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Herm Edwards on D&C: Antonio Cromartie’s comments ‘not good for the National Football League’

01.12.11 at 9:27 am ET

ESPN analyst Herm Edwards , who coached the Jets from 2001-05, joined the Dennis & Callahan show Wednesday to talk about Sunday’s Patriots-Jets playoff game. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Edwards said the key for the Jets will be to control the ball and keep it out of Tom Brady‘s hands. “They’ve been able to run the football, that will help you some,” he said of the Jets offense. “[Mark] Sanchez is going to have to make some plays throwing the football, no doubt about that. But I think if you can limit New England’s possessions, that’s going to be critical.”

Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie lashed out at Brady on Tuesday, saying “[Expletive him]” and calling him an “ass—-” for what Cromartie perceived as disrespect of the Jets. Edwards said if he were the coach, he would pull a player aside if he made comments of that nature.

“That kind of comes with the territory,” Edwards said. “When you have a lot of bravado, sometimes players get emotional. ‘€¦ I always tell player this: ‘Guys, when it comes off your tongue and it hits the airwaves, you can’t bring it back. So, watch what you say. Watch your words. It’s kind of important.

“Now, the good thing about it for him is that he’ll get to back it up. Because it’s not like they’re not going to throw the ball at him. Because they’ll throw the ball over there now. What he’s got to do is defend his turf and play well. But you don’t need to do that.”

Added Edwards: “I can understand that emotion is involved in this. But remember this, too, and I think it’s a bigger picture than this: It’s about professional football. Handle yourself as a professional. A lot of people are watching this, especially young people. It’s good to have confidence. And you might feel not good about a player. That’s fine, and that happens all the time. But I just think there’s a sense of: You don’t want to take it over the line. You don’t want to embarrass the National Football League. That’s not good for the National Football League. Not just the Jets, but the National Football League, period.”

Despite the Jets’ talking, Edwards said the Patriots might be more inspired by last year’s blowout loss to the Ravens instead. “They were embarrassed last year, losing at home, by Baltimore coming up there,” he said. “Baltimore came in there and ran the ball and got after them. That team has a lot of pride. That was a tough loss for them, for a team to come up there and beat them in the playoffs.”

Added Edwards: “I think the thing that’s rubbing them right now is the fact that they lost a playoff game at home. I mean, it was embarrassing. You don’t forget that as a player. Trust me, I was a player. Those things, you don’t forget. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing that team again right now. It’s the fact that you were at home and somebody walked into your house and beat you in the playoffs.”

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