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Leigh Bodden says rehabbing shoulder ‘feels good’ and that he’s ready to play

03.31.11 at 2:32 pm ET

Patriots cornerback Leigh Bodden said on Thursday that his shoulder ‘€œfeels good,’€ and his rehab ‘€” which he continues to go through every day ‘€” has been ‘€œgreat.’€ Speaking on Sirius NFL Radio, he told hosts Bob Papa and Ross Tucker that he’€™s ‘€œready to play.’€

‘€œOh, man ‘€” the rehab has been great. The arm feels good,’€ he said. ‘€œI was thinking to myself the other day, I was like, ‘€˜Man, I’€™m ready for some action. I’€™m ready to play.’€™ I haven’€™t played in a year, so I’€™m eager to get out there and do some things. Put in work. Use this arm. Jam some people up. But soon enough. The longer I have to heal, the better it is. But it’€™s really feeling good. I still continue to rehab every day. But it’€™s feeling great.’€

Bodden also touched on a number of other subjects, including what it was like to sit out all last season while the Patriots ran up a 14-2 record, as well as the chance to see rookie Devin McCourty blossom into a Pro Bowler.

‘€œIt was definitely difficult for me personally to sit out and not play football, the game that I love, the game that I’€™ve been playing forever. But to watch as a fan, to watch the season that [the Patriots] had, it was just amazing to watch guys like Devin McCourty grow up in a heartbeat.

‘€œYou can never say, ‘€˜This guy is going to be great or this guy is going to be this good,’€™ but when he first came, he made a few plays where I was amazed and shocked and like, ‘€˜Man, he’€™s going to be a player.’€™ Me, personally, I didn’€™t think he would be as good as he was during the season, but like I told a lot of those young guys, ‘€˜When you get that playing experience on the field, you just learn on the go.’€™

‘€œHe’€™s a very smart player. He’€™s a smart player, and that’€™s the thing that some rookies don’€™t have, is the knowledge of the game. That’€™s the majority of football, especially as you get older, not going off your athletic ability any more. It’€™s knowing the game. And he knew that coming in. And, he had athletic talent. So that just propelled him to have the great season that he had.’€

Here are some other highlights from the Q&A:

On his youth money management seminar he has this evening (for more information, check out
‘€œJust to educate people on saving money and management skills. Going off into the real world, it’€™s pretty much for the youth that [are] trying to grow up, I guess. The real world is approaching them soon, and we just want to get them prepared and learn ways to save money and maintain the things that they need and hopefully get the things that they want later on in life.’€

On signing his contract last offseason with the Patriots before he was injured:
‘€œThings happen that way. If that would have happened the year I signed a one-year contract, who knows where I would have been this year or this past season. So, it’€™s always good. That’€™s why guys try to get those long-term deals or that up-front money because injuries happen. You just never know what can happen playing that sport. Luckily, I got that contract before I got hurt. But now, I’€™m just looking forward to exceeding that contract. I didn’€™t get to play the first year of it. But hopefully, if this lockout thing blows over and we get to play some football, I’€™ll be excited to come back and earn that contract and earn the money that the New England Patriots gave me.’€

Could you imagine if you had gotten hurt in the playoffs this year and you had to rehab it on your own?
‘€œRight. You would have to find a place where ‘€¦ I wouldn’€™t even say comfortable because you wouldn’€™t really know. But you’€™d have to look around and find some good places on your own. And that’€™s the tough part ‘€” you can’€™t be with your team, you can’€™t be with the physicians and the doctors. But luckily, again, I did get injured when I had a chance to be with the team and be with the trainers and they took real good care of me, and just propelled me on to now ‘€¦ where I work with someone here in Maryland, and they’€™re doing a great job with me as well. But for the most part, during the whole season, I was rehabbing with the Patriots.’€

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