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Andre Carter on his Patriots experience: ‘It’s been great’

10.19.11 at 8:44 pm ET

Patriots defensive end Andre Carter was interviewed by the NFL Network Wednesday afternoon (check out the complete video here), and the Q&A touched on a variety of topics, including New England’s recent win over Dallas, the chance to play with Tom Brady, as well as the development of the Patriots defense and Albert Haynesworth.

On the game-winning drive against the Dallas Cowboys: ‘€œThat’€™s definitely one of those games that’€™ll you never forget. One of the games that will be in history in my mind in my own personal book of football history. What a better person, what a better player [than Tom Brady] to go out and finish a game on top and end up beating the Cowboys.’€

On quarterback Tom Brady: ‘€œFirst and foremost, he’€™s a professional; a professional on the field, a professional off the field. He’€™s constantly in his playbook like any quarterback should be, but every time I come across him he’€™s just so deep in his book it’€™s ridiculous. He’€™s always talking to the receivers, talking to the running backs, always studying the game like any player should but he’€™s just in a league of his own.’€

On how he has been acclimating to his new team: ‘€œI’€™ve been just enjoying living in the moment and I’€™m very thankful for the opportunity to play for such an amazing organization. Me and my wife were going upon faith because we didn’€™t really know what the future held. We definitely had a mutual agreement as far as being released from the Washington Redskins; their schemes just didn’€™t work for me, and they knew that and I knew that. We shook hands and parted ways, and I appreciate that chapter in my life. So just kind of sitting around waiting and I got a phone call from coach Belichick telling me they were interested in me, and it’€™s been great ever since.’€

On the Quincy Jump: ‘€œ[Laughing] I was joking around with the media because my son was in the locker room. But like any kids, especially like my son he’€™s a jumper; he jumps around from place to place like a crazy little toddler so that’€™s why I call it the Quincy Jump.’€

On the Patriots defense: ‘€œWe are 5-1. However, as a team defense we definitely need to play better. It was unfortunate that we did give up so many yards, whether it was in the running game or the passing game. And that was something that we had discussed as a defensive group because with any defense that’€™s something that’€™s uncalled for and it’€™s unacceptable. But slowly these past two weeks, we’€™ve said no more, enough’€™s enough. However, we still need to learn from our mistakes and continue to be the best.’€

On if the Albert Haynesworth who received the big contract coming from Tennessee is going to show up this season: ‘€œWith Albert, this is just a new chapter similar to mine; this is a new chapter, a new beginning. Whenever he’€™s in, he finds a way to make an impact just like any other player, so it’€™s up to you as the viewers to decide that. But I think Albert has been a professional like everybody else, he understands the scheme and it’€™s just all about the defense, not just about individuals. That doesn’€™t speak for him; that just speaks for everybody that puts the Patriots uniform on.’€

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