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Can the Pats take anything out of their experience with the Saints and apply it to the Falcons?

08.17.10 at 9:29 am ET

While he stressed that it was a positive experience, Patriots coach Bill Belichick didn’€™t seem to think there would be a whole lot of carryover from last week’€™s joint practices with the Saints in Foxboro that would be useful ‘€” at least from a logistics standpoint ‘€” when it comes to this week’€™s joint practice sessions with the Falcons in Georgia.

‘€œNo, not really,’€ Belichick said when he was asked if there was anything the Patriots could take from this experience with New Orleans that would help them get the most they could out of their experience this week with Atlanta.

‘€œI think just the big thing for us is to work on what we’€™re working on, but now it’€™s against a team that we’€™re going to play, so the practice is really a preparation for the game,’€ Belichick added. ‘€œReally, it’€™s just playing another game or getting more snaps. We can set up some situations on third down, in the red area or things like that [or] in kicking situations that we did with New Orleans that may or may not come up in the game.

‘€œWe had situations that came up in the game but not in practice and vice versa, so it kind of doubles the experience and the education of not only the players, but also of the coaches ‘€” or, as I said, getting back into the mode of calling plays and thinking about situational football and using timeouts and all of those things.’€

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