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Adam Schefter on D&C: No trade fit for Logan Mankins

10.15.10 at 9:51 am ET

ESPN’s Adam Schefter joined the Dennis & Callahan show for his weekly visit and talked to the guys about picking the Patriots to beat the Ravens, why there are so few trades in the NFL at the trading deadline and whether there will be a deal for Logan Mankins. To hear the whole interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Schefter, who said that he uses a contrarian approach in his weekly picks, took the Pats despite his belief that the Ravens might be the best team in the league.”They have been tremendous all year long,” Schefter said of the Ravens. “I think they’re a better football team than the Patriots, I really do. New England’s been waiting for this game. New England lost to them in the postseason. New England’s coming off the bye. New England’s won 22 straight at home in the regular season. Everybody’s on Baltimore. Everybody’s singing their praises, I just think New England comes through on Sunday.”

Schefter does think that the loss of Randy Moss will be a motivating factor for the Patriots this week. “There’s no question that in their heart, like anybody, if you’re a human being and you hear, ‘This team’s not going to be as good without Randy Moss,’ they take that personally. They hear that. They’re aware of it. They want to go out and prove them wrong.”

With the trade deadline approaching Tuesday at 4 p.m., Schefter outlined his reasons why there are so few deals in the NFL.

“Teams don’t make trades for a few reasons,” Schefter said. “Number One, football front offices are by and large more shy about making deals and sticking their necks on the line than some of their brethren in other sports. You have the playbook issue. You can’t trade for a quarterback and except him to know their offense. it doesn’t work like that. It’s still early in the season. Even a team like the 49ers that’s 0-5 still believes they’re going to win the division. The owner sent me a text this week saying, ‘We’re still going to win the division.'”

As for Mankins, Schefter doesn’t see a trade happening, but hasn’t ruled it out either.

“I haven’t completely dismissed the idea that they could find a trade partner,” Schefter said. “They’ve been adamant that if a trade were to occur they’d get a certain amount of compensation. Things are going to happen this Sunday that will affect what happens on Monday and Tuesday.”

Still Schefter said that there hasn’t been a lot of trade talk around Mankins, citing the Patriots desire to extract a first round pick and the belief that signing Mankins would require a deal in the $50-55 million range. “Let’s just say, hypothetically, it’s a first round pick,” Schefter said. “Is Logan Mankins worth a first round pick? Yes. Then you have to pay Logan Mankins the way you would a left tackle. A lot of teams in the NFL don’t want to pay guards, tackle money.”

“The place [for Mankins] is in New England,” Schefter said. “The two sides getting a deal done that they almost had done a month ago. That’s the place.”

Schefter also talked about Brett Favre.

“I do think there’s something to the fact that anybody can watch him and see that is hurting and he is in pain,” Schefter said. “I’ve never sensed at any point in the season that he really had a strong conviction about being back. I think if he could do it all over again he would not be there.

“From the start of the season he has just looked to me like a guy, if we can really read his mind, I can’t believe I let those guys talk me into coming back playing. If you watched his body language the first few weeks, it was terrible. He didn’t look like the Brett Favre that we’ve seen throughout his entire career, running around, jumping around, one of the guys. He looked like a guy that said, ‘What am I doing here? Why did I do this?'”

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