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Adam Schefter on D&C: Cromartie’s behavior ‘doesn’t reflect positively on anybody’

01.14.11 at 10:41 am ET

ESPN’€™s Adam Schefter joined Dennis & Callahan for his weekly appearance and began by weighing in on Antonio Cromartie‘€™s comments about Tom Brady and how the NFL might feel about them.

‘€œI talked with the league yesterday and tried to see if they had any interest in those comments, and the league wasn’€™t biting at all,’€ Schefter said. ‘€œWe’€™ll talk about this in our pregame show, but I went and looked at the NFL’€™s personal conduct policy and it reads, and I’€™ll read it word for word, ‘€˜Discipline may be imposed in any of the following circumstances,’€™ and there’€™s a list, and there’€™s one that said, ‘€˜Conduct that undermines or puts at risk the integrity and reputation of the NFL, NFL clubs or NFL players.’€™ ”

Schefter went on to say that it would seem to him that Cromartie’€™s comments fall under that clause. He said that although the remarks did not bother him personally, he would fine Cromartie if he were the commissioner because Roger Goodell has made a habit of going by the letter of the law.

‘€œWhen you call somebody a seven-letter word that begins with an ‘€˜A’€™ and speak in the way you did, it just doesn’€™t reflect positively on anybody,’€ Schefter said.

Following are more highlights from the conversation, including his take on Patriots-Jets, Ravens-Steelers, Cam Newton and more. To hear the interview, visit the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Do the Jets have a chance against the Patriots?

It’€™s not saying much, but the Jets are going to give them a much better game than they did that Monday night. I think they’€™re coming ready. I think they have to get more pressure on Brady, run the football and keep Mark Sanchez from playing the way Mark Sanchez has in his two visits to Foxboro. If they can do those three things, and we can go case-by-case and argue whether they can, then they’€™ll have a chance to beat the Patriots.

If you could only watch one game this weekend, which one would it be?

Well, I wouldn’€™t watch the Jets and the Patriots if I’€™m only picking one because those two teams have a history of not playing close games. And for all the anticipation and all the excitement, and there should be, the fact of the matter is, how many times have these teams played close games? So I’€™m down to Baltimore and Pittsburgh or Green Bay and Atlanta. I love the Green Bay-Atlanta matchup, I really do, but I don’€™t know how you don’€™t watch Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Every time those two teams go at it, they play the anti-Patriot, anti-Jet game. It’€™s three points every time ‘€“ 17-14, 20-17, something like that. And it’€™ll be that way again. They punch each other. They hit each other. They clobber each other. It’€™s hard-nosed, tough, rock ‘€™em, sock ‘€™em football.

Who are you taking?

I picked the Baltimore Ravens in that game. I don’€™t make that pick with conviction because to me, throw up the coin 10 times, heads or tails? That’€™s the kind of games that these teams play. Like I said, three points.

How high will Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton go in the NFL Draft?

Let’€™s just go down the draft. Arizona’€™s at No. 5, San Francisco’€™s at No. 7, Washington’€™s at No. 10, Minnesota’€™s at No. 12. Every one of those teams needs a quarterback. ‘€¦ To me, between those teams, somebody’€™s going to take a shot at Cam Newton.

Should he go that high?

The two guys that one scout compared him to when I spoke with him were Ben Roethlisberger and Josh Freeman. They said the guy is just a man at the college level, a man playing with boys. I have not sat down and studied Cam Newton to understand exactly what his strengths and weaknesses are, but I’€™ve spoken to a few people about him and they all project him as a mid-first-round pick. So if he’€™s projected as a mid-first-round pick and you have all those teams that need a quarterback picking between 5 and 12, all I’€™m saying is that it won’€™t surprise me if he goes somewhere in there.

Yesterday on “Pardon the Interruption,” Michael Wilbon suggested the idea of a quarterback rotation in Philadelphia between Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb where they would split starts kind of like a pitching rotation. Would that be laughed at?

Laughed at, no, but I think what you have to consider is that quarterbacks get into a routine, into a rhythm, and it’€™s probably best to stay with that. There’€™s a reason we’€™ve never really seen rotating quarterbacks before. The Dallas Cowboys did it at one point, I believe in the ’70s, and the Broncos did it for one game with Shawn Moore and Tommy Maddox, I believe it was. But I think the bigger point is this: With the way that Michael Vick plays the game and with the slight build that he has, you really do need two quarterbacks.

Every NFL head coaching job has been filled for next season except the Raiders’€™. What is Al Davis doing?

He’€™s been working with [offensive coordinator] Hue Jackson. He’€™s been meeting with him. They’€™ve had interviews. I think that there is universal agreement around the league that he’€™s going to be the guy. It’€™s not like there’€™s some mystery issue or some other candidate out there. First and foremost, and I don’€™t mean this in a critical way, how many coaches out there want to be the head coach of the Oakland Raiders? That’€™s No. 1. No. 2, Hue Jackson does. No. 3, Al Davis likes him. So, where else is this going? ‘€¦ Hue Jackson is the guy Al Davis hired a year ago with the idea of promoting him if he didn’€™t pick up the option on Tom Cable‘€™s contract, which is exactly what’€™s happened.

Eric Mangini‘€™s been doing some TV stuff for ESPN. Is he going to be a TV guy now or is there a coaching job out there?

He was very good on TV, by the way. He’€™s in this situation where he’€™s being paid for the next two years by the Cleveland Browns. He’€™s being paid a lot of money by the Cleveland Browns. So he’€™s in a situation where I think if the right opportunity comes along as a defensive coordinator, he would consider it. If not, what’€™s wrong with taking a year off and coming back to football a year later? To me, if that were my life, that’€™s what I’€™d do.

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