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Highlights from Bill Belichick’s Friday night Q&A with NFL Network

04.30.11 at 3:29 pm ET

Courtesy of NFL Network, here are a few of the highlights of Bill Belichick‘s Q&A Friday night at the end of the third round.

On drafting Ryan Mallett in the third round:

‘€œWe thought there was real good value on the board there with Ryan. He’€™s had an excellent college career, both at Michigan and then when [Michigan] changed offenses, [he] went to Arkansas. [He] won a lot of games in high school, his father was a coach. He’€™s a football guy, comes from a football family, which I think I can relate to. I think he’€™s a good football player. He was great value for us based on what was on the board at that point in time so we felt comfortable taking him. We’€™ll let him compete with our quarterbacks on the team ‘€” [Jonathan] Crompton, [Brian] Hoyer and [Tom] Brady ‘€” and see where it all goes. We’€™ve all seen when you have a football team when you don’€™t have depth at that position, that can be a very big problem for your team. Hopefully we have it now.’€

On drafting two running backs: Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley:

‘€œWe had some age at running back this year. I think this gives us two younger players that can compete at that position. Both very productive players and I’€™d say very different. Ridley’€™s a bigger back, powerful guy, good inside runner, big strong, physical tough yard kind of guy. Vereen is more of a space player, good hands, very good in the passing game. Both guys are quality guys. I think they’€™ll help us in the kicking game. They’€™ve had good production in a high level of competition, both at Cal and at LSU. I think Ridley was productive not only this year where he had most of his production but in the opportunities that he had in prior years when they rotated backs, he still had a lot of production at a high level in the SEC. I think those two backs complement each other well and will give us good competition at the position.’€

On the deal with the Raiders in which the Patriots traded their third- and fourth-round picks in this year’€™s draft for Oakland’€™s second round pick in 2012:

‘€œThat was probably one of the most unusual trades that I’€™ve ever been a part of. We started talking about that trade sometime this afternoon. It seemed like it took about six hours to make. We went back and forth, and they picked, and we picked. It finally ended up there where it did. I think that their mindset was to get an extra pick there in the third and fourth round. Once we traded back with Houston and picked up an extra third round pick, then we had a little bit of surplus there. When we had the opportunity to move that pick into the second round in next year’€™s draft, we just felt like that was good value for us based on what the values were on the board when we made that trade. Oakland wanted to do it early; we were happy to get it done. Again, based on the values on the board, there wasn’€™t a player we felt like we would draft this year that would have a comparable value to a second round pick next year. That’€™s why we went ahead and pulled the trigger.’€

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