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Rodney defends Bruschi’s comments, and adds his two cents on Ochocinco

09.14.11 at 7:47 pm ET

When it comes to the performamce of Chad Ochocinco, Rodney Harrsion agrees with Tedy Bruschi.

One day after Bruschi ripped into Ochocinco on WEEI, saying the wide receiver shouldn’€™t be in ‘€œawe,’€ and ‘€œstop tweeting and get into your playbook,’€ the former New England safety told ESPN Radio in Chicago that Ochocinco’€™s stats in the regular-season opener — one catch for 14 yards — were ‘€œunacceptable,’€ and that he should ‘€œbe an asset and not a liability.’€

‘€œYou got to understand. Bruschi is an old school Patriot guy,’€ Harrison told the Waddle & Silvy Show. ‘€I mean the guy went to three or four, four Super Bowls, won 3 there. And he’€™s an old school Patriot guy, I mean he’€™s a die hard guy. No one out-prepares Tedy Bruschi, no one outworks Tedy Bruschi. When I was there I was never in awe, of anything. Because you expect greatness, when you prepare, when you work hard, and when you do the things you’€™re supposed to do. You expect to have success.

‘€œWhen we stopped Peyton Manning in the playoffs, and we’€™d intercept him, we weren’€™t in awe of Payton Manning. We knew we could go out there and stop him, because that’€™s what we prepared for. So you look at a guy like Chad Ochoinco, you know that becomes a distraction when you’€™re tweeting and you’€™re bringing the fans into the mix. And [Bill] Belichick would always tell us, there’€™s always something else you can do improve this team, to improve your play. Study more, work harder. Be an asset, don’€™t be a liability.

‘€œAnd when you look at Chad Ochocinco’€™s stats, one catch for 14 yards, that’€™s unacceptable. And when they were doing all these productive plays, you were on the bench. Tedy’€™s just like me, and Willie McGinest and all these other guys. Don’€™t be in awe of the situation, be part of that situation. Make it better. So I think Tedy Bruschi sent a message out to that entire New England Patriot team. This is a different team, they’€™re a younger team. So Chad Ochocinco, get with the program. He told him exactly right. And it wouldn’€™t surprise me if Belichick even pulled him to the side.

‘€œYou can’€™t be in awe of Tom Brady and these guys. You’€™ve seen this happen in a short training camp. You know, you’€™ve played against Brady. You played against a lot of these championship teams. Why are you in awe? It just becomes a distraction. Like Tedy said, ‘€˜Hey man, be part of the program.’€™’€

Ochocinco was not available for comment on Wednesday, but Brady defended the wide receiver, saying he has no problems with Ochocinco.

‘€œEveryone has an opinion on everything, and none of it really means anything,’€ Brady said when asked about Bruschi’s comments. ‘€œThe only thing that means anything are the guys in this locker room and what we do every day in practice.’€

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