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Cowboys Up: What Andre Carter and Albert Haynesworth can bring to the table this week

10.12.11 at 2:25 pm ET

FOXBORO — For Albert Haynesworth and Andre Carter, this week is just like old times with the Redskins.

It’s Dallas week.

Obviously, it’s a lot different since the Patriots play the Cowboys once this season, not twice as was the case when they were with the Redskins the last two seasons.

“Everybody always asks me, because being with the Washington Redskins, there’s always been that battle,” Carter said Tuesday. “Is that kind of rivalry still in me? I think my mentality, now that I am a Patriot, every week you have to have that mentality whoever you go up against, just to have that, [maybe] not animosity towards another opponent but you have to go forth and out-tempo them each play and each game.”

Haynesworth echoed Carter’s sentiments.

“Dallas has always had the upper hand over there,” Haynesworth said. “It’s crazy over there going into Dallas week. Here, it’s a different thing. Being here, we’re the Patriots. We don’t care about any rivalry or anything like that. We’re going to go out and play the team like any other team.”

As for the Xs and Os, Haynesworth said he can’t really offer too much help since the Cowboys have overhauled their offensive line, going with a smaller, faster unit that can move on the run with their mobile quarterback, Tony Romo.

“Maybe a tad bit but not much because they’ve changed a lot,” Haynesworth said when asked if he could give a pointer or two on the Cowboys to the Patriots coaching staff. “They’ve changed their personnel. They went from big linemen to smaller linemen and quicker linemen. They’ve changed quite a bit.”

Haynesworth has seen enough of the Cowboys on TV highlights and looks at the standings often enough to realize that this 2-2 Cowboys team coming off the bye is one of the better ones they’ve faced.

“They never give up,” Haynesworth said. “That team is extremely good. You look at their record, they lost some tough games but the teams they beat are all at the top of their divisions right now. I wouldn’t count the Cowboys out because they’re a good team and they’ve really taken to Coach [Jason Garrett].”

To Haynesworth’s point, they came from behind and handed the 49ers their only loss in San Francisco in Week 2. They were leading the unbeaten Lions, 27-3, before Romo had two passes intercepted for TD returns as the Lions won, 34-30.

“The whole team’s unpredictable,” Haynesworth said. “They can do a lot of things. You can’t just watch one game and think that’s what they’re going to do. They’re very unpredictable.”

Still, when Carter and Haynesworth look across the line late Sunday afternoon, they’ll see the lone star on the side of the silver helmet and a trigger will likely go off in their heads that it’s “Go” time.

“I’m mean, if it ain’t the Patriots, of course I hate them,” Haynesworth said.

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