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Following the flags: Breaking down the Patriots’ penalties for the 2011 regular season

01.02.12 at 8:31 pm ET

The Patriots were been flagged for 87 penalties (27th in the league) and 815 yards (22nd) during the 2011 regular season. New England was called for four penalties for 77 yards on Sunday against Buffalo. Here’€™s a breakdown of the calls that went against the Patriots this year, not including penalties that were declined or offset:

Most penalized players, listed by total flags and with total yardage lost:
Team: eight penalties (12 men on the field, offensive holding, illegal block above the waist, two illegal substitutions, illegal shift, delay of game), 44 yards
OL Logan Mankins: seven penalties (two offensive holding and five false starts), 41 yards
TE Rob Gronkowski: six penalties (holding, false start, facemask, unsportsmanlike conduct, illegal touch pass, illegal formation), 54 yards
OL Matt Light: five penalties (four holding and one false start), 40 yards
S Sergio Brown: four penalties (three defensive pass interference and one unnecessary roughness), 86 yards
CB Devin McCourty: four penalties (illegal block above the waist, two defensive pass interference, personal foul), 54 yards
OL Nate Solder: four penalties (three holding and illegal use of hands), 40 yards
DL Vince Wilfork: four penalties (unsportsmanlike conduct, defensive holding, two unnecessary roughness), 37 yards
OL Brian Waters: four penalties (two holding, two offensive holding), 35 yards
QB Tom Brady: four penalties (two delay of game and two intentional grounding), 25 yards
CB Antuwan Molden: two penalties (defensive pass interference, illegal use of hands), 52 yards
LB Rob Ninkovich: two penalties (roughing the passer, defensive pass interference), 32 yards
LB Dane Fletcher: two penalties (offensive holding, illegal block above the waist), 17 yards
S Pat Chung: two penalties (unnecessary roughness and facemask), 15 yards
LB Brandon Spikes: two penalties (holding, encroachment), 11 yards
TE Dan Gronkowski: two penalties (both false starts), 10 yards
CB Leigh Bodden: two penalties (both defensive holding), 10 yards
WR Wes Welker: two penalties (illegal motion, false start), 10 yards
WR Deion Branch: two penalties (both false starts), 10 yards
WR Chad Ochocinco: two penalties (illegal formation, false start), 9 yards
DL Andre Carter: two penalties (both roughing the passer), 26 yards
TE Aaron Hernandez: two penalties (both false starts), 10 yards
CB Kyle Arrington: one penalty (defensive pass interference), 35 yards
DL Kyle Love: one penalty (roughing the passer), 15 yards
OL Dan Connolly: one penalty (offensive holding), 10 yards
OL Ryan Wendell: one penalty (offensive holding), 10 yards
S James Ihedigbo: one penalty (illegal block above the waist), 10 yards
WR/DB Julian Edelman: one penalty (offensive holding), 10 yards
OL Sebastian Vollmer: one penalty (false start), 5 yards
K Stephen Gostkowski: one penalty (illegal onsides kick), 5 yards
DE Mark Anderson: one penalty (defensive offsides), 5 yards
RB BenJarvus Green Ellis: one penalty (illegal substitution), 5 yards
OL Donald Thomas: one penalty (false start) 5 yards
CB Phillip Adams: one penalty (illegal contact), 5 yards
LB Gary Guyton: one penalty (encroachment), 5 yards
LB Nike Koutouvides: one penalty (false start), 5 yards

Most penalized by position:
Offensive line: 24 penalties for 191 yards
Cornerback: 10 penalties for 156 yards
Tight end: 10 penalties for 74 yards
Defensive line: eight penalties for 83 yards
Team: eight penalties for 44 yards
Safety: seven penalties for 123 yards
Wide receiver: seven penalties for 39 yards
Linebacker: seven penalties for 70 yards
Quarterback: four penalties for 25 yards
Running back: one penalty for five yards
Kicker: one penalty for five yards

Most frequently called penalties on the Patriots:
Offensive holding: 20
False start: 17
Defensive pass interference: eight
Illegal block above the waist: four
Unnecessary roughness: four
Roughing the passer: four
Illegal substitution: three
Defensive holding: three
Delay of game: three
Intentional grounding: two
Unsportsmanlike conduct: two
Facemask: two
Encroachment: two
Illegal formation: two
Illegal use of hands: two
Illegal motion: one
Twelve men in the huddle: one
Illegal onside kick: one
Defensive offsides: one
Illegal touch pass: one
Illegal shift: one
Illegal contact: one
Personal foul: one

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