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Adam Schefter on D&C: Brett Favre, Brad Childress dynamic not just about the injury

10.29.10 at 9:47 am ET

Appearing on the Dennis & Callahan Show, ESPN’s Adam Schefter talked about the decision Vikings coach Brad Childress is faced with in regard to deciding if an injured Brett Favre will get the start Sunday against the Patriots. Schefter said that while he didn’t know if it would be Favre or Tavaris Jackson in the Minnesota starting lineup, he did say that the quarterback situation went beyond just determining whether or not Favre’s injured ankle was OK.

“The bottom line to all of this, is that there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye,” Schefter said. “It’s really intriguing how it’s going to unfold, and I don’t have an answer to how it’s going to unfold.”

Here is the rest of the Schefter interview (to listen to the segment click here):

“I think where this story is at right now is that I think there’s a part of Brad Childress that wants to start Tavaris Jackson, period, as his quarterback. Partly due to health, partly due to performance, not just health. The question I have is not whether Brett Favre is going to be tough enough to fight through this injury and play, the question is whether or not Brad Childress has the fortitude, the courage, the bravado to go and bench Brett Favre.”

(Childress caring about breaking Favre’s starting streak) “I don’t think he cares at this point. Here’s the thing. We’re going to get the answer on Sunday. That’s what is so intriguing about it. Whether he feels like, ‘You know what? I don’t care. I’m going to do what I want. We’re going to go with the quarterback I want to play.’ You’ll know when that game is kicking off what Brad Childress has decided.”

(What if Childress starts Favre and then takes him out?) “All that does is delay that question for another week, although Tavaris comes in and struggles against the Patriots’ defense, and if that’s the case then it’s easy next week. But if he comes in and plays well what does he do next week?”

“People are making the assumption that it’s Brett Favre, iconic, legendary quarterback, wants to play, going to play, that’s it. But it goes beyond that. It goes to the relationship between Favre and Childress. Where that relationship is at, where it’s going. Think about all the relationships in sports over time between coach and player, manager and player, where there’s been an issue. Where there’s been some sort of power struggle, where somebody wants to make a statement to kind of prove them wrong, show who’s the tougher game, show who has more control. All I’m saying is that there are other issues that go beyond the ankle. It’s not just an ankle issue.”

“(Childress’) actions will tell us whether or not he cares (about the streak).”

“The one thing we’ve seen with Brett Favre, when this guy goes back to the farm in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, I cannot tell you how much easier my life is going to be.”

(Regarding the Childress being a loose cannon) “What did he say about Belichick this week? Literally within a 24-hour span, he questioned the officials, he revealed the NFL told him he was right, he threw his quarterback under the bus, and he called out one of the greatest coaches in NFL history this past week, the week before he was playing him. So the man who made all those decisions, is making the decision who he’s going to play at quarterback.”

“This story is so unbelievable because if it goes that way and they start Tavaris Jackson and we’re talking about the relationship between Favre and Childress now, what do you think we’re going to be talking about next week?”

“Let’s not forget these guys went down to Mississippi to bring him back, and the entire team wanted him back. They’re struggling right now, but my feeling is that Favre has the support in that locker room to win election day on Tuesday.”

“I think we’ve laid it out there that it’s not just the injury. It goes beyond that.”

“I think more the dynamic between Childress and Favre and what could happen if one guy decides to do what some people think he might, which is go with Tavaris Jackson at a time when Favre has said, ‘I’m willing to try and play. I want to play. That’s what I came back to do, to be there for my teammates.’ Now the other guy won’t let him play. If it goes that way, boy, we’re going to have an interesting one.”

“There’s so many story-lines in this game that makes this the most intriguing and appealing game of the week.”

“Wide receiver Randy Moss‘ return to Foxboro has gotten overshadowed is a sure sign of this game’s multiple story-lines.”

“You wonder if sometimes now if Randy Moss has to be thinking in his most honest moments if maybe that was a better situation. Not that he wanted to be traded, although he was certainly open to the idea of it. I think he wanted to play with Favre, but again, there’s nothing worse than going through a season where your team is losing and you’re struggling and you’re on the brink. That makes work an unpleasant experience. They’re winning right now in Foxboro, and they’re playing very well. And it’s looking like it’s going to be a very good season.”



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