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Cris Collinsworth to Robert Kraft: ‘Take the lead’ in talks between players and owners

05.17.11 at 3:47 pm ET

Over the last week or two, NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth has been outspoken in his feelings concerning the lockout. He recently indicated that he believes there’s a real chance we won’t see football until November if at all this year. And in his latest column for Football Pros, he puts out a call for Patriots owner Robert Kraft to “take the lead” when it comes to getting a deal done between the players and the owners.

In a column that was posted Tuesday afternoon, Collinsworth writes:

“Now is when we need rational men like Robert Kraft to step forward. Mr. Kraft was a fan long before he became an owner. He is a terrific family man who can see the same view of this process that we are all watching. Please Mr. Kraft take the lead. There are other owners who will be pushing various agendas, but as a player, I would trust Robert Kraft to make a fair deal. I really would.”

Collinsworth said he came to this conclusion after reading statements from this Q&A with the media, adding that Kraft made him “believe that at least somebody has a feel for the fans.”

“So far Mr. Kraft has not been willing to take the lead, probably because the Hawks always get the most attention. But Kraft is liked and respected by almost everyone in the NFL. He is tough but fair. The players would listen to him. Tom Brady could be the point man. Lawyers be gone. There is a deal to be made, and the time is now. Please Mr. Kraft, take the lead.”

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