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Patrick Chung on D&H: ‘Game of my life’

10.05.10 at 2:38 pm ET

Patriots safety Patrick Chung joined the Dale & Holley show Tuesday morning after his memorable performance in Monday night’s victory over the Dolphins. Chung discussed the mental transition from his first year to this season, the need to be relaxed, and how the team believes in itself after he blocked a field goal and punt and returned an interception for a touchdown.

Below are some highlights. For the full interview go to the Dale & Holley audio on demand page.

Was that the game of your life?

Yeah, game of my life. It feels good, you know, and God bless.

On the biggest transition from rookie year to second year:

The mental aspect. The game is 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical. You’ve got to know what you’re doing, you’ve got to know what everyone else is doing, when you know that you can play comfortable and play fast. It’s all a race about who can mature the fastest.

On what the Patriots saw on film for the Dolphins kicking game:

Really we just saw how they picked up guys, how they do different twists. Its always a game plan for a different team, and Scottie [O’Brien] drew it up just like it’s supposed to happen, and it happened just how he drew it up. The chance is right there, you’ve got to take advantage.

Was there any doubt in your mind that you would get a block?

We knew that we’d have the opportunity. I’m not going to say that we knew that it was going to get blocked. It all takes execution and it takes all 11 people doing exactly what they have to do for it to work. And it was a pretty good chance that it would work if we all did what we were supposed to do.

Woosa? What does that mean? Do you play better when you are woosa?

It means relax and calm down, everything is going to be fine. I think that’s anybody [who will play better when relaxed]. You can be hyped for only so long. Eventually, you have to calm down and let the game come to you.

On playing in college at the age of 16:

You’ve got to grow fast, but it was not too much different because I was still in the same grade as everyone else. But it was good and bad. It was hard, but it is only as hard as you want it to be. Of course, I got clowned ‘€” “Little guy here, little guy here.” But I had a lot of older guys around me, so it turned me into a man a lot faster.

Vince [Wilfork] just said to us a few minutes ago that he felt all season long that this team was this close to being a really good defense. Do you feel that way as well?

Yeah, he’s our leader, so I respect him and anything he says I’m going to do. That’s the kind of respect I have for him.

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