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Bill Belichick as JFK

10.29.10 at 11:31 am ET

FOXBORO — In one of his most animated and colorful media briefings of the season, Bill Belichick turned the tables on reporters, asking questions ranging from Halloween costumes and candy to what reporters would feel like if they were constantly asked when they would return to work if they weren’t feeling well.

Belichick immediately showed that Friday would be an animated session when he opened with:

“Got your Halloween costume ready?”

Then the Patriots head coach was asked if he was going to dress up.

“Yeah, I’ll be a ghost,” he quipped. “Got your candy ready? What are we giving out this year? Remember when you were a kid and you went back to the house that had good candy twice? And then they threw you out like, ‘Hey, you’ve been here. Get out of here.’ Or you hope that everybody didn’t show up at your house and there was some left over. Those were the days.”

What about his all-time favorite costume of all-time?

“I kind of lucked into it. It was John Kennedy.” said Belichick of his 1962 outfit. “It was easy. You dress up and you put on the mask. But it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis as it turned out. I think I won the prize there. Everybody was really impressed that the president was able to break away from the Cuban Missile Crisis to attend a Halloween party – a school Halloween party. Yeah, Joe Bellino. Those were the days.”

Does he have a Randy Moss mask?

“I don’t. I bet there will be some this weekend, though. There will be some. What could be a better holiday than costumes and candy? How can you go wrong? Whoever came up with that – that was brilliant.”

Then the presser moved onto the more traditional. He was asked if he put any stock in the reports that Vikings head coach Brad Childress is leaning toward holding out injured quarterback Brett Favre because of two broken bones in his ankle.

“None,” Belichick said. “I don’t put any stock in their reports. They don’t know. We’ll prepare for all the players. The ones that play, we’ll try to defend. The ones that don’t, we won’t. It’s fairly straight forward, really. It’s the same media reports that said Terrell Owens wasn’t going to play in the Super Bowl. Are those the ones you’re talking about?”

If Favre doesn’t start and play, his consecutive games streak will end at 291.

“Like the great ones, [Cal] Ripken, [Lou] Gehrig, all the great ones,” Belichick said, adding his perspective. “Hard to make it thru 16-game season. Says a lot about his durability.”

One of his own players, Belichick said, is making progress off the field. Fred Taylor has been out since injuring a toe during the Sept. 26 Bills game at Gillette Stadium.

“Fred’s definitely made a lot of progress,” Belichick said. “Now that he’s back doing things, he’s making progress.”

Then he turned the tables on reporters.

“Next time you get a cold, I’ll ask you exactly what date you’ll be feeling better, how would you like that?”

As long as the questions keep coming, most of the media wouldn’t mind at all.

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