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Highlights from Wes Welker’s Q&A with the media Tuesday morning

07.26.11 at 12:57 pm ET

Here are some of the highlights from Wes Welker‘€™s Q&A with the media this morning at Gillette Stadium:

How are you? ‘€œI’€™m very excited right now. I’€™m definitely glad to be back. It’€™s been great. I’€™ve been here for the past week, driving around here and finding a place to work out and all that stuff. I don’€™t have to worry about that anymore. I finally get to be back here, back at home, and enjoy it a little bit. Enjoy the weather and get back to work.’€

How nice is it to have the game back? ‘€œIt’€™s great to have it back. At this time of year, money starts running low and everything like that, so it’€™s nice to start getting paychecks again. [laughter] We’€™re excited. It’€™s good to have football back. I know everybody is excited. The fans are excited, and the players are just as excited. We’€™re ready to get out there and play. We haven’€™t had OTAs or anything like that, but there shouldn’€™t be any excuses about guys not being fresh and ready to go. We should be out there having a good camp and some good games coming up in September.’€

On paying attention to the lockout: ‘€œI paid attention a little bit, but really, I got sick of it just like everyone else. For me, I just tried to concentrate on what I could control and that was staying in shape and training and making sure I’€™m ready when the time came when there was football. I’€™m sure I have all the trust in the world in all the guys who negotiated our deal and I know some of the details but not all. But I’€™m happy with everything that’€™s happened and everything that’€™s taken place. I think the owners are happy, we’€™re happy. It’€™s time for some football.’€

On the time frame to prepare: ‘€œI think we’€™ll be OK. I think a lot of guys have been working hard this offseason and getting ready. I think the main thing is getting in the groove of hearing the play calls again. After a certain amount of time, it gets away from you a little bit. So hearing the play calls again and getting back in that groove is going to be good for us.’€

Is this the longest you’€™ve been away from the game? ‘€œI don’€™t really feel that way, just because this whole offseason I’€™ve been throwing, I’€™ve been working out, with, if not guys on my team but guys in the league and everything else. It hasn’€™t really felt like it. But I guess away from the stadium and away from the guys who work here ‘€” the equipment guys and trainers and everything else ‘€” it feels like a little while. I kind of sit there and think, ‘€˜What’€™s his name again? Oh yeah. Right. I got that.”€™’€™

Did you ever think it might not get worked out in time to get a season in? ‘€œI mean, just watching it, every day changed. One day, it seemed like we weren’€™t going to have a season. Then, the next day we were getting a deal done tomorrow. Just hearing it like that, I always thought we were going to get a deal done, and I’€™m just happy we have.’€

Thoughts on two-a day reduction: ‘€œI don’€™t think it’€™s a terrible thing. I don’€™t think it’€™s always the best. It depends on where you are at in your career. I feel like I know how to push myself and if I need extra running, I can do that on my own and get the extra stuff that I need to make sure I’€™m ready to go out there and play on the field.’€

Most difficult thing to get back in terms of football: ‘€œI think everybody getting on the same page and where they line up. I think hearing the play calls will be one of the main things, knowing how to run routes, techniques and having your body learn all that stuff all over again and hearing it all over again. I think that’€™s one of the main things not being able to hear all the calls and understand them all.’€

Was there a message from Bill Belichick: ‘€œI haven’€™t even seen Bill yet. I think we’€™re meeting tomorrow and there will be an array of things to go over from the offseason.’€

Have you seen Brady yet? ‘€œEveryone is excited to see each other. Right now it’€™s a big paperwork day, and a working out day and things like that. Everybody is trying to get everything in line and getting ready for tomorrow and getting ready for a long season.’€

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