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Bill Belichick and Bill O’Brien talk about the Patriots uptempo approach against Miami

09.13.11 at 10:42 pm ET

The Patriots’€™ offense kept its foot on the pedal all night Monday against the Dolphins, going with a no-huddle much of the night in hopes of keeping the Miami defense on its heels. While it wasn’€™t always a pure uptempo style — New England was walking to the line as a group on more than one occasion — the Patriots approach had its desired affect, as the Dolphins appeared cooked on more than one occasion in the second half of Monday’€™s game.

‘€œWe try to play at a crisp, fast tempo every day. Every week is a new week (and), the tempo changes sometimes from drive-to-drive. But as a whole we want to play fast. We don’€™t want to play slow,’€ said New England offensive coordinator Bill O’€™Brien.

‘€œSo, it’€™s important for me to get the play in quickly and for Tom [Brady] to get the play communicated quickly, and for us to be at the line of scrimmage and ready to go. That’€™s part of the philosophy of our offense.’€

While Miami players and coaches said after the game they anticipated the increased tempo from the Patriots, on Monday, there was more than one occasion where the Dolphins appeared unprepared when New England went no-huddle.

‘€œFor us, going fast ‘€“ I’€™m sure that we feel like whether they’€™re lined up or not, we’€™re going to run our play,’€ O’€™Brien said. ‘€œYou’€™d have to ask them if it prevented them from walking around.’€

One of the reasons the Patriots were able to keep the pressure on because they appeared to rotate pretty heavily as well at several key positions, including defensive line and offensive line. While many key Dolphins’€™ defenders were cramping up late in the game, New England players talked after the game about how they were able to stay fresh throughout the night.

‘€œIt helped great,’€ said defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth when asked about the rotational work. ‘€œI felt like I was still in the first half when I was out there rushing, so … like I said, we have defensive tackles here that can play and start at any other team. We have a great rotation here.’€

‘€œThat played a huge factor,’€ said defensive tackle Vince Wilfork. ‘€œHaving a lot of bodies and being able to move on and off the field and being able to rest some guys helped us.’€

Of course, you want to pick and choose when you ramp up the pressure on an opponent. Patriots coach Bill Belichick said you have to be ‘€œcognizant’€ of where your team is before you decide to go after the team on the other side of the ball.

‘€œSure, you want to try to attack your opponent’€™s weaknesses and they’€™re trying to attack yours,’€ Belichick said, ‘€œbut part of that is doing what you can do, and making sure that the most important thing is to be able to go out there and execute what you want to get done.

‘€œIf you can’€™t do it, then it can be the greatest idea in the world, but if you can’€™t really go out there and do it, then it’€™s not going to help you.’€

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