only for this team but every team in the league. Every team starts fresh. There’€™s no ‘€¦ as much as you’€™d love for them to be carryover every year, every year is a completely different new year, with new challenges. And we have plenty of them.

On his contract:
Coach doesn’€™t like us talking about it a whole lot, so I’€™ll kind of stick to that. As I said before ‘€¦ I’€™m in the position that a lot of guys are around the league and on this team. While I’€™m under contract, it’€™s my responsibility to come out and play as hard as I can. I’€™ve always felt that’€™s what I love to do anyway. I love to come out here and compete. I have a job. I think that’€™s important to realize too. It’€™s a tough time in the world, and I’€™m glad I get to come out here and do something I love.

More on his contract situation:
I think everyone ‘€¦ spoiled athletes and guys who are bitching about making millions of dollars. Everyone works hard to make a living for themselves, and I certainly don’€™t think we have much to complain about. We come out, we love what we do ‘€” most of us. So I just enjoy coming out and playing, and that’€™s where I get a lot of enjoyment in my life, and I want to do it for a long time.

How do you keep it from being a distraction?
I like to think I have a little more mental toughness than anything becoming a distraction that would affect the way that I play. Nothing outside, when I walk off this field, ends up being a distraction in my life. We all deal with stuff. All of us deal with different stuff in our life. Some’€™s more challenging than others, but as a leader on this team ‘€¦ I’€™ve been a captain on this team for a long time, and we put the things that are off the field behind you, and come out here with a good attitude and good leadership.

On your relationship with the organization:
I’€™ve always been privileged to play for coach Belichick, who, I’€™ve always said, is the best coach in the history of the league. And Mr. Kraft, I have a great relationship with him. I’€™m not into playing games. I just want to come out here and be the best I can be. Whether you make a dollar playing or make millions of dollars like we make, I really enjoy playing quarterback for this team. Since the day I stepped on the field. And it’€™s something I relish. And every year is an opportunity. You don’€™t get these opportunities back, and I want to play for another 10 years, hopefully, and each year is an opportunity for us to accomplish something pretty special, and I don’€™t want anything to get in the way of that.

On his mood as it relates to the business side of things:
My personal feelings are my personal feelings. Certainly, I don’€™t want to express them with anyone other than a very few people, because it doesn’€™t do any good. It really doesn’€™t. It doesn’€™t help this team, it doesn’€™t help the organization. It just gets in the way ‘€¦ and everybody’€™s situation is different. I can only comment on my situation. Everybody’€™s got a different situation, a different approach, and they have to do what works for them. I know there are a lot of guys who are restricted free agents based on the CBA this year that, you know, shows that it’€™s just very different for different guys. I have to do what’€™s comfortable for me, and I’€™ve always tried to do that.

Expectations are down
For who? I don’€™t give a damn really. I don’€™t care what you guys think. I know what we think and what we think we can accomplish. What my dad thinks, I don’€™t really care about. What my mom thinks, I don’€™t care about because they don’€™t know. The only guys who can do anything about it are the guys on this practice field. It feels pretty good to me what we’re doing, what I see out here. We’ve just got to continue to put the work in.

How’s the knee?
I’m feeling good. I’m feeling good. I’ve always tried to find ways in training to stay in good shape and keep my arm in good shape. I’ve found different ways over the years to do that, whether it was my knee or your back or your arm. I’m feeling pretty good.

How much do you miss Logan?
A lot. Logan’s been a great player for this team and a great representative for the organization and a great player. We miss him. There’s no doubt. He’s a good friend of all the guys on this team, and he’s got a lot of fans in the locker room. We’re hoping at some point maybe the situation gets resolved, but in the meantime, we’ve got to go out here and do our jobs.

Have you talked to him
Yeah. I’m not going to share that, but yeah.

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