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What can Tom Brady expect facing Rex Ryan again?

12.02.10 at 5:29 pm ET

FOXBORO — Sure, Rex Ryan says he plans to bring the house against Tom Brady because who wants to wind up like Jack Del Rio’s Jacksonville Jaguars?

But does Ryan really mean it? Or is all of this just another one of his elaborate schemes designed to trick the Patriots quarterback. In Week 2, Brady was 20-of-36 for 248 yards, getting strip-sacked once by Jason Taylor and picked off twice in the 28-14 Jets win.

If it’s a trick, you can bet that Brady is more than savvy enough to see through the smokescreen and figure it out.

But Ryan certainly seemed like he was throwing all caution to the wind when openly proclaiming that if you don’t blitz Brady and blitz him a lot, then you’ve lost before playing a down in the game. Ryan was asked if balancing the blitz with dropped coverage is one way to handle Brady after his brother – Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan – had so much success on Nov. 7.

“Yeah, if that sounds good to you, then go with it,” Ryan joked. “But as for us, we just play our style of football. Brady’€™s a guy where if you just run standard coverages, then he’€™ll just kill you. He can write up what he wants. If he wants 21 out of 22, 24 or 25 completions or whatever he had in the playoff game against Jacksonville once ‘€“ that was the most embarrassing thing I’€™ve ever seen.”

Wow. A direct shot across the bow at Jack Del Rio and his approach last December when Brady went 23-of-26 for 267 yards. Del Rio’s team also allowed Brady to pick them apart in Jan. 2008 when he was even better at 26-of-28 for 262 yards in an AFC Divisional playoff.

“We’€™re not going to let him just sit back there and go through pass skelly,” Ryan said. “We’€™re going to pressure him, mix our coverages, change our coverages, change our blitzes. Sometimes we’€™re going to go all out blitz, sometimes simulated pressure, sometimes three-man rush, sometimes four-man rush, multiple coverages. That’€™s how you play Brady. You can’€™t just let him sit back and know what you’€™re in.”

Brady’s reply? The Jets will blitz. But who knows when and how much?

“Well, they’€™ve always done that,” Brady said. “I don’€™t think that’€™s anything that we don’€™t expect. When you look at their blitz percentages, they blitz about half the time. On third down, they blitz about three quarters of the time. They’€™re blitzing a lot and that’€™s really a trademark of the defense: to try and find different ways to get after the quarterback.”

Rob Ryan’s Browns got to Brady just once but Brady threw for just 224 yards that day, as Brady struggled to find his passing rhythm.

“That runs in the family,” Brady said. “Rex said the same thing and I know, talking to Coach Belichick, [Rex’€™s] dad was the same way. If you could hit the quarterback, who cares about the coverage? But, with this team, they cover you well, too. They hit the quarterback and they cover. I think that’€™s what makes them so unique.”

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