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Vince Wilfork on Big Show: ‘We have the personnel to do whatever we want on defense’

08.15.11 at 5:51 pm ET

Patriots defensive linemen Vince Wilfork joined The Big Show from Gillette Stadium on Monday afternoon and discussed his off-season during the lockout, a possible new look on defense this season, Albert Haynesworth joining the team and Ty Warren‘s departure.

To hear the entire interview, click here.

Here are highlights from the interview:

ON A NEW APPROACH THIS SEASON: It is going to be all different types of things this year. Like I said we have the personnel to do what we want. I think Bill is trying to see a few things, what can work, what can’t work and try and weed them out now. With the mini camps that we missed we kind of threw this together in camp. We’re just going through and see how things look and how do we fit our scheme and what changes we can make, do we want to be a 3-4, do we want to be a 4-3, whatever it may be. It is going to be up to Bill [Belichick], it’s his call. I will say that we have the personnel to do whatever we want on this defense.

ON WARREN BEING CUT: That was pretty tough because this was eight years I have been playing with Ty. I had gotten to know him over the years, personally, his family. We’re like family. At the end of the day it is a business. He understood that, we all understand that. One of these days it may happen to me. It was one of those things where business took place and Bill did what was best for the team. Ty understood that, he didn’t take it to heart. He missed being around the team and everything.

ON HAYNESWORTH BECOMING A PATRIOT: I was like that is another great defensive player and my main thing is I want him on the field. It is a pleasure to play with a guy like him. One of the best in the league, I think everyone has seen that the guy can play. He is not going to do anything but make us better. We all have a lot of learning, including Albert and myself and all the defensive linemen. With missing this off-season a lot got thrown at us this training camp and with the shortened training camp is even more on our plate. We have a lot to learn, but he is willing to learn, he is in the meeting room, he is trying to get the defensive stuff down, he is taking care of himself. I just hope everything works out for all of us.

We talk everyday. He wants to learn. He is very smart, when it comes to football he is very smart. He picks up stuff quickly. It is just a matter of time from physically doing it and getting used to being around different types of guys, and how we do things around here. I think he will have no problem doing that. From what I have seen and heard from him is good stuff.

ON PLAYING DIFFERENT POSITIONS: With having Bill Belichick as a head coach we can play anything, you could line up with one defensive lineman, or you could line up with five defensive linemen. I don’t think it will be any different, we have guys that can play 4-3, 3-4, whatever you want to call it. We have guys that can play different positions. Last year I moved around quite a bit, it was challenging, but at the same time was fun, I got to see the game from a different position, which is different from going to nose to defensive end things happen a lot slower and quicker from different positions. You have to learn on the run. I am a defensive linemen, I am not a nose tackle. I [look at] myself as a defensive linemen. It give us a luxury of moving around guys. So far so good with the things Bill has thrown at us.

WHAT HE DID DURING THE OFF-SEASON: The lockout was an interesting thing because all of us play the game and sometimes you’re in the playoffs so your off-season is short. You have injuries that you deal with over the course of the year that really don’t fully heal. I think this year, instead of taking a negative out of the lockout, it was a positive that as a player you got out of it. One was to be with your family and have a chance to rest and work out and do what you need to do to get prepared. Some guys worked out the whole lockout, some guys did their own thing. For the most part we got back and everyone was happy to be back, of course with no OTAs and and not being around guys at mini-camps and stuff like that you missed a little communication with football in that time.

For the most part everyone came back pretty healthy and we knew it would be a tough start of training camp just because we haven’t been around in a while. We knew there would be new things thrown in, and we knew it would be a challenge to us and that Bill [Belichick] was going to challenge us with a couple things, but so far so good. It is not perfect, we have a long way to go, but myself I  just enjoyed the family. I worked out at my house at my little ranch, and I looked at a lot of horses. I am a big horse racing fan and I hit a couple of tracks up.

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