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On a serious note, Rex Ryan hopes his Jets beat his Patriots

11.10.11 at 11:00 am ET

FOXBORO — Put this under the category something Bill Belichick would never do. .

Play a role in a movie that has him cheering for and being a fan of his hated arch-rival.

But Rex Ryan is certainly no Belichick. So when Adam Sandler approached the coach of the J-E-T-S to play a Boston sports fan and lawyer who cheers on – among other teams – the Patriots, he gave his classic: Heck, yeah. Why not?

Ryan filmed his role in “I Hate You, Dad” in Massachusetts this past summer. It’s expected to be released in 2012.

And with Armageddon II on the docket for Sunday night at MetLife Stadium, the first question asked of Ryan was about his new career as an actor.

“That is a very serious note,” Ryan said in a deadpan voice that showed he’d been working on his acting skills. “When you look at it, initially I went in there and only had one line but I dominated it so much that they gave me several lines. As far as you guys know, that’€™s what happened. Nah, there’€™s no telling how many lines they’€™re going to show or anything like that but it was a lot of fun. They did have a billboard up there in the Boston area and I thought that could be trouble. Hopefully they took it down shortly thereafter, but it really was a lot of fun.”

Was it tough to play a Pats fan?

“It was a stretch,” Ryan said, with those reporters on hand in the Patriots PR offices trying to fight back the laughter. “There’€™s no doubt it was a stretch. [Laughs] No, it was good though. They had Red Sox stuff in there. They had Patriots stuff all over the place. They even had some Bruins stuff in there. Quite honestly, I’€™m not a big fan of any of those teams. [Laughs] No, it was good though.”

Did you consult anyone to do research to get into that character?

“Well yeah, I did extensive research on it and all that,” Ryan said, again in deadpan. “No, I will say this: I studied my lines. I was just assuming that when you go and you do your lines and you’€™re out of there in like 30 minutes. Wow, was that wrong. They did take after take after take after take And I had rehearsed my lines and then when Adam Sandler would improvise, I’€™d be like, ‘€˜Wait, aren’€™t you supposed to say this?’€™ But, it was a lot of fun. I actually did prepare, now. Especially the day before, I was studying those lines. I never wanted to mess up.”

But there are certain things even Ryan won’t touch in acting, like trying to carry out his role in a Boston accent.

“No, no chance,” Ryan said. “No chance of that. That’€™d be the worst. I did not overact, I don’€™t think. That’€™s the worst thing you can do.”

Belichick has had a cameo before. It was with Denis Leary in “Rescue Me” a couple years back. But it was another NFL icon Ryan studied.

“There were a lot of different guys I looked at,” Ryan said. “Maybe Jim Brown in The Dirty Dozen or something; I thought he was tremendous.”

There was one other tidbit that came to light this week. He had a prop on the set that he joked – we think – didn’t make it through in one piece: a Belichick bobble head.

“For some reason I think that thing dropped off,” Ryan chuckled. “The thing got knocked over somehow and it broke into several pieces. No, I’€™m just kidding.”

The question remains, was Ryan acting or being serious? And that’s a good indicator for his career after the NFL.

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