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Bits from Belichick, 9/27

09.27.10 at 5:41 pm ET

FOXBORO ‘€” Patriots coach Bill Belichick just wrapped up his Monday afternoon press conference, and touched on a number of topics, including the benefits of using a no-huddle offense, the personnel changes the team made for last Sunday’€™s game against the Bills and the death of Pro Football Hall of Famer George Blanda. Here are some of the highlights:

On using a no-huddle in the second half ‘€” was that to push the tempo?
‘€œNo, I thought we had a pretty good tempo the whole game. It was a little different look for the second half, something we did but didn’€™t do it a lot of in the first half, and didn’€™t do it consecutively. A little different look. But I thought our tempo was good the whole game. I think there were a number of plays where, I’€™d say for the majority of time, we had plenty of time at the line of scrimmage and didn’€™t make any adjustments. The tempo was better definitely than what it was the previous week in New York.’€

On the benefits of running the no-huddle:
‘€œThey don’€™t substitute, but we don’€™t substitute either, so. Whoever is out there is out there, and that’€™s the matchup. I think it just ‘€˜uptempos’€™ the offense a little bit, and can give the quarterback more time at the line if he wants to audible, I guess. Just a little different style of play.’€

Were the changes to starting lineup performance-related?
‘€œWhat the starting lineup usually is the reflection of is what the personnel matchups are on that particular play. You can put up whoever you want on the first play and you’€™ll probably get a different combination of people based on what that is and who the matchups are. You saw that the whole game. Whatever that first play is, whoever matches up on him, if you want to call them the starters, then they’€™re the starters.’€

Darius Butler‘€™s snaps took a nosedive yesterday. Is that fair to say that was performance related?
‘€œI’€™d say every week we try to put the team out there that gives us the best chance to win, and that can be a factor for a lot of things ‘€¦ a lot of things can factor into that.’€

Can a players’€™ confidence be a factor in handling a personnel change?
‘€œI think all of us who have been in the league have had good plays and bad plays, and I think any of us that remain in this league are going to continue to have them. They’€™ll be some good ones, they’€™ll be some bad ones. Part of being a professional athlete or a professional football player is being able to play through those things or coach. It’€™s not perfect. They’€™ll be some good days, they’€™ll be some plays that won’€™t be as good. But you’€™ve got to learn from the mistakes, make the corrections, make it better and move on. That’€™s true for everybody ‘€” our team, their team. Players, coaches. Nobody goes out there and plays a perfect game. Nobody goes out there and doesn’€™t have some problems. Got to fix them. Got to move on.’€

On the death of George Blanda:
‘€œHe played a long time. A long time. A great career. Was a quarterback and as a kicker. It kind of seemed like when it was over he had some of his best years once he got into his late 30s or 40s. But I remember watching him when I was a kick on those old AFL games, the ones that came on at 4 o’€™clock after the NFL games came on at one. It’€™s a loss for the game. A loss for the game.’€

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