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Troy Brown on D&H: Jets ‘searching for reasons to believe they can win’

01.13.11 at 12:00 pm ET

Former Patriot Troy Brown checked in with the Dale & Holley show Thursday morning and weighed in on the controversy regarding the Jets’ trash-talking leading up to Sunday’s AFC semifinal game in Foxboro. To hear the interview, go to the Dale & Holley audio on demand page.

Brown said comments from players such as Antonio Cromartie criticizing Tom Brady are likely to come back to haunt the Jets. “I guess the whole thing now is about how un-classy and unprofessional Tom Brady is,” Brown said. “I feed off of that. I’m sure the guys around [Brady] feed off of it, especially this young football team. So, I don’t know what the whole big deal is. Like I said a couple of minutes ago, it’s football. You knock people’s head off for a living. It’s not golf. I know you make us tuck our shirts in and keep our socks pulled up. But it’s still football at the end of the day. So, this whole thing about being un-classy and unprofessional is just ridiculous.”

Brown, who predicts a Patriots-Ravens AFC championship game, speculated that the Jets are desperately trying to build up their confidence after last month’s embarrassing loss. Said Brown: “I think deep down inside they don’t believe that they have what it takes to beat this football team, and they’re coming up with every reason they can come up with right now to make themselves believe they can come in here and win this football game. Really? After you take a loss to this team, 45-3? At a part of the season when you’re supposed to be peaking, and you go out there and you lay an egg. You talked all week about how you wanted to come in here and beat this football team and this was your thing. We’re hearing the same thing from the coach, Rex Ryan, that we heard the last time they played the Patriots. And the same thing from the players. I believe they’re all trying to psyche themselves up.

“And don’t get me wrong. I may seem pro-Patriot here and all this stuff. But I’m giving my honest opinion about what I feel on either side of this thing, Patriots or Jets. I just feel like the Jets are searching for reasons to believe they can win this football game.”

Brown acknowledged that Brady is an emotional player who likes to get in his teammates faces and celebrate with them, “but that’s what you have to do as a leader. If you want to stop those kinds of things from happening during the course of a game, if you’re the opposing team, play better. Then you won’t have to worry about the finger-pointing and the swagger and the hip jiggles and all that stuff and the looking at your bench. Just play better. That’s the bottom line.”

Brown, who will appear on WEEI’s NFL Sunday from 1-4 p.m., points to the the lack of depth at the defensive line position as the Patriots’ weakness. As for the Jets, he notes the injury-depleted offensive line. Brown also points a finger at Cromartie.

“Just watching the guy on tape, he has a tremendous gift of ball-hawking when you throw the ball down the field,” Brown said. “I think he struggles with guys like [Deion] Branch and [Wes] Welker, guys that can run routes and have some quickness. I don’t think he has the confidence that he had against Randy Moss that he has for Wes Welker. I think he’s a little bit more timid to line up against those guys.

“That one play when Wes caught the touchdown on him in the end zone there, he was already lined up in the end zone. That was his biggest mistake right there. And he backpedaled a couple of steps, and Wes was able to get open to catch the ball. So, I think he’s going to shy away from that matchup a little bit, because he doesn’t have the quickness to match up with those guys.

“That is the one glaring weakness I see in this game and in the Jets defense, is that he is not that solid piece back there that they think he is,” Brown added. “That’s just my opinion. When it comes down to guys being able to run routes against them and make plays, he’s going to be a liability for that defense in the secondary.”

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