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List: Most memorable Chad Ochocinco moments

07.28.11 at 7:51 pm ET

So by now, you know that Chad Ochocinco is coming to New England as the Patriots have acquired the six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver in a trade with his former team the Bengals. Whatever opinion you have about the deal and how Ochocino will or will not help the Pats in the pursuit of their fourth Super Bowl championship, one thing is for certain: The flamboyant, charismatic wideout will certainly bring a flavor all his own to the New England sidelines.

Here’€™s a look back at some of the most memorable moments we’€™ve seen from Ochocinco during his 10 years in the NFL:

10. Off the field

We’€™ll get to the on-the-field moments ‘€“ and there are plenty of them ‘€“ in a moment, but this list wouldn’€™t be complete without a place for Ochocinco’€™s off-the-field behavior. While it should be stated that usually when off-the-field stuff comes up in NFL circles, it’€™s in a negative context, usually dealing with run-ins with the law or Tom Brady‘€™s hairstyle. That certainly isn’€™t the case with Ochocinoc, but his antics off the field are a bit nutty.

There was his stint on Dancing with the Stars last year (2:45 to see him actually dance):

Or that time he had a footrace with a horse (Yes, he got a 100-meter head start):

Or this offseason when he tried his hand (or foot) at soccer

Or when he tried a different hobby during the lockout, bull-riding:

Or his reality show Ultimate Catch:

Thankfully, no YouTube clips of it exist.

9. Lambeau Leap

OK, now onto the on-the-field antics. Ochocinco has always been a player who enjoys interacting with his fans. His Twitter account (@ochocinco), which stands at more than 2 million followers strong, certainly shows that. But he took that to a whole new level in September 2009 when he honored the tradition of the Lambeau Leap by jumping into the stands. The only thing was the stadium was actually Lambeau Field, and he was still with the Bengals. Luckily, he found a few friends:

But he hasn’€™t always been so lucky as this attempt in Cleveland shows:

8. Pepe strikes again

How about this for a setup? On the morning before a game against the Lions in 2009, Ochocinco, who nicknames himself ‘€œPepe,’€ tweeted, ‘€œwhat I’ve planned for today will get me fined when I score but it’s so worth it.’€ Then when he scored he pulled this little number, or numero as it were.

Of course, the wideout was correct in his prediction. The league later fined him $30,000 for the stunt.

7. McOchocinco?

Pulling something like this certainly won’€™t hurt in New England. Just ask Jonathan Papelbon.

In 2005 against the Bears, Ochocinco caught another score and decided to break out into a little Irish jig, River Dance-style.

6. Please don’€™t fine me. Again.

This may be the quintessential individual moment on this list that summarizes Ochocinco’€™s time in the NFL, but it stays at No. 6 because of some more memorable moments further down the list. In 2003, just his third season in the league, the Bengals wideout pulled out a sign that read, ‘€œDear NFL, Please don’€™t fine me again!!!!! PS, Merry Christmas’€ after he scored the first touchdown in a 41-38 win over San Francisco. (1:02 of the clip below)

Of course, he was fined for the incident, $10,000 to be exact.

5. It’€™s in the hole?

There was a time when everyone wanted to be like Tiger Woods. That was the case in December 2005 when Ochocinco celebrated a score by grabbing the pylon in the back-right corner of the endzone and ‘€œputting’€ the ball. (0:25 of the clip)

That ran him $5,000. No word on whether he thought he sank the putt or not.

4. Where’€™s the bust?

Seems like someone was getting a little ahead of themselves, no? On the game’€™s biggest stage, Monday Night Football, in the first game of the year, Ochocinco broke out a jacket after reaching the endzone. But it wasn’€™t just any jacket. It was a yellow one that read  ‘€œFuture H.O.F. 20??’€ on the back.

Considering he ranks 28th all-time in receptions, 27th in receiving yards and 40th in touchdown receptions, Ochocinco has to produce for years to come before he can truly entertain having his own day in Canton. But then again, maybe a few years with two-time MVP Brady truly is what he needs to reach that goal.

3. Dollar, dollar bills y’€™all

As we’€™ve detailed above, Ochocinco is used to doling out money to NFL personnel. But he took it to a whole new level in 2009. While one of his catches was being reviewed, he comedically tried to bribe a referee with a dollar bill that he got from an assistant coach.

The move was obviously in jest, but the league didn’€™t find it nearly as funny. Ochocinco was fined 20,000 of those George Washingtons the following week.

2. She said yes!

This had to be fake too, right? The then-Bengals wide receiver had barely crossed the goal line when he sprinted to the Cincinnati side of the field, grabbed the hand of the closest cheerleader and ‘€œproposed.’€ (2:54 below)

The proposal was non-binding, and Ochocinco became engaged for real just this offseason to Evelyn Lozada.

1. Chad Eightfive

You thought we forgot? Yes, yes this wasn’€™t on the field and we don’€™t have any actual video to show you the event. But this is the moment that everyone, football fans and non-pigskin folk alike, will remember the star wideout for, until he can somehow one-up himself.

When he made the change from to Chad Javon Johnson to Chad Javon Johnson Ochocinco in 2008, he told the Bengals website, “It’s something I don’t think anyone has ever done before. Have I ever had a reason for why I do what I do? I’m having fun.”

If Ochocinco can have as much fun with Belichick, Brady & Co., perhaps New Englanders will be donning Tom Onetwo jerseys next season. (Kidding of course, at least we hope.)

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