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The world according to Terrell Suggs

01.18.12 at 4:16 pm ET

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Things are a little different around here.

When one walks into the media work room at Gillette Stadium, there is zero chance that they will find a player eating a slice of pizza while talking to three reporters about a clothing line titled “Ball So Hard.” I’d frankly be stunned if any player on the knows where the media work room is located, save for those who make trips to the podium. Let’s just say fraternizing is not exactly encouraged.

But that’s not the attitude at the Ravens facility, at least at sure wasn’t on Wednesday. Just a very loose scene both inside and out of the locker room, completely in contrast with what goes on in Foxboro. That’s not to suggest that the Patriots are at all wrong, it just goes to show that different approaches can lead to success.

And maybe if Terrell Suggs one day leaves Baltimore and signs with New England he’d keep his head down, say all the right things and keep away from the Papa Gino’s in the media room. Who knows? But on Wednesday the five-time Pro Bowler weighed in on a variety of topics during his six-minute session with local and national reporters (but not Rob Lowe) …

On the criticism of Joe Flacco from teammate Ed Reed: “I don’t have to stick up for Joe, his reputation speaks for itself. That’s all it’s about. This whole team has been anybody’s favorite, and he fits in with our persona, not flashy, but he’s right there in the locker room with us. We’re a different kind of group, we’re some special cats.”

On the Suggs/Tom Brady feud: “What? There’s no beef. I guess the genesis of that — there was the incident in ’09, where I almost hit him below the waist. That’s where it all started. You grow and mature, you can clearly see I’m not the same guy I was in ’09, I’m 20 pounds lighter. Like I said, I’m pretty much over it. Like I said yesterday, when it’s all said and done there are going to speak on three quarterbacks: Johnny [Unitas], Peyton [Manning], and him. There’s really no beef.”

On if he was aware that Brady (on WEEI) offered him a pair of Ugg boots to continue the recent peace between the two: “Yeah, I am. What does he wear, Ugg boots? I hear they are really comfortable. Maybe he can get me some. Tell him I’€™ll take a pair. I’€™ll send him some ‘€˜Ball So Hard’€™ wear.”

On Bill Belichick calling Reed the best player he’s ever coached against: “You know he said that to us before and constantly threw the ball back at him, so … I don’t know. I agree, when it’s all said and done he’s going to go down as one of the best safeties in history. We’ll have to see on Sunday.”

On if the Ravens can win a shootout: “Can we? I think so, I hope so. If that’s what it’s going to take, if we need to win the game 63-60, that’s what it going to take. We don’t really want that, but if it is, it is.”

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