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Chad Ochocinco: ‘I’m nowhere near where I want to be’

08.30.11 at 3:14 pm ET

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FOXBORO — Maybe it’s simply because he’s more comfortable or maybe he genuinely wanted to reassure Patriot Nation that he’s just fine, but on Tuesday, Chad Ochocinco showed more of the personality that made him Ochocinco.

So Chad, two catches in eight targeted chances, only 14 yards and one touchdown in two preseason games with Tom Brady. You realize the expectations are greater than that, right?

“They’re supposed to be, high profile, flashy flamboyant player coming and I’m supposed to come in a certain way, point blank,” Ocho said. “There is no room, you know what I mean? I understand that.”

But you know this is Boston, right Chad? If the results aren’t there, it could get ugly.

“I know y’all going to kill me, I know y’all going to kill me, especially here. Boston loves their sports. If I’m [expletive-ing] up, you’re going to get me. Excuse me, but seriously.”

Then there was this.

“I’m here because of who I am,” Ochocinco said. “If I’m not me, that means I’m not playing my game, because that’s always been a part of me and for me to change my entire style at this point, I’d be a dead duck. Y’all would be on me every week.

“I don’t know. I’m just different, different. I’m someone against the grain. I love the game. I don’t play it the way it should be played. Guys don’t have a problem with me. I just want to have fun. Opposites attract that’s reality, the way it’s always been. Therefore, I will mesh well here with my teammates, coaches, especially [media].”

Ocho wanted to reassure everyone in New England that he is making plenty of progress learning the Patriots offense and he’ll be ready once the season begins on Sept. 12 in Miami.

“The transition has been good, it’€™s been fun. I’€™ve heard small little rumblings of I haven’€™t caught on yet, but I’€™ve been just fine,” Ochocinco said. “Coming from any place you’€™ve been 10 years and to come here and learn the verbiage and learn as much as I’€™ve learned the past two weeks. I’€™ve done extremely well.’€

Tom Brady has targeted Ochocinco eight times so far in two preseason games, with just two catches, 14 yards and one touchdown to show for his work.

“That takes time, that takes time,” Ochocinco said. “Right now, scale 1 to 10, how close am I? Probably a seven. Right now, what I’€™m doing, I’€™m able to go out right now and react as I hear Tommy call something I’€™m good, I’€™m set. I’€™m stil not set in that comfort zone where I can just be me. Exhale and oh it’€™s on. Let’€™s play. I think it’€™s my third week, let’€™s be realisitic. This is the highest levels of football. It’€™s not easy.”

Again told that New England and Boston can be tough in terms of media scrutiny, he didn’t back down.

“I like that, I like that. You guys have a job to do. You are not my friends, I want you guys to critique the [heck] out of me, and I’€™m going to do the same to you. I hold no grudges. If you fire upon me, believe I will fire back.”

But Ochocinco did indicate Tuesday that he is nowhere near where he wants or expects to be once the season is in full swing.

“I’€™m nowhere near where I want to be,” he added. “I’€™m my biggest critic anyways, you guys write what you see, but I’€™m always the first to judge myself. I’€™m aiming for perfection. One of those things about being here, being in an organization like this that prides it self on perfection, excellence ‘€“ I put a lot of pressure on myself to be right and be perfect now,and not later. I’€™m trying to squeeze everything in a short timeframe. It’€™s somewhat impossible, but if can I aim to be perfect as possible I think I can get up to speed.”

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