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Rob Gronkowski and Stevan Ridley agree: Denver’s more than just Tim Tebow

01.10.12 at 2:15 pm ET

FOXBORO — Don’t bother asking Rob Gronkowski about Tim Tebow.

“He’s on offense and I’m on offense, so I’m not really going versus him,” Gronkowski said Tuesday. “I’m worried about the Denver defense. that’s all I’m focused about, getting better, doing my own job and not worrying about anyone else, especially on their offensive side. Just starting up on their defensive side, trying to get better so I’m prepared come Saturday night.

“You have to watch film on them. They’re great players. They’re both outstanding players, especially Von Miller, just being a rookie, doing what he’s doing. You have to be ready, watch film on them, not just their defensive ends but their whole defense. They’re all good, they’re all fast and we have to learn what they can do so we’re prepared when it comes down to game time.”

Then there’s Stevan Ridley, who was still healing his wounds from his alma mater getting spanked 21-0 Monday night by Bama in the BCS title game. Asked if it helps that every game seems do-or-die during the week, Ridley said with a smile it doesn’t hurt.

‘€œI know to coach Bill, every game is serious, playoff, regular season, preseason, it’€™s that game,” Ridley said. “We’€™re going to take it one game at a time and put all our emphasis into that. This week we’€™re focusing on Denver and whatever we have to do to win, that’€™s what we’€™re going to go out and do.

‘€œIt’€™s another game. You know coach Bill, he puts so much emphasis on each week. We don’€™t look ahead or behind, we’€™re looking at that upcoming game so it’€™s another game to us. That’€™s how we’€™re treating it. It’€™s going to be a playoff atmosphere and it’€™s going to be a big-time game. But we’€™re going to just go out there and play football and stay calm and try to play a sound football game.’€

What were Ridley’s thoughts on the the Broncos and Tebow last Sunday?

‘€œThey came to play, Tebow came to be play, their team came to play and they want to win just like every other team,” Ridley added. “It’€™s a nice story being written about Tebow. He’€™s a player, he’€™s a quarterback, he’€™s a winner. I don’€™t care what they say, the guy wins. We’€™re going to have to come in here and play solid football if we want to win this game.

‘€œTheir defense is solid. They’€™ve been doing good things for them. I think that’€™s what they really don’€™t talk about that much. It’€™s a lot about Tebow but not so much about their defense. But they’€™re really playing solid football all the way around, in all three phases.’€

Both Gronkowski and Ridley admit they can’t stop Tebow but they can play a role in helping to protect Tom Brady. It was Brady who was “de-cleated” when Elvis Dumervil came in unblocked in the fourth quarter on Dec. 18 and drilled Brady in the ribs, lifting him off the ground and driving him to the turf for a loud and thunderous sack.

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