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Highlights of Bill Belichick’s conference call

08.20.10 at 6:03 pm ET

Patriots coach Bill Belichick just wrapped up a conference call with the media, and he touched on a number of topics. Here are some highlights:

On the play of the rookie tight ends, particularly Hernandez:
‘€œI think they’€™ve both done all right. I think they still have a long way to go. It’€™s not only the formations, it’€™s assignments, it’€™s adjustments after the snap. It’€™s techniques. I think that both guys have made progress, but they’€™ve both got a long way to go. A lot of things we’€™ve asked them to do are different than what they’€™ve done in the past ‘€” blocking schemes, route adjustments.’€

On the offense gaining an identity:
‘€œI would imagine that during the season, we’€™ll probably do what we usually do, offensively, which is to game-plan for our opponent and try and figure out what’€™s the best way to attack them, so I don’€™t know that … I don’€™t think think we have an identity right now. I don’€™t know that we would have any particular one. That would depend on who were playing and what they do and what we feel like the best matchups are. Hopefully, right now, we have a basic installation of things that would give us the flexibility to attack teams we feel like we can gain an edge on matchups. That’€™s the idea, anyway.’€

On the offensive balance:
‘€œI thought there were some definitely good things. There were some positives. There were other things that we need to do better. We lost yardage on seven of our running plays ‘€” that’€™s not very good. I think if we had seven sacks, everybody would be up in arms. That would be the big story of the day. But seven running plays that lost yardage, nobody really seems to care about. That’€™s the difference. I think we could do things better. There were certainly positives in the running game. We had our moments. Then, we had other plays that weren’€™t so good. So I think in probably all areas of the game ‘€” not just the running game ‘€” we’€™re working on more consistency. Eliminating the bad plays and having more good ones. That’€™s offense, defense, special teams, running the football, passing, kicking, returning. I think you could say that for every phase of our game. Coaching. You can put it all in there.’€

On the play of Derrick Burgess against the Falcons:
‘€œI think Derrick had a good week. I think he’€™s in pretty good shape and played a decent number of plays or snaps, both in practice and in the games, so I think he’€™s doing OK. I think he’€™s doing OK. Trying to catch up to everybody else in terms of recognition and installation and communication and all those things, but he’s working hard at it, and I think he’€™s doing all right.’€

On how things will work for the next few days:
‘€œWe’€™ll be back Sunday for probably a lighter day, then, the rest of the week … to be honest with you, I’€™m not really sure exactly how we’€™re going to work things this week. That’€™s one of the things we need to talk about as a staff over the next couple of days. We’€™ll be in Sunday. What exactly we’€™re going to do, I’€™m not … I don’€™t know about that yet.’€

On shifting into a regular-season mode in the preseason ‘€” where did you pick that up?
‘€œI would say, from what I understand, a lot of teams do that, but where it was most evident for me was in my first year with the Colts, we had six preseason games, and I’€™d say after the first preseason game ‘€” once we had a preseason game of our next opponent ‘€” those were all kind of like regular weeks. It was like five weeks of regular-season preparation in the preseason. That was with [Ted] Marchibroda. He brought that from George Allen,, and from what i understand, that’€™s how George Allen did it. His preseason games were like regular season games. That’€™s the way we did it in Baltimore. By the time we got to the regular season, as a young coach, I certainly knew what the regular season routine was going to be as far as breaking down film and doing preparation work and practice and those kind of things. That’€™s pretty much how we did it. Not saying everybody did it that way, but that’€™s the way it was that year, so we got a lot of regular season work in the preseason.’€

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