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Highlights from Tuesday conference calls with Belichick, Brown and Caserio

09.14.10 at 3:50 pm ET

Here are some of the highlights from Tuesday afternoon’s conference calls with Bill Belichick, Corwin Brown and Nick Caserio:

Bill Belichick
Opening statement

‘€œWe of course spent a lot of time watching the Jets in the offseason and even in the preseason a little bit when we had a little break. Of course now we’€™re into them all the way. [They’€™re a] good football team. [They] had an outstanding year last year. They have a lot of weapons. They’€™re very aggressive. They obviously did a good job against us down there last year in the first game. We know we’€™ll be going into a hornet’€™s nest this week. They’€™re tough. They’€™re well coached. They’€™re physical. They play hard and we have a good rivalry with them. We know it will be that kind of game. It’€™s our first division game. [It’€™s] always good to get off to a good start in the division. We’€™ll need a real good week of preparation because they do a lot of things and they’€™re a hard team to get ready for. They have a lot of looks on defense and they give you a lot of looks and different personnel groupings and formations on offense, too. They’€™ll be a challenge from a preparation standpoint. [They’€™re] always good in the kicking game and that’€™s always a strong suit for them there, so we know that will be a big challenge for us, too.’€

What is the most challenging thing about the Jets defensively, recognition or the physical act of blocking them?
‘€œA little bit of both, but I’€™d say the bigger problem is just blocking them. Blocking them and getting open and blocking them in the running game, blocking them in the passing game, getting open. But they definitely give you some recognition problems and tough looks and move people around and try to defeat your protection schemes and that type of thing, so that’€™s very challenging, too. You can’€™t afford to turn a guy’€¦it’€™s bad enough that you have to block them, but if you a turn a guy loose and miss him completely then you have no chance. First thing we have to do is get them identified and get them picked up.’€

What kind of player is Kris Jenkins and how big of a difference is it if he can’€™t play?
‘€œKris is an outstanding player. There aren’€™t many guys like him. He’€™s a major force at his position. That being said, he missed a good part of the season last year and the Jets did very well. I don’€™t want to diminish anything that he’€™s done –really he’€™s an outstanding player, he’€™s one of on the toughest guys to block in the league– but at the same time, even without him last year, the Jets were very, very good on defense. Whoever’€™s in there we’€™ll have to do a good job with, however they do it, whoever it is, we’€™ll have to do a good job.’€

Corwin Brown
Where did Patrick Chung‘€™s production come from on Sunday?

‘€œThere were a variety of things, but what gets hidden in the stats is when someone has a good day, it’€™s usually because there are other guys doing a good job in their areas. He had some good plays, but there were a bunch of guys that did a lot of really good things on those plays that sometimes don’€™t show up in the stats.’€

Is there any specific developmental aspect that Chung excelled at this preseason?
‘€œI think it’€™s more just a maturity thing. As a staff, we’€™ve asked him to do some things, just like we’€™ve asked a bunch of the guys to do some things. He, like everyone else, is working like everyone else to go out and improve and to try to do the things we’€™re coaching them to do. I think it’€™s more a product of that, and not so much what I’€™m trying to do with him. I play a small role. Everybody has their role. I think he’€™s trying to do his role. We couple all that together, and it’€™s been OK.’€

Who does Patrick Chung’€™s playing style remind you of?
‘€œYou know, I haven’€™t really thought about it. I try not to compare and contrast players. When I watch him play, I really just focus on what he’€™s doing right. Then I try to watch the things he needs to work on and just go from there. I haven’€™t really had time to sit back and think about who he reminds me of right now, just really trying to get ready for the next week to tell you the truth.’€

Nick Caserio
Has ‘€˜Hard Knocks’€™ played any role in your preparation for this week’€™s game?

‘€œI’€™ll be quite honest with you, I haven’€™t seen it as of yet. I might have to get to it at some point. However big a role that really plays I’€™m not really sure. The most important thing is how the team performs on the field. We have a large volume of tape and information from last year that we studied in the offseason, and you go through the preseason. Last night, obviously we have that game as well to review. It looks to me like defensively that they’€™re still one of the better clubs. There’€™s enough to deal with right there as far as preparing for what’€™s going to take place on the field because in the end that’€™s really what it comes down to.’€

If it were to help at all, would it be in terms of understanding personnel?
‘€œI think the most important thing, as it relates to personnel, is you have to make an assessment of the player from our perspective. You study them, you prepare, and you try to figure out what the player does well, or if he does have an area where maybe it’€™s a weakness, or he’€™s deficient, or maybe it’€™s something that gives him trouble. I think what they really do on the tape, when you’€™re watching them play on the field, in the end I think that’€™s the most important thing. As far as anything additional that you pick up, whether or not that helps I can’€™t really speak to that.’€

What are your thoughts on Devin McCourty‘€™s performance?
‘€œHe was pretty competitive. I know he made a nice play there early in the game, the first play of the game I think on TO (Terrell Owens). He went out there, he competed, and I think he played hard. I think that really speaks to the defense as well. I think collectively they played hard. They played as a group. He went out there and he did his job, and he was out there for whatever how many snaps that was. There’€™s a number of things: he’€™s in good condition, he’€™s prepared, he went out there, and he did his job to help the team win. I think the more people that do that in the long run the better off the team is going to be. He had some plays; he got his hands on a few balls, which was good. [Patrick] Chung was involved in a number of plays. [Darius] Butler was involved in a number of plays. [Brandon] Meriweather was involved in a number of plays. In the secondary those guys were pretty active, and defensively those guys all competed. They played hard and we were able to come out with a W.’€

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