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Matt Light on The Big Show: Randy Moss ‘got what he wanted’

10.08.10 at 5:40 pm ET

Patriots tackle Matt Light joined The Big Show Friday afternoon to talk about the Randy Moss trade, special teams, and Monday night’s win over the Dolphins.

Following are some highlights from the conversation. To hear the interview, visit The Big Show audio on demand page and click here.

What was your reaction to the trade? Shocked?

Not really. Obviously there has been a situation with Randy wanting a long term deal and letting it be known. You never know how those things are going to shake down. ‘€¦ It was a business decision and it is what it is.

On Moss’€™ Week 1 tirade:

Well I think that was the biggest thing of all in my mind. Him speaking his piece and saying what he needed to say. I don’€™t really get involved in all that stuff. I don’€™t really care, to be quite honest with you. Just as long as everybody is pulling in the same direction, I’€™m good with however it works out.

Does this make it more difficult four weeks into the season?

You know what? I don’€™t think so. I think it’€™s like anything else. Not to dismiss what he’€™s done or what he could’€™ve done this year. To be honest with you, injuries happen; guys miss time for different things. He has to be able to just go out there and do what you do. We’€™ve got great leaders at that position, guys that really understand our system, guys that are young that are getting it in watching a lot of film working with Tommy [Brady] and the rest of the guys. I don’€™t see this being anything that is going to create issues for those guys knowing what they’€™re capable of.

Was Moss still the same vocal guy this year?

Oh yeah. Randy always had a lot to say before the games. ‘€¦ He always had something to say in that locker room. I think Randy has been pretty consistent the time that he’€™s been there and who he was and what he did.

On the business side of football:

We could probably talk about this one all day. I think it worked out in the best interests of both parties to be quite honest with you. I don’€™t see any bad blood between Bill [Belichick] and Randy. I think ultimately he got what he wanted and he’€™s comfortable in Minnesota. They’€™ve obviously got a lot of talented guys in that team. He’€™ll probably fit in well and play in their system.

On the Halloween game facing the Vikings and Moss:

Well, it’€™s going to be fun. I think we’€™ll see a few of those masks in that stadium. I can’€™t wait.

On the win in Miami:

It’€™s very difficult to judge things when you’€™re in the moment and you’€™re doing it. We have guys that have really worked hard. We’€™ve said this all year, but we’€™ve got a lot of guys that are doing everything they can not just on the field but in the film room. When you see that happen, you kind of get this trend going where everybody is trying to improve each day. And then it didn’€™t pan out sometimes and then you kind of scratch your head and you know you got things you’€™ve got to work on and improve on. ‘€¦

We felt really good going into this Miami game again. And we had a good week of preparation. I think what [quarterbacks coach Bill] O’€™Brien has done where the different personnel changes and people that he has had in there and what those special teams units have really built and going all the way back to minicamps, it’€™s really special. And those guys work as hard as anyone on the field. I can’€™t really tell you that I knew how that game was going to go or that it was going to end up the way it was, especially at halftime.

When it’€™s all said and done, we went into the bye week feeling as though everyone contributed, everybody worked hard and it finally showed out there. We finally put it on the field on the road, got a win. It was great for us as a team.

On emphasizing the running game:

I think that’€™s what your running game does when it’s effective regardless of who it is. We’€™re difficult to match up with personnel wise. I think there are some unique matchups and things that we do with the talents that we have on the offensive side of the ball. A lot of that has to do with the tight ends and the guys we have coming out of the back of the field. ‘€¦ They weren’€™t the only ones huffing and puffing. I probably needed some medical attention at one point. When you go on those long drives it does do a lot to help you out in all facets of the game. Being able to run that ball effectively is huge.

On doubters:

Does it play a role in what we do in winning? No. You kind of scratch your head and you wonder how certain things get predicted and why people talk about that sort of stuff. We need to go out there and prove that for ourselves more than we need to do it for anyone else. There are guys in our locker room that are young guys and they don’€™t know what it’€™s like to go through a long season and battle things, and the media is part of that. You want to go out and get it done right and feed off it so it was a big win for us.

How big was that win going forward?

It was huge. You talk about a division game. It’€™s Miami, it’€™s in Miami. It doesn’€™t get much bigger than that. We needed to keep pace with the jets and obviously this is going to be a race that will go all the way to Week 17 I’€™m sure.

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