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Justin Tuck wants to ‘kill the snake’ but Deion Branch confident Pats will protect Tom Brady

01.27.12 at 5:14 pm ET

FOXBORO — Tom Brady has been called a lot of things in his career.

On Friday, Giants defensive end Justin Tuck called him the head of the snake that is the powerful Patriots offense.

‘€œThe way to kill a snake is to take off its head,” said Tuck, who is a cousin of another pass rushing specialist – Adalius Thomas. “The way to kill an offense as potent as that ‘€¦ is to take care of Brady.”

Tuck, who added he has a ton of respect for Tom Terrific, was a force in Super Bowl XLII and again on Nov. 4 when the Giants beat the Patriots, 24-20.

Deion Branch got a really good laugh out of the analogy that Tuck provided.

“I have no reaction to that,” Branch laughed. “Hey, if that’s the analogy that they’re taking, then that’s what it is. I think our job is to protect our guy, protect the snake, make sure he doesn’t get his head cut off. That’s Justin, he’s a great player. Trust me, we truly respect that guy, respect what he’s done for the league, what he’s doing for his team but no, we can’t worry about that part. We have to worry about what we’re doing and the snake will do his part.

“That’s just part of the game plan. We’re going to try and take advantage of every opportunity they give us. If we have to sit in and max-protect, that’s what we’re going to do. If our front line can handle the guys without max-protecting, then I’m pretty sure we’ll do that as well. It’s just all about taking advantage and making adjustments on the sidelines.”

Is Tuck right with the snake analogy?

“I don’t know,” Branch giggled. “I know a snake is dead if you cut it’s head off, a real snake, though. But Tom’s not a snake, Tom’s not a snake.”

But Branch confirmed that the Patriots offense will do everything possible to keep Brady’s head and that of the offense in place.

“We can switch positions with the linemen,” Branch said. “Overall, there’s a lot of things we can do. We’ll make those adjustments on the sidelines if we have to go to a quick game, if we’re getting pressure, if we have to max-protect and then give Tom enough time to push the ball down the field. You can do a lot of things, screens, draws, a lot of things to slow the rush down, chip the guys. I think we did a good job and I know the guys will do a good job next week.”

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