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Kendall on D&C: Mankins likely to sit season

08.17.10 at 11:04 am ET

Former Boston College and NFL player Pete Kendall joined Dennis & Callahan on Tuesday. When asked about the Jets’ appearance on HBO’€™s “Hard Knocks,” Kendall described what he’s seen by saying, ‘€œWell it certainly looks like they were having more fun then you’€™re supposed to in training camp.’€

Following are some highlights. To hear the interview, visit the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

On the Redskins’ new acquisitions, coach Mike Shanahan and quarterback Donovan McNabb:

I think that they’€™ve got a chance. They’€™ve always had a talented team and now you got a proven winner in a coach and you’€™ve got a guy whose won in this league consistently at the quarterback position, so I think they’€™ve got a chance in that division, that’€™s for sure.

On the Jets thinking that they are Super Bowl-bound:

You don’€™t get any bonus points for bragging before the game, you just have to score one more point than the other team during the game, and drawing that much attention to yourself with the weeks going in, I can see how that might help his team, but I can also see how it might help the other team. The reality is that their team or at least every player at some point during the season reaches a lull. For one reason or another, you’re not as focused as you have been or can be despite your best efforts and yet, I think Rex [Ryan] has given 13 NFL head coaches their Saturday night pregame speech already in Week 1 of “Hard Knocks” and I think that’€™s going to get a lot of guys’ attention, perhaps even guys for one reason or another might not have been as focused.

On the absence of Logan Mankins at Patriots camp:

That all depends on the chemistry they are able to establish with the guy who ultimately takes his place and how well that guy can play. I know, watching Logan over the last few years, he’€™s a top-end guard. He’€™s probably a top-three, top-five guard depending on which type of style you would want to play, and more importantly he’€™s a guy who has been there I think for about every snap for five years, so there’€™s a lot of continuity between him and Dan [Koppen] and Matt Light. So, replacing not only the talent but the chemistry is going to be the order of the day for them.

On how he sees the Mankins dispute playing out:

He’s played five years, he has an expired contract. He’s not under contract now. And I guess the way I look at it is he’s got a chance to come in and risk injury for, correct me if I’m wrong, about a million and half [dollars] this year. Or he can stay healthy and most likely hit the free agent market next March and sign a contract that’s going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 [million], $25 million.

On advice he’s been giving in the NFL labor dispute:

I guess what they’€™ve called me is the prominent player representative, kind of long on the business card. I think that they rely on me to give a player’s perspective and an idea about an initiative that they may undertake or a position that they may take in collective bargaining. They’€™ll run it by me and just ask how do you expect this to be received in the locker room or how might we settle this in the locker room, that’€™s kind of the extent of my role at this point.

On playing an 18-game season:

Eighteen games is going to be a very tough sell. We’€™re sort of in the middle of hashing all that out. We don’€™t have a formal proposal yet from the league so we don’€™t have any specifics that we can bring back to the players, but based on what I’€™ve been told when the meetings with the union happened in the locker room and the conversations that I’€™ve heard, the players, it would be very difficult.

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