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Mayo on D&C: ‘We played dumb football’

08.27.10 at 10:27 am ET

Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo joined the Dennis & Callahan show on Friday morning following the 36-35 loss to the Rams in the third preseason game on Thursday night. Mayo talked about the defensive struggle against rookie quarterback Sam Bradford, establishing a legitimate pass rush going into the season and personally mentoring the younger linebackers.

‘€œThey just came out and executed better than we did,’€ Mayo said of St. Louis. ‘€œWe played dumb football last night with too many penalties and couldn’t get off the field. You definitely don’t see that coming leading into the week, especially with the way we’ve performed the previous weeks, but we just get back to the drawing table today and try to get better for next week.’€

Mayo was also asked about Tom Brady’s recent comments on the Jets and whether or not he watches Hard Knocks.

Below are the highlights of the conversation. To hear the interview, visit the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

What did we see last night on defense?

They just came out and executed better than we did. We played dumb football last night with too many penalties and couldn’t get off the field. You definitely don’t see that coming leading into the week, especially with the way we’ve performed the previous weeks, but we just get back to the drawing table today and try to get better for next week.

Was the ability to prepare for the Rams different than getting ready for Atlanta and New Orleans?

I wouldn’€™t say that. We go in with a certain amount of plays each and every week. The coaches expect us to go out and execute it and we just didn’€™t get it done last night.

How much time do you spend in the preseason to prepare for the teams you’€™re playing?

Not too much. Right now, we’€™re concerned about getting the Patriots turn, not so much game plan. At the end of the day, you still want to win the game and we’€™ll never accept losing. Like I said earlier, we have to get back to the drawing table and no matter what plays are called or how vanilla we are or how complicated we get, we have to go out and execute the plays and get off the field

How are you going to get pressure on a consistent basis with the personnel you have right now. Is it there somewhere?

I think it’€™s there. I think the coaches have right now been going over the film, evaluating the plays. Soon as we get out of training camp, I’€™m sure they’€™ll have a game plan for a lot of consistent pressure throughout the year. So, whatever those guys come up with, whatever the plays they draw up, hopefully we’€™ll win, hopefully we’€™ll go out and get it done.

What will the mood be in the defensive meeting with Bill Belichick when you go over game film? Will it be an uncomfortable hour or so?

It will be an uncomfortable three hours. It will be a long day today. We went out and laid an egg last night, just didn’€™t get it done so it’€™s expected to be a long day today.

Is the deal to sit in the back row of the film session?

We have to sit in the same seats that we’€™ve been sitting in.

Who’€™s stuck in the front row?

Linebackers are in the front. The linebackers and the defensive line are in the front and it’€™s going to be a long day.

When you give the rookies those haircuts, are they not allowed to tidy them up a little bit? It’€™s embarrassing for their families to see that in the games.

That’€™s the point of it. ‘€¦ They only have to wear it for one time.

Did you get hazed?

Well, I wouldn’€™t call it hazing. It was more of an initiation. They used to cut my eyebrows off and my facial hair.

What does Brandon Spikes not know right now that you after a couple of years do know about the NFL?

To be honest with you, I think Spikes has really come in and kind of done the same thing that I did when I came in, but I had guys like [Mike] Vrabel and [Tedy] Bruschi. I’€™m trying to pass down the information that I learned from those guys to him but he’€™s come in and tried to learn as much as he can from coach Belichick and the rest of the guys. Each and every week, he’€™s getting more comfortable and things like that. He has to learn the playbook and learn the plays like everybody else.

What kind of stuff are you passing down? Is it more philosophical, more Xs and Os, or is how to go about your business to get ready for the NFL season?

I think it’€™s both. It’€™s how to be a professional, it’€™s how to carry yourself on and off the field and also a bunch of plays. We’€™re playing football and you can’€™t have guys out there that don’€™t know what they’€™re doing. I’€™m trying to help with both.

What do you think of Tom Brady’€™s comments on the Jets and do you watch Hard Knocks?

I’m not getting involved in that. I’m not even getting involved in the question because I saw what happened with the Brady comments. I don’t watch the show and that’s because we’re so busy getting ready for these games. … I rarely have time to watch TV. … I try to go over some plays that we went over in practice but off the field I’m probably on the PlayStation or Xbox or something like that.

Are you happy with the portrayal of Jerod Mayo on Madden?

It’€™s OK. Hopefully, when the updated rosters come out as the season goes on, hopefully they up my stats a little bit but it’€™s OK.

As the wearer of No. 51, do you know who the all-time greatest guy to wear 51 would be?

Am I disappointing you guys, who is it?

It’€™s Dick Butkus. We were told that you wear that number because of him. Are you saying somebody made that up?

Hey, somebody got you guys.

Why do you wear it, did they just give it to you?

That’€™s kind of how it works. When I got there, they said they had these three numbers. The other numbers, I didn’€™t like them.

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