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Super Bowl roundup: Eli Manning tells Giants to ‘handle your business’

01.25.12 at 3:08 pm ET

Eli Manning is all business, and he’s making sure his team is, too. Manning, a team captain, made sure he got his message across during a team meeting on Tuesday.

“We got an excellent message from Eli. … It was very well needed,” Antrel Rolle told the New York Post.

Explained Manning: “Just a little bit how to prepare for this, handle your business with tickets, get that stuff done. Just the mindset of this week, we have to have great preparation, prepare this week like you’€™re playing the game this week, because once you get out to Indianapolis, you’ve got to take a bus ride to practice [and] your whole schedule gets thrown off.”

Manning obviously knows how to successfully prepare for a Super Bowl, and his message was heard by teammates.

‘€œIt’€™s great to hear someone speak with that kind of leadership,’€™’€™ Rolle said. ‘€œYou know Eli doesn’€™t say much, and when he says it, he means it and you know it’€™s coming from the heart. We’€™re going out there to take care of business. Everything else, that’€™s for the spectators, that’€™s for your family and your friends.”

‘™¦ As Patriots fans know, Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff was the goat of the AFC championship game. Sunday’s other game had its own goat: 49ers return man Kyle Williams, who muffed one punt and had another stripped, setting up two Giants scores (including the game-winning field goal).

Williams had eight punt returns on the day in while filling in for Ted Ginn Jr., and there have been reports that the Giants targeted him for big hits, knowing Williams has had problems with concussions. Devin Thomas, who picked up both of Williams’ fumbles, and linebacker Jacquian Williams, who caused the fumble in overtime, had interesting words after the game.

“He’€™s had a lot of concussions,” Thomas was quoted as saying. “We were just like, ‘We’€™ve got to put a hit on that guy.’€™ ‘€

Added Williams: ‘€œWe knew he had four concussions, so our biggest thing was to take him out of the game.’€

However, other Giants players said Tuesday that the situation was overstated.

‘€œI don’€™t think we’€™ve ever talked about knocking anybody out with concussions or anything like that,’€ Justin Tuck told the New York Daily News. ‘€œBut it’€™s not like we weren’€™t trying to hit him. We were definitely trying to get a lot of hats on him because he might not have been as comfortable back there as say a Ted Ginn who had been there all year. But as far as trying to knock him out of the football game? No.’€

‘€œWe didn’€™t talk about it,’€ added linebacker Michael Boley. ‘€œConcussions are a big deal. Obviously we don’€™t want to hurt anybody. We’€™re a fraternity of brothers all across the league. We don’€™t want to see anybody get hurt.’€

‘™¦ Giants executive Chris Mara got great news on Tuesday, but it wasn’t about his team. Mara’s daughter, Rooney Mara, was nominated for a best actress Oscar on Tuesday for her role in the film “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” Mara was just as enthusiastic about his daughter’s nomination as his team’s win, showing up late to work on Tuesday so he could watch the nominee show.

‘€œI watched it at home by myself,” said Mara, son of team owner Ann Mara. “I was kind of in between going to work and I didn’€™t want to get stuck in traffic. So I stayed home and watched it. I wasn’€™t expecting it. I knew she was somewhere on the bubble and I really don’€™t know how those things work. So I let out a pretty loud roar. I cried for a while, then went to church and lit a few candles and I drove to work.’€

Ann Mara also had made news this week. First, she interrupted Fox Sports analyst Terry Bradshaw while he was trying to interview the victorious Giants Sunday and chided him for picking against the Giants. On Monday, she broke her shoulder in a fall while returning home from church.

‘™¦ Former Giants wide receiver David Tyree admits that despite the fame and money he earned, he would’ve taken a different approach to how he lived his life after making his epic helmet catch to help the Giants win Super Bowl XLII.

‘€œI had a great chance after the Super Bowl to come from nowhere,” Tyree told the New York Post. “No boasting, but there was no one more sought after — other than the Strahans and Elis — but as far as somebody coming from being totally anonymous in the sports world to come to the forefront, it was pretty drastic.”

The drastic changes led to Tyree forcing his wife, who gave birth to twin girls two weeks after the Super Bowl, to care for the girls by herself while Tyree went out for speech and appearance fees.

‘€œI would’€™ve made some different choices,’€™’€™ he said. ‘€œI was at a point where I never had any opportunity in my life to experience that, so if they said do an appearance and I’€™ll give you [$10,000 to $15,000], shoot I’€™m there. It’€™s almost common sense.”

After his famous play Tyree did not last long in the NFL, skipping the 2008 season and retiring after appearing in 10 games (no catches) for the Ravens in 2009.

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