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Brian Baldinger: Patriots are being re-made to try to beat the Jets

10.27.10 at 12:40 am ET

Brian Baldinger says the Patriots have re-made their offense in a specific attempt to try and beat the Jets. (AP)

NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger has heard a lot of reasons as to why the Patriots dealt Randy Moss to the Vikings, but he believes the most important reason is that it allows them to become a team that is more capable of beating the Jets.

Baldinger, who breaks down game film for the NFL Network show “Playbook,” says that the teams that have had the most success against the Jets’ defense have employed a passing attack that relies on short and intermediate routes and an ability to get the ball out to receivers quickly.

“They are building this team specifically to beat the Jets,” Baldinger said of the Patriots. “You are not going to beat the Jets by taking seven-step drops and looking for Randy Moss 50 yards down the field. You beat the Jets by getting the ball to the quicker guys who can beat coverage. Between [Julian] Edelman, [Wes] Welker, [Deion] Branch and [Danny] Woodhead, that’s what they are doing. All of these changes are designed to beat the Jets.”

Baldinger, who also works as a game analyst for Fox Sports, says the Patriots’ offense has moved from “being this big play team to a small-ball team,” and adds that they are now playing to Tom Brady’s strength, which is his accuracy. In addition, he likes the changes they’ve made on the defensive side of the ball.

“They’ve completely rebuilt their defense,” he said. “They’ve got this infusion of youth — Jermaine Cunningham and all those other young guys running around back there making plays. They’re all out there on the field right now. They’ve been able to rebuild that defense and get younger and win games.”

“I’ve questioned Bill Belichick’s style of defense, whether you can play basic coverage in this league and still win games, but they have done it well, especially in their last two games,” Baldinger added. “To beat the Ravens the way they did and then fly 3,000 miles across the country and beat the Chargers, those are two good football teams. Those are good wins. I don’t care what their records are.”

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