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Eli Manning recalls Peyton Manning’s brotherly school of hard knocks

01.31.12 at 1:39 pm ET

One of the more interesting story lines of this year’s Super Bowl is the idea of Eli Manning playing on brother Peyton‘s home turf in Indianapolis. Since winning the NFC Championship, Eli has downplayed that particular storyline, understandably preferring to talk about his own team than any aspect Peyton adds to the game and atmosphere.

After landing in Indianapolis, however, Eli opened up about his relationship with his brother, humorously recalling ways his brother picked on him as a child. Eli claimed Peyton would quiz him forcefully on different trivia.

‘€œI probably have quite a few of them,’€ Manning said when asked for an example of how Peyton teased him as a child. ‘€œTo limit to one, his most popular move, he would pin me down and take his knuckles and knock on my chest and make me name the 12 schools in the SEC. I didn’€™t know them all at the time, I was six or seven, but I quickly learned them.

‘€œIt was a great learning technique. I don’€™t suggest anyone else try it out but it definitely made me learn the schools of the SEC. Once I figured those out, he moved on to all 28 teams in the NFL at that point. So it was all teams in the NFL so I had to get my studying on for that. Then once I figured that out, the one I never got was the 10 brands of cigarettes. When he really wanted to torture me and knew I had no shot of getting it, that’€™s when I just started screaming for my mom or dad to come save me or maybe [oldest brother] Cooper. That was his go-to move.’€

But life as Peyton Manning’s younger brother was not all that bad, Eli acknowledged by the end of his press conference.

“He has supported me and given me any tips he could think of,” Eli said. “For a Christmas present, he bought me a computer that stores all our software to watch film at home. He would want to do anything for me to be a better quarterback.

“We’ve had a very close relationship. I thank him for all that he’€™s provided me and helping me become a better quarterback.”

In his last statement, Eli offered a tantalizing tidbit on Peyton’s status with the Colts. When asked about specifically about playing on Peyton’s home turf, Eli stumbled over his words in an attempt to figure out how to phrase his response.

“We’ll look back on the fact that I’m playing the Super Bowl in Peyton’s … in the town where he played his NFL ‘€¦ uh, you know plays for the Colts. So we’ll look on that later.”

Peyton’s status with the Colts is unknown following a lost season in which he was recovering from neck surgery. With his health still uncertain and the Colts in possession of the No. 1 pick in the draft this season, it remains to be seen whether Peyton will ever take the field as the Colts’ starting quarterback again. But on Sunday, a Manning will be front and center in pursuit of a Super Bowl.

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